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BIELES 2017 2017 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships.

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1 BIELES 2017 2017 UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships

2 BIELES 2017 The Project 4 villages 1 commune 1 project
the UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships

3 The Commune Belvaux, Ehlerange, Sanem, Soleuvre 15 298 inhabitants
67.41 % Luxemburgish nationality 32.59 % non Luxembourgers

4 Bieles - cyclo-cross venue
From Luxembourg’s largest steelworks to a modern city quarter Located in the districts of Sanem and Esch-sur–Alzette, once the site of Luxemburg’s biggest ironworks, and now one of the most ambitious urban development projects in Europe – with one very special feature: parts of the former industrial site are being retained, and will be uniquely integrated in the new concept. The two remaining blast furnaces not only bear witness to a long-gone era, but are also landmarks of New Belval.

5 Bieles - cyclo-cross venue

6 Impact: Participation by riders and nations

7 Impact: Accreditations
Hooglede-Gits (BEL)2007: 3,303 Treviso (ITA) : 1,706 Hoogerheide (NED) 2009: 2,098 Tabor (CZE) 2010: 1,453 Wendel (GER) 2011: 1,819 Koksijde (BEL) 2012: 2,346 Louisville (USA) 2013: 1,550 Hoogerheide (NED) 2014: 1,784 In 2014 per category: Accompanying: Delegation: Guests: Management (UCI and LOC): 69 Media: Radio TV: Service (catering, marshals): 631 Sponsors: Sport (riders and NF staff): Technical: texte

8 TV K Facts 2014 Number of countries reporting the event 12
Cumulated audience (million) ,02 Number of live broadcast Belgium 17,9 / Netherlands 8,71 / Germany 2,12 Cumulated live audience (million) 9,36 Number of programs Broadcasting time h source: uci repucom 2014

9 Online audience 2014 All races live on the UCI YouTube channel (geo-blocked) Live and Replay figures Men U23: 22,665 Women: 19,664 Elite Men: 52,972 Highlights Men Juniors 31,256 Men U23: 19,594 Women: 43,255 Elite Men: 92,635

10 Visitors Located between Belgium, France and Germany, not far away from the Netherlands we can expect a lot of people coming from abroad. The largest community for cyclo-cross in the world comes from the region of Antwerp. 25,000 visitors for Bieles including VIP’s and accreditations are very realistic

11 Economical Impact A very high percentage of visitors will travel from Belgium and will stay for one or more nights. The LOC of Hoogerheide, which is even closer to the Belgian border, did a survey in 2009 and The final results of 2014 aren’t available yet. But 2009 raised a total spending of almost € 4,000,000.00 The LOC needs a lot of services to set up this important event. Most of them are ordered to providers in the region. And last but not least: watching cyclo-cross live and participating in clinics before the event can increase sports participation by young children. So collaboration with schools is one of our goals.

12 BIELES = the right choice
Because of support of the commune of Sanem an enthusiastic LOC perfect facilities nice venue school with all necessary facilities 3 train stations in less then 1 km international airport nearby a lot of hotels close to the cyclo-cross communities

13 History It has been a very long time since the UCI went to Luxemburg for the Worlds: 1951 Luxemburg 1956 Luxemburg 1962 Esch-sur-Alzette 1968 Luxemburg 2017 BIELES

14 Our needs What is necessary for a successful UCI Cyclo-Cross World Championships? Support from Municipality Ministry of Sports National cycling federation Partnership agreements, national and international companies Media partnerships, national and international Professional marketing & communication companies A lot of volunteers

15 What can we offer to our partners?
All our partners will benefit from the international exposure of this unique event for Luxembourg and the surrounding countries. Supporting a World Championship is more as a national way of thinking. Getting in touch with the interested people of the the various countries increases the visibility and challenges the image of any brand or company. The various on and offline channels of communication will allow you to get in touch with existing and potential customers. An important budget will be dedicated to online medias and social platforms. Our main packages include a mix of visibility on and off track as well as a presence in our media packages before and during the World Championships. Based on your input we will design the right package to grant you a win win situation.

16 Supporting the Cyclo – Cross World Championships 2017 in BIELES is
Your benefits Being Partner of a World Championships is an important move for a company, Supporting the Cyclo – Cross World Championships 2017 in BIELES is UNIQUE

17 Contact Eric Leyder +352 593075 – 696

18 BIELES 2017 Thank you for your support

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