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INTRODUCTIONS AND JOB DESCRIPTIONS OSAA Executive Staff Tom Welter Executive Director.

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3 OSAA Executive Staff Tom Welter Executive Director

4 OSAA Executive Staff Peter Weber Assistant Director Cindy Simmons Assistant Director

5 OSAA Executive Staff Brad Garrett Assistant Director Kyle Stanfield Assistant Director

6 OSAA Executive Staff Steve Walker Sports Information Director Marci McGillivray Associate Director

7 OSAA Executive Support Staff Kristie Patterson Championships/Tickets Jan Krause Office Manager Gibby Reynolds Network Specialist

8 OSAA Executive Support Staff Marla Starkman Reimbursements Roni Illias Officials Amerilyn Rivett Receptionist

9 OSAA Governance

10 6A Delegate Assembly DISTRICTTERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/DISTRICT 6A-12014Mike ChamberlainPrincipalWestview 6A-22015James Hiu Deputy Supt. Gresham-Barlow 6A-3TBD 6A-42015Dan MalonePrincipalNewberg 6A-52014Curtiss SchollPrincipalSprague

11 5A Delegate Assembly DISTRICTTERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/DISTRICT 5A-12015Mark PinderPrincipalMilwaukie 5A-22016Mark HannanPrincipalSilverton 5A-32016Jon PetersonSuptPendleton DISTRICTTERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/DISTRICT MidwesternTBD So. Oregon2015Russ Bolin Administrator Roseburg PIL2015Shay JamesPrincipalFranklin IMC2015HD WeddelPrincipalBend 6A-5A-4A Hybrid Delegate Assembly

12 4A Delegate Assembly DISTRICTTERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/DISTRICT 4A-12014Randy SchildSuptTillamook 4A-2TBD 4A-32014Bill LuceroPrincipalNorth Bend 4A-42014Andy GardnerSuptN. Santiam 4A-5TBD 4A-62015Terry BennettPrincipalMazama 4A-7TBD

13 3A Delegate Assembly DISTRICTTERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/DISTRICT 3A-1 TBD 3A-22015Tim France Principal Willamina 3A-3 2016Tony GuevaraPrincipalBlanchet 3A-42014Larry RamirezPrincipalNyssa

14 2A Delegate Assembly DISTRICTTERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/DISTRICT 2A-12014Rob PridemoreVice Principal Riverdale 2A-22015William Starkweather PrincipalRiddle 2A-32015Brad Kudlac Administrator Culver 2A-42015Curt ShelleyPrincipalGrant Union DISTRICTTERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/DISTRICT Sunset2015Tony JonesAdministratorCoquille SouthernTBD 3A-2A Hybrid Delegate Assembly

15 1A Delegate Assembly DISTRICTTERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/DISTRICT 1A-12015Duane StutzmanSuptSouthwest 1A-22015Adam KronbergerPrincipalCrosshill 1A-3TBD 1A-42015Wayne GallagherSuptCamas Valley 1A-5TBD 1A-62015Steve BoyntonSuptArlington 1A-72015Lance DixonSuptNorth Powder 1A-82015Roy DurfeeSuptLong Creek

16 Executive Board Information DISTRICTTERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/DISTRICT 6A2015Don GrottingSuptDavid Douglas 5A2016Mark HannanPrincipalSilverton 4A2014Andy GardnerSuptN. Santiam 6A-5A-4A At-Large 2015James Hiu Deputy Supt Gresham- Barlow 3A2015Matt HawleySuptVale 2A2015Curt ShelleyPrincipalGrant Union 1A2015Steve BoyntonSuptArlington 3A-2A-1A At-Large 2014Larry RamirezPrincipalNyssa

17 AFFILIATETERMEXPIRESNAMEPOSITIONSCHOOL/ORG OSBA2014Matt PoseyOSBADallas OADA2016Barry BoknAthletic Director Willamette Activities2016Cindy SchubertPrincipalLake Oswego OACA (Advisory) 2014Tony KoontzCoach/ADOACA OAOA (Advisory) 2014Clark SandersAssoc. Exec. Dir OAOA Executive Board Information District Athletic Committees Timelines Responsibilities – Powerpoint

18 Fall All-School Packet Packet Includes : Ejection-Free Schools NFHS Posters Free Rule Books Athletic Director Checklists

