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2 ROLES OF PARTNERS ATHLETICS AUSTRALIA Athletics Australia provides the overall direction of High Performance according to International objectives agreed to by Australian Sports Commission and the AIS. It allocates High Performance funding appropriate to the achievement of those objectives, and also provides funding to State organisations to promote participation. The High Performance Unit sets standards, selection policies, and allocates direct funding to athletes selected for the National Athlete Support Structure (NASS). AA works with the AIS nationally, and State Institutes and Academies in the provision of services at a local level to nationally targeted athletes. AA works with all partners in the High Performance system. It now funds local Target Talent Programs (TTP) to be set up in most or all states normally under the State Associations umbrella as the first part of the HP pathway. TASMANIAN INSTITUTE OF SPORT As a member of the National Elite Sports Council Network (NESC), its role includes the provision of state based High Performance Daily Training Environment (DTE) support, and assists in the administration and support of National Athlete Support Structure(NASS) selected athletes. Currently it has a development role in partnership with AT, and has a number of elite devt. athletes on scholarship support. ATHLETICS TASMANIA As the State Sporting Organisation (SSO), AT provides training and competition environments, grass roots participation, junior development., and may in partnership with AA HP, administer High Performance Development programs (TTP) for younger athletes identified with potential to achieve NASS levels in the future.

3 TASMANIAN STRUCTURE OF HP T&F STRUCTURE LARGELY REMAINS AS NOW WITH TIS PROGRAM PLAYING KEY ROLE AT ALL HP LEVELS AND CO-AUSPICES TAS TTP. In this model the TIS and Athletics Tasmania continue to work closely and develop a comprehensive structure that enhances the development of talented athletes within Tasmania. The aim is to assist Tasmanian athletes and coaches to achieve and reach NASS levels. A key part is the establishment of the Tasmanian Target Talent Program as a joint venture with Athletics Australia and Athletics Tasmania aimed at young athletes aiming for International Under-age representative selection. Additionally, there is a need to provide for specific athletes with potential senior international selection prospects.

4 TASMANIAN MODEL FOR TTP OVERVIEW: The Athletics Tasmania/Tasmanian Institute of Sport Target Talent program(AT/TISTTP) forms part of the Athletics Australia High Performance pathway. The program is aligned to the High Performance Plan and regulated in partnership with Athletics Australia. ROLE: Be the earliest talent identification element of Athletics Australia’s High Performance Department as part of the AIS Winning Edge strategy Encourage the best young athletics talent to be part of a state squad. Create and encourage networking among the state coaches and facilitate meaningful contact with other athletes and their personal coaches. Provide development opportunities to selected coaches Contribute to the National Coaching pool for information dissemination. Liaise with AA and other programs

5 TASMANIAN TTP COORDINATION COORDINATION: Program coordination is to be the responsibility of the TIS Track and Field Program Co-ordinator working with the Athletics Tasmania nominee. Reporting processes will be established and a major role will be supporting the State’s Coaches of talented athletes. ROLE AND RESPONSIBILTIES OF TTP COORDINATORS: Assist in planning of squad days Coordinate Coaching input at Squad days. Attend at least one National/State championship event(s) Regular contact with Squad athletes and coaches (monitoring) Monitoring and reporting to AA RECOGNITION: Selected athletes and State Coaches when appointed will receive apparel and official recognition reflecting membership in TTP squad.

6 TASMANIAN TTP PROGRAM STRUCTURE PROGRAM STRUCTURE: CORE ELEMENTS: Move towards the appointment of 4 State Coaches for each general event group -Sprints/Hurdles/Relay’s- Jumps- Decathlon/Heptathlon -Middle Distance/Walks- Throws- Para Athletes Provide quarterly reports to AA HP on local TTP athletes Initially these roles will be undertaken by staff of TIS and AT Establishment of at least 3 TTP Squad coaching days throughout the year Coaching days must include invitations to Squad athletes and their personal coaches. Attendance is not compulsory. Days to be a mix of training and education elements. Membership period is 1 st April – 31 st March. INVITED ATHLETES MAY INCLUDE: (see later for more detail) Medallists and highest placed U/17 to U/19 athletes at Aust Junior Champs. For 2014, athletes born in 1999, 1998, 1997, 1996 will be eligible. This ensures age eligibility for current and next under-age representative teams. Others may be included at discretion of TTP Selection Panel e.g.(TIS Cord., AT Devt Officer, other AT Nominee.* National age squad

7 TASMANIAN TTP SELECTION CRITERIA STANDARDS FOR SELECTION The initial standards for selection are: Athletes aged between 15-18 and medallist at a national age group championship and/or being a member of an AA National age group squad. Highest placed U/17 to U/19 athlete at National Junior Championship (must be at least top 16 (recommended top 8 track, top 8 field, must be more than 8 in comp.), provided the performance exceeds the AT Development Squad standard. U/19 and U/17 State Age Champions provided their best performance exceeds the Development Squad standard. Other athletes who satisfy the selection panel as possessing the talent to potentially make international level may be added or at least included in squad training days. For example, an age eligible athlete wins a state senior championship, TIS Scholarship holder in transition may be added. All athletes will be required to demonstrate an appropriate commitment level to strive for athletics success to be in the squad. Athletics career planning must be shown. It is envisaged that the initial nominations for the 2014/15 TTP Squad will be finalised soon after the 2014 Australian Junior Championships.


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