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AHSAA Intro to Wrestling

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1 AHSAA Intro to Wrestling
by Ryan Hagan & Perry Butler

2 20+ Years of Total Wrestling Experience (Wrestler, Coach, Official)
AHSAA State Champion, USA Wrestling 4-time National Champion Team Alabama All-Star Coach, AHSAA State Championship Finals Official 2006-Present NCAA Official CAA, SoCon, & ACC NCAA Division III National Finals, 2014 Ryan Hagan

3 Wrestling Commission of Alabama
Improving wrestling through a holistic approach...coaches, wrestlers, & officials Partner to AHSAA to further the development of wrestling and hosts AHSAA State Wrestling Officials camp Goal is to make wrestling a relevant and competitive sport in Alabama Bring nationally respected coaches and officials for annual clinics Future plans to offer scholarships for aspiring Alabama wrestlers to compete in college Wrestling Commission of Alabama

4 A combative sport where one wrestler tries to gain control over his/her opponent.
Ultimate goal is to pin opponent. Short of this, objective is to win by points. Folkstyle Wrestling

5 Teaches student-athletes self-discipline, responsibility, and character (only sport with weight management). Individual success and teamwork Opportunities for national recognition (National tournaments, FloWrestling, Big X Network, etc.) Scholarships Freestyle, Greco in World Competitions and Olympics Benefits of Wrestling

6 Weight Classes 106 lbs. 113 lbs. 120 lbs. 126 lbs. 132 lbs. 138 lbs.
* Must make exact weight on a certified scale * Can compete in weigh you make and two classes above that. * Back-to-Back days of competition, +1 lbs. allowance for each day * 2 lbs. growth allowance after January 1 of each year Weight Classes

7 Wrestling Competitions
Dual Meets Tournaments Team score kept based on results of the 14 individual weight class matches. Team Scoring: 6 for a pin, 5 for a tech. fall (15pts +), 4 for a major decision (8pts +), 3 for a regular decision (7 or less) Tri’s, Quad’s, & Dual meet tournaments Usually mid-week events Individuals advance in brackets (8, 16, 32, etc.) Result of match contributes to overall team score. Both individual and team championships. Usually weekend events Wrestling Competitions

8 Team Bench Area – Dual Meet Rule 2-2-2
SCORER’S TABLE 10 FT 10 FT 10 FT 10 FT 10 FT

9 Rules Reminder: Coaches Restricted Zone (2-2-2): This rule change clarified the existence of a boundary for the coaches’ restricted zone on the corner of the wrestling mat. Previously, coaches sometimes tended to get too close to the circle, which could increase risk of injury to the wrestlers or the coach.   Rule 2-2-2: ART During tournament competition, a maximum of two team personnel (coaches and/or non-participating contestants) will be permitted on chairs at the edge of the mat. It is permissible to allow coaches on the corner of the mat in a restricted zone. In tournaments where coaches are permitted on the corner of the mat, the restricted zone shall be defined by either a contrasting line marked on the mat with paint or tape or a contrasting colored surface under the chairs. The restricted zone shall be no closer than 5 feet to the edge of the circle. Coaches shall be seated at least 10 feet from the scorer’s table, where facilities permit. Case Book: See SITUATIONS A, B, C

10 What you’ll need… Wrestling mat(s) (obviously) + mat tape
Safety mats/aprons (if needed for extra mat space) Chairs for coaches, or for team bench. Scorer’s table(s) Visual score/clock device for each mat Table workers (clock operator, score keeper, “towel tapper,” runner for tournament bout sheets) ^ Parent or student volunteers, do a training session Athletic Trainer Concessions, entry fee/gate, referee, etc. What you’ll need…

11 Dollamur Resilite Wrestling Mats

12 Practice Mats

13 *Clean Mats before every practice and competition*
Mat Accessories

14 Singlet Head Gear Wrestler’s Equipment

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