19 Major Rule Changes for 13-14

20 Major Rule Changes - Constitution Petition to Play Down Requirements Article 6.2.4 (a) Modified Computation of ADM Article 6.3 School Representation – Transfers with Affiliation Rule 8.6.5

21 Major Rule Changes – Board Policies Certification – Athletic Directors / Coaches Practice Model (Effective Fall 2014) Home Team Designation Rankings

22 Additional Information AD / Coach Certification Requirements NFHS Learning Center Oregon Component Option SAT / ACT Testing Memo Title IX Information Tim Sell – Office of Civil Rights - (206) 607-1639 Officials Fees – 3 year fee schedule

23 Individual Student Eligibility Within your Building Currently enrolled in and passing the appropriate number of classes Passed appropriate number of classes in previous transcripted grading period On Track to Graduate prior to start of school year

24 Individual Student Eligibility Outside your Building Home Schoolers Registered with ESD prior to 1 st day of classes Passed one of the approved tests by August 15 Associate Members Registered with OSAA Eligible back at resident public school only Full Member Private Eligible back at resident public school when sponsored activity is not offered

25 Individual Student Eligibility Transfers Student Intent to Transfer Certificate Eligible Student Transfer Certificate Eligibility Request Form Eligibility Appeals Board

26 Committees/Reports/Programs Classification and Districting Committee Gathering 2012/13 numbers from ODE Completed Enrollment Survey of member schools Next meeting September 23 @ OSAA Office Final Recommendation from Committee: OSAA Executive Board and Delegate Assembly on October 28 All changes effective Fall 2014

27 Committees/Reports/Programs State Championship Committee Current Discussions: Numbered Week Calendar 1A Football – 4 special districts Regional qualifying in individual sports – all except Swimming 6A-5A Basketball – genders 6A-5A-4A Basketball – eliminate consolation and 3 rd place game Volleyball – eliminate consolation and 3 rd place game Next meeting is Monday, Sept 30 – OSAA Office in Wilsonville Final Recommendation to Executive Board on February 3, 2014

28 Committees/Reports/Programs Sports Medicine Advisory Committee *Ejection Summary *Appeals Report *State Championship Revenue Summary

29 Committees/Reports/Programs Sportsmanship Award 23 Leagues participated in 1 st annual OSAA Sportsmanship Award WINNERS : 6A - Canby 5A - Hood River Valley 4A - McLoughlin 3A - Illinois Valley 2A - Western Mennonite 1A - Imbler Goal: 100% participation from Leagues $1,000 and OSAA Sportsmanship Banner

30 OSAA Foundation Donation Dispersal ImPACT Concussion Management Public Service Announcements NEW Participation Grant Program Special Olympics / Unified Sports

31 Revamped OSAA Website Handbook & Forms Administrators/Coaches/Parents Health & Safety / NFHS Network OSAA Weekly

32 Championship Sites and Calendar Description of Current Calendar 6A Football 1A Football Cutoff Track and Field

33 Sport Specific Information

34 Volleyball 18 Play Dates Max of 9 double duals and/or tournaments Max of 5 tournaments Double Duals (counts in rankings) Max of 2 matches Sets shall be to 25 points, decisive set to 15 points, no cap Matches shall be best 3/5 sets

35 Volleyball Tournaments Max of 16 sets per team, including pool play Pool Play (does not count in rankings) Sets played to max of 25 points Max of 2 sets (See Emergency Exception) Bracket Play (counts in rankings) Sets shall be to 25 points, decisive set to 15 points Matches shall be best of 2/3 or 3/5 sets

36 Volleyball Jersey, 2016

37 Soccer 10-goal Mercy Rule and Overtime Survey Scheduling Stacking Games (Times/Levels) Non-Traditional Days (not always Tuesday/Thursday) Home Team Uniform Requirement (Fall 2013)

38 Soccer

39 Football NOCSAE – Third Party Attachments NOCSAE – Virginia Tech Study 5 Person crew required at the 4A Level

40 Cheerleading Choreographers and/or tumbling coaches that work with your Cheerleading Squad more than 3X must be NFHS Certified All Cheer/Dance coaches must be safety certified (complete Safety Workshop) by Nov. 1 st. Next year, all coaches will need to be certified earlier Aug. 13 th - OSAA Office @ 9am Aug. 14 th - South Eugene HS @ 9am Aug. 17 th - OSAA Office @ 9am Aug. 21 st - OSAA Office @ 9am Sept. 14 th - OSAA Office @ 9am October Clinics- TBD

