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South Lake Football Winter Parent Meeting January 29 th, 2014.

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1 South Lake Football Winter Parent Meeting January 29 th, 2014

2 SOCIAL MEDIA South Lake Football Website: South Lake Football on Twitter: Follow @SLCavsFootball South Lake Football Email:

3 - Nick Marrogy - Chris Vitale - Rod Sanders - Mike Jones Contact Info: Head Coach Nick Marrogy Phone#: 248-259-5775 Email:


5 Every successful institution has one single thing in common: organization. The football teams that play with a purpose, are well managed, and are the most prepared, have the most success on Friday nights. We will win football games based on our preparation from Sunday through Thursday. Combined with a strong work ethic, and a complete mastery of the basics, these three components will be the foundation of the South Lake Football Program.

6 To be the best football program in the state of Michigan, in terms of helping our young men to achieve excellence in the classroom and on the football field

7  Commitment and Discipline  Be on Time  Listen and Learn  Play the Right Way  Integrity and Honesty  No Shortcuts to Excellence  Do it the Right Way First!  Give and Accept the Truth

8  Unselfish  Team First  We are in this Together  Play for the Glory of South Lake, Not your Glory  Be Positive Role Models  Have a contagious “Can Do” Attitude  Coaches show players; Players show younger players

9  Have Enthusiastic Intensity  Have fun being a competitor  Pursue all goals with positive intensity  Fundamentally Sound  All players will practice blocking and tackling daily  Coaches will demonstrate proper fundamentals daily

10  Work Hard and Intelligently  Give 100% at all times  Be flexible and prepared in practice for all weather conditions (rain, heat, etc.)  Well Conditioned  Better cardiovascular shape than our opponents  Incorporate conditioning in every moment of practice  Fundamentally Sound  Best blocking and tackling team in the State of Michigan  Fundamentals will be practiced every day

11  Win the Jug  Beat Lakeview  Beat Lake Shore  Winning record  Win MAC Silver Championship  Win District/Regional Championship  Win Division IV State Championship

12  STUDY TABLE  Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays  Media Center @3:10pm  WEIGHT LIFTING  Mondays – Wednesdays – Fridays  After STUDY TABLE @3:50pm  SPEED & AGILITY  Tuesdays – Thursdays  Gym 6:40am – 7:20am ATTEND ALL EVENTS ON TIME AND BE READY TO WORK!!!!!!

13  After 60 days – Free T-Shirt  For the rest of the school year – Summer Camp Fee Waived

14  FANCLOTH  South Lake Football Gear  Spread out South Lake Football spirit  Money for the program  Sell as many items as we can (minimum 10 per player)  Buffalo Wild Wings Night  Times and Dates are TBA

15  Start our own Booster Club strictly for the Football Program  Ran by Football Parents/Coaches  Volunteers?????  Raise money for the program  Gear for the players  Hudl  Organize Team Functions  Community Service  Fundraisers

16  Elite Programs have Elite Parent Help  Many things must happen behind the scenes  Please strongly consider taking on a role  No role is too small  Be a part of the whole Football experience


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