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USA TAEKWONDO ANNUAL REPORT BEIJING 2008. THE USAT MISSION: Sustained Competitive Excellence Sustained Competitive Excellence – 4 Olympic places qualified.

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2 THE USAT MISSION: Sustained Competitive Excellence Sustained Competitive Excellence – 4 Olympic places qualified – 3 Olympic medals – Second most medals of any country at Olympics – Most successful USOC combat sport – 5 Junior World Championship medals; Selena Coppersmith Tubbs captures first Junior Worlds gold since Diana Lopez

3 USAT Mission: Grow Taekwondo 16% growth in member numbers from 2007 to 2008 As of November 20, 2008 we have 14,232 members versus 11,995 at the end of 2007. Publicity from Olympic taekwondo team and related national advertising campaigns educated and informed the country about taekwondo Rolling membership has been positively received by our clubs

4 CORE PROGRAM INVESTMENT SUPPORT FOR NATIONAL TEAMS – OVER $3,000,000 WAS DIRECTLY INVESTED IN ATHLETE DEVELOPMENT OVER THE PAST FOUR YEARS. – Investment took the form of athlete training stipends, training camps, international training camps and competitions, scouting, sports science and technology. – Continuity in national team coaching staff based on merit – Additional millions in indirect support

5 CORE PROGRAM INVESTMENT 2 – Indirect development investment in activities such as operation of events and training seminars for coaches and referee expenses – Operation of high level qualifying events and team trials – Expansion of National Team Assistant coaching staff

6 FUTURE HIGH PERFORMANCE INITIATIVES For the 2009 Quad USAT looks to Expand international training and competition opportunities for its high level athletes – Formation of U-24 senior team to assist those athletes on cusp of national team – Cash incentives for international medals for both national team and non-national team athletes – Creation of fund to assist promising athletes compete internationally – USAT Travel Team Program for additional high level competition opportunity

7 EVENTS 2008 A SUCCESSFUL EVENT YEAR – All events financially successful – Most professionally run events in the world – Reintroduction of traditional martial arts events – Introduction of double elimination bracketed poomsae

8 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS USAT members elected to prominent positions in PATU ensuring our interests are protected and enhanced – Ji Ho Choi, President – David Askinas, Vice-President, North America – Sei Jin Park, Treasurer – Myung Chan Kim, Referee Chairman – Chuong Pham, Executive Council

9 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 2 WTF influence growing with appointment of Leon Preston, Herb Perez and Victoria Serbin to key WTF committee leadership positions WTF Executive Committee position will be sought in October 2009 USAT are now key players in WTF rules and organizational reform

10 INTERNATIONAL RELATIONS 3 Kukkiwon special testing planned for major USAT events in 2009 Exclusive hosting of these events in the USA granted to USAT by Kukkiwon PATU training seminar offered through USOC grant to help less developed PATU nations

11 USAT TRAVEL TEAMS Expansion of national team coaching staff Opportunity to compete for USA at international level Revenue opportunities combined with improvement of talent pipeline

12 CHALLENGES TO MEET Improve the bottom line in order to offer more programming Continue to improve athlete performance Continue to improve training opportunities for athletes, coaches and referees Continue to grow membership, event participation and revenues

13 A PROMISING FUTURE Renegotiated more favorable HangAStar contract Renegotiated more favorable apparel and equipment sponsorships Brought membership card creation and fulfillment in-house for cost savings Use of TMS system to streamline event management and achieve cost savings

14 GROWING EVENT REVENUES Selection of great host cities – Las Vegas being considered for multiple year contract – Hosting Junior Olympics in areas of strong USAT customer support such as Texas, Florida and California – Better customer service and shorter lines promised for 2009

15 GREATER POOMSAE EMPHASIS Increased support for poomsae competitors More poomsae at events Bracketed poomsae to ensure fair competition opportunities Host more poomsae seminars for coaches and referees

16 STATE ORGANIZATIONS Area of growth and development Growing pains resolving Looking for increased attendance at state tournaments Increased grass roots membership as a result

17 TRAINING Level 2 Coach education to debut in January 2009 Level 3 curriculum development to begin Look to institute USAT regional coaching seminars with curriculum provided by national team coaching staff

18 MARKETING USAT Introduction of “Nobody Kicks Like Us” campaign in 2009 Focus is to show taekwondo as the cool 21 st century martial art Leverage off Olympic brand and team success Position USAT as brand leader in world class sparring and poomsae

19 CONCEPTS IN DEVELOPMENT USAT certified school program akin to a franchise model where all school members are USAT members Ring of Champions club established and funded to help fund program initiatives USAT branded line of merchandise

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