41 Wrestling OWWMP – Initial BIA Certification Workshop October 12 – OSAA Office Track Wrestling – full implementation this year Required : Varsity Schedules – first contest date Match Data – any wrestler who may participate in Special District Tournament Track Wrestling at Special District Tournaments Administrative procedures and additional info in October

42 Basketball Use of electronic devices permitted A single visible manufacturer’s logo/ trademark/ reference is permitted on team jersey Softball Use of electronic devices permitted

43 Track and Field Pole Vault – ASTM certified padding in plant box required in 2014-15 2013 Track & Field Championship Highlights

44 Corporate Partners

45 Extensions / E-Mail Addresses Tom Welter (ext 230) Brad Garrett (ext 229) Marci McGillivray (ext 233) Cindy Simmons (ext 227) Kyle Stanfield (ext 239) Steve Walker (ext 232) Peter Weber (ext 231) OSAA Contact Information

46 Executive Director: Dave Johnson Associate Director: Rob Younger Phone: 541-928-2700 Email: Website: NFHS Coaches Code of Ethics OACA Gold Card Online Membership is available Oregon Athletic Coaches Association Serving Oregon Coaches for the past 75 Years

47 Jack Folliard Executive Director Email: 503.975.4488 Dedicated to the Advancement of High School Officiating in Oregon “One Rule…One Mechanic…One Interpretation” Oregon Athletic Officials Association Clark Sanders Associate Director Email: 503.682.6722 ext 242

48 Bill Bowers, CMAA Executive Director 1177 Delrose Drive Springfield, OR 97477 Ph. 541-747-4431 Email: Cell 541-554-0494 Bill Bowers, CMAA Executive Director 1177 Delrose Drive Springfield, OR 97477 Ph. 541-747-4431 Email: Cell 541-554-0494

49 2013-14 OADA Officers o President – Lynn Cowdrey, Alsea HS o Vice-President–Randy Ramp, CAA, Sherwood HS o Treasurer –Lorena Woods, Arlington HS o Secretary – Dave Hood, Mt. View HS o Past-President – Ron Richards, CAA, McNary HS o OSAA Liaison – Barry Bokn, CAA, Willamette HS o 6A Rep – Tim Sam, CMAA, North Medford HS o 5A Rep – Rich Engel, West Albany HS o 4A Rep – Evan Brown, Stayton HS o 3A Rep – Sandy Luu, CAA Catlin Gabel School o 2A Rep – Blaine Ganvoa, Irrigon HS o 1A Rep – Neil Barrett, McKenzie HS

50 2013-14 OADA 1A Reps Neil Barrett 1A - Classification Rep RepDistrict Leagueemail Chad Rush District 1The Valley 10 League Tony Smith District 2 Casco League Aaron Longo District 3Mountain West League Rob Parker District 4 Skyline League Jon Jones District 5Mountain Valley League Jim Hull District 6Big Sky League Blake Jones District 7 Old Oregon League Ryan Gerry District 8 High Desert League

51 RepDistrict Leagueemail Rob Pridemore District 1Northwest Aaron Flack District 2 Mountain View Bart RothenbergerDistrict 3Tri-River Conference Blaine Ganvoa District 4 Blue Mountain 2013-14 OADA 2A Reps Blaine Ganvoa 2A - Classification Rep

52 RepDistrict Leagueemail Kris VanHatcher District 1 Lewis & Clark League District 2 West Valley League Anthony Baugher District 3 PacWest Conference Paula Toney District 4 Eastern Oregon League Al Skinner 3A – 2A Sunset Hybrid Sunset Hybrid Sunset Six League James Joy 3A – 2A Southern Cascade Hybrid Southern Cascade Hybrid League 2013-14 OADA 3A Reps Sandy Luu 3A - Classification Rep

