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UNIT 5 Section A Yao Ming Rockets to Stardom!. I Background Information NBA (National Basketball Association)  NBA is the major professional basketball.

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1 UNIT 5 Section A Yao Ming Rockets to Stardom!

2 I Background Information NBA (National Basketball Association)  NBA is the major professional basketball league in the world, with teams from the United States and Canada with the addition of the Toronto Raptors and the Vancouver Grizzlies prior to the 1995 ~ 1996 season, the NBA expanded to 29 teams competing in two conferences, the Eastern and Western, in four separate divisions.  The NBA"s official development league is the Continental Basketball Association (CBA). The league was founded in 1946 and now features 12 teams playing in two conferences. Many players, coaches, executives, and referees have honed their skills in the CBA before going on to NBA careers.

3 II Exploring 1. Do you like playing basket? 2. Who is your favorite player? 3. How much do you know about Yao Ming? Yao Ming Position: C Born: Sep 12, 1980 Height: 7-5 / 2,26 Weight: 296 lbs. / 134,3 kg. From : China

4 IIILanguage Points: 1. rocket: vi The spacecraft rocketed into the sky. ( move at a very great speed ) n. A rocket lifted the communications satellite into orbit around the earth. “ rocket” is used here as a pun. It has two meanings: Yao Ming rises quickly, like a rocket, to join in the NBA stardom; and he is to play for the Huston Rockets. 2. stardom: n. She shot to stardom on Broadway by a comic play. ( state of being a very famous performer ) e.g. kingdom officialdom

5 3. draft: n. The first draft of people for blood donation was completed.( 挑选 ) a draft for Parliament Bill ( 草案) vt. Some students were drafted to conduct the survey. (select, choose) I drafted a contract and showed it to my lawyer.(make a draft of) 4. Look forward to: I am looking forward to hearing from you. The girl is looking forward to a long holiday for a good rest. 5. Along the way: They got know each other better along the way and finally fell in love. You will get the whole picture along the way. (the passage of time) 6. shoot: v. Beckham shot the free kick, and kicked the ball into the goal. (kick) The hunter shot at the bird, but missed it. ( fire a gun) The shot a bird.

6 7. brief: adj. As there is little time left, please be brief.( short ) vt. The officer briefed the team before their military action. ( give necessary instruction) 8. surround: vt. The troops surrounded the enemy’s headquarters. ( go around ) The small village is surrounded by hills. (be all around on every side) 9. In brief: Please keep quiet. Let’s listen to the news in brief. 10. so-so: ” what do you think of the film? “ “ oh, it’s so-so.” 11. pressure: n. He is under pressure from heavy work. v. Just press this button and it will go. 12. eye: n. His eye for the ball makes him the world’s most famous goalkeeper. ( the ability to see the ball and to judge its direction) Her eye for fashion has helped her to become an excellent fashion designer

7 13. coach: n. He is the head coach of the national team. The tour guide told us that our coach would stop at the next station for lunch. ( a comfortable bus) 14. Funnily enough: Funnily enough, he didn’t say a word against me. oddly enough / strangely enough/ surprisingly enough/ interestingly enough 15. Loss: n. It’s a great loss that you gave up this job. The country suffered heavy losses in its economy. 16. In the long/ short term: In the long term, the market is promising. In the short term, we are likely to lose money on this book. 17. encourage: His mother encouraged him to become a lawyer. 18. walking: She knows so many words that she’s a walking dictionary.( human )

8 Section B Michael Jordan and Me

9 I Background Information Michael Jordan 1. Born on Feb.17th, 1963, in Brooklyn, New York 2. American basketball player, who got the nickname “ Air Jordan” for his powerful slam-dunk. 3.He was the NBA’s “ most Valuable Player” (MVP) six times.

10 IILanguage Points: 1. Team work : n. Teamwork doesn’t happen in a group with many selfish people Mutual trust is important in good teamwork. (combined effort) 2. spirit: n. Although she has left the world, her spirit will live on forever. He didn’t enter into the spirit of the dancing party. (intention) 3. wander: v. I wonder why he hasn’t given me a reply. ( want to know) wander at: I don’t wonder at her falling asleep in the middle of the film– it was very boring. ( be surprised) n. She looked at the old man in wonder. ( feeling of surprise

11 4. Take … for granted: Some people take it for granted that oil is renewable. We sometimes take our parents’ love for granted. 5. shot: n. Good shot! ( a kick) The policeman fired three shots to warn them off. ( shooting a weapon) Let me have a shot at it. ( a chance to do sth.) shooter: He is an excellent three-point shooter. 6. opponent: n. He defeated his opponent in the election. She was the strongest opponent to the president’s foreign policy. 7. talent: n. a man of talent This country is facing a loss of talent.

12 quality: n. He has many qualities--- kindness, hard working and modesty. He’s bought a pair of shoes of high quality. 9. build up: The local newspaper built him up this time. (praise) build up one’s strength again after illness 10. tear sb./ sth. down: He keeps tearing down others. (pull down) The old houses along the road will be torn down. (destroy) 11.through: prep. Through hard work, he won popularity among the students. ( as a result of ) He got this job through a friend. ( by means of )

13 12. available: adj. This book is available in the library. ( able to be obtained) The schoolteacher is not available now. 13. ease: n. lead a life of ease An expert can settle this problem with ease. v. Time will finally ease her pain. ( make less severe) His words eased my mind. ( make less anxious) be/feel at one’s ease: The doctor soon made the worried patient feel at ease. 14. influence: v. His father influenced him a lot in many ways. n. He used his influence in the public to raise money for the poor. 15. championship: n. They played hard to defend their championship.( 冠军称号 ) A championship is more interesting than a friendly match. ( 锦标赛 )

14 The End Good-bye

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