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Europe is more than football 2012 Lviv - 2012. Our team:

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1 Europe is more than football 2012 Lviv - 2012

2 Our team:

3 Project „Europe is more than football 2012” was established during and after the European Football Championship 2012 in Ukraine in two hosting cities – Donetsk and Lviv. The main goals of the project were: bringing a spirit of international friendship to kids who had no contacts with international guests and any chances to get to the stadiums or fun-zones, but had been waiting for the sport event for several years. Together with international and local volunteers we had to create the spirit of international sport event for local kids and teenagers and learn a little bit more about Europe than only football. The goals of the project



6 Activities were carried out from 7 th of May till 20 th of July 2012. There were 6 playgrounds in 6 regions of Lviv city. During the project it was carried out 330 sport events. In work with children were engaged 12 EVS volunteers from 7 countries of Europe and 6 local volunteers. In this period on all 6 playgrounds there were 6113 children/activities Project in numbers 611 3


8 Amount of children on playgrounds


10 Amount of “children/activities” by months

11 The most, most, most… The biggest amount of children at the playgrounds was on str. Shevchenka (1381 “children/activities”), str. Gnata Hotkevycha (1142 “children/activities”) and str. Tvorcha (1080 “children/activities”) The biggest amount of children on one activity-day is: 55 (12 th of May, playground on Gnata Hotkevycha str.) The most popular sport games: basketball, volleyball, different games on logic, drawings on asphalt and of course football. Special attention of children belong to the games with the “parashute” and tunnel.

12 So how it was during the project?

13 …we were learning new languages

14 …we were playing

15 …we were supporting our favorite football teems

16 …we were drawing

17 … we had games with “parashute”

18 …we had a lot of physical trainings

19 and a looooot of fun!!!


21 Big thanks to: “Youth in action” program of European Commission Partners of the project: Donetsk Youth Debate Center (Ukraine), ELT (Austria), YAP Zonguldag Association (Turkey), Jugendhilfe und Sozialarbeit E.V. (Germany), Centrul de Voluntariat Cluj- Napoca (Romania), ELIX - Conservation Volunteers Greece (Greece), Associao Juvenil Rota Jovem (Portugal) and Asociacion Juvenil Intercambia (Spain) Department of Youth, family and sport activities of Lviv city government Schools and gymnasium, which took part in the project All trainers, volunteers, staff of CEI and to all friends of the project.

22 See you in next year?!

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