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AHSAA Intro to Wrestling by Ryan Hagan & Perry Butler.

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1 AHSAA Intro to Wrestling by Ryan Hagan & Perry Butler

2 Ryan Hagan 20+ Years of Total Wrestling Experience (Wrestler, Coach, Official) AHSAA State Champion, USA Wrestling 4- time National Champion Team Alabama All-Star Coach, 2006-2008 AHSAA State Championship Finals Official 2006-Present NCAA Official CAA, SoCon, & ACC NCAA Division III National Finals, 2014

3 Wrestling Commission of Alabama Improving wrestling through a holistic approach...coaches, wrestlers, & officials Partner to AHSAA to further the development of wrestling and hosts AHSAA State Wrestling Officials camp Goal is to make wrestling a relevant and competitive sport in Alabama Bring nationally respected coaches and officials for annual clinics Future plans to offer scholarships for aspiring Alabama wrestlers to compete in college

4 Folkstyle Wrestling A combative sport where one wrestler tries to gain control over his/her opponent. Ultimate goal is to pin opponent. Short of this, objective is to win by points.

5 Benefits of Wrestling Teaches student-athletes self-discipline, responsibility, and character (only sport with weight management). Individual success and teamwork Opportunities for national recognition (National tournaments, FloWrestling, Big X Network, etc.) Scholarships Freestyle, Greco in World Competitions and Olympics

6 Weight Classes 106 lbs. 113 lbs. 120 lbs. 126 lbs. 132 lbs. 138 lbs. 145 lbs. 152 lbs. 160 lbs. 170 lbs. 182 lbs. 195 lbs. 220 lbs. 285 lbs. * Must make exact weight on a certified scale * Can compete in weigh you make and two classes above that. * Back-to-Back days of competition, +1 lbs. allowance for each day * 2 lbs. growth allowance after January 1 of each year

7 Wrestling Competitions Dual Meets Team score kept based on results of the 14 individual weight class matches. Team Scoring: 6 for a pin, 5 for a tech. fall (15pts +), 4 for a major decision (8pts +), 3 for a regular decision (7 or less) Tri’s, Quad’s, & Dual meet tournaments Usually mid-week events Tournaments Individuals advance in brackets (8, 16, 32, etc.) Result of match contributes to overall team score. Both individual and team championships. Usually weekend events

8 Team Bench Area – Dual Meet Rule 2-2-2 SCORER’S TABLE 10 FT


10 What you’ll need… Wrestling mat(s) (obviously) + mat tape Safety mats/aprons (if needed for extra mat space) Chairs for coaches, or for team bench. Scorer’s table(s) Visual score/clock device for each mat Table workers (clock operator, score keeper, “towel tapper,” runner for tournament bout sheets) ^ Parent or student volunteers, do a training session Athletic Trainer Concessions, entry fee/gate, referee, etc.

11 Wrestling Mats DollamurResilite

12 Practice Mats

13 Mat Accessories *Clean Mats before every practice and competition*

14 Wrestler’s Equipment SingletHead Gear

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