53 RepDistrict Leagueemail Jerry Dorland District 1Cowapa Andy Jones District 2 Tri-Valley Mike Forrester District 3Far West Wayne Spencer District 4 Oregon West Rusty Zysett District 5Sky-em Tony Testerman District 6Skyline Conference Manny Alvarado District 7 Greater Oregon 2013-14 OADA 4A Reps Evan Brown 4A - Classification Rep

54 Rich Engel 5A - Classification Rep RepDistrict Leagueemail Dennis Burke District 1Northwest Oregon Conference Rich Engel District 2Mid-Willamette Conference Keith Bassham District 3Columbia River League Mike Shanahan 6A – 4A PIL Hybrid Portland Interscholastic League Corey Nicholsen 6A – 5A Midwestern Hybrid Midwestern League Craig Walker 6A – 4A IMC Hybrid Intermountain Conference 2013-14 OADA 5A Reps

55 RepDistrict Leagueemail Jim Meuwissen District 1Metro League Anna Maria Lopez District 2Mt. Hood Conference Jeff Erdman District 3Three Rivers League Tim Burke District 4 Pacific Conference Bryan Sutherland District 5Central Valley Conference Karl Kemper 6A – 5A Southern Oregon Hybrid Southern Oregon Conference 2013-14 OADA 6A Reps Tim Sam, CMAA 6A - Classification Rep

56 OADA DUES o Yearly Membership – $40 Register by mail, (checks only please): Lorena Woods OADA Treasurer c/o Arlington High School P.O. Box 10 Arlington, OR 97812 o All forms are available in your packet and online in the Forms section of the OADA website o

57 NIAAA Membership ★ Membership Benefits ★ The Interscholastic Athletic Administrator (IAA) ★ The NFHS News ★ $1,000,000 additional liability insurance ★ $2500 term life insurance ★ Discount on registration fees for the NFHS National Conference ★ Opportunities to serve on national committees ★ Regular Annual Fee – $80

58 National Conference o 44 th National Athletic Directors Marriott & Hilton Anaheim, California December 13 th – 18 th Register online at: o

59 National Conference Awards NFHS Citation Award Mark Horak, CAA, Lake Oswego HS

60 Leadership Training o More opportunities to attain: oRegistered Athletic Administrator (RAA) oCertified Athletic Administrator (CAA) oCertified Master Athletic Administrator (CMAA) oLeague meeting, combine with other leagues, or request specific class oNeed for additional instructors oNIAAA will be offering Webinars this fall for the following classes; LTC 501, LTC 502, LTC 504, LTC 506, LTC 508, LTC 630 and LTC 701 and LTC 705 oWednesday, October 9 th offering LTC 501 & 502 @ OSAA Offices If you have questions, contact: Bill Bowers, CMAA and Oregon’s LTC Coordinator (541) 554-0494,

61 o April 13 – 15, 2014 o Leadership Classes Come get your RAA Certification!!!! Saturday, April 13 9:00am – 1:00pm LTC 501 ** 1:00pm – 5:00pm LTC 504 Legal Issues I (Risk Management) ** ** These classes are NOT included in your conference registration fee. Several Workshops  OSAA Hot Topics  Advanced excel programming  How to conduct evaluations / interviews

62 o April 13 – 15, 2014 o These Leadership Classes Offered as part of your registration Monday, April 14 LTC 506 Legal Issues II (Title IX, Hazing, Sexual Harassment ) LTC 622 Field Safety: Sports Fields LTC 707 Assessment of Interscholastic Athletic Programs and Personnel LTC 714 Dealing with Difficult Personalities

63 OADA Hall of Fame Induction o Saturday April 12 th, 2014 o Abbot Room Sunriver Resort

64 Important Issues o Mentoring New AD’s Workshop Wednesday, October 9 th, OSAA Office ***As part of the workshop AD’s will receive credit for LTC 501 & 502*** o Spirit of a Champion Program o Resources available to help you o Honoring Committed Schedules o Request for Workshop Ideas & Presenters Send to Randy Ramp @ Sherwood HS ( ) o OADA Electronic Newsletter Request for articles and thoughts Send to Ron Richards @ McNary HS ( ) Publication dates and deadlines Materials due by Sept 20 th for Sept 23 rd Publication Materials due by Nov 13 th for Nov 20 th Publication Materials due by Feb 12 th for Feb 19 th Publication Materials due by May 7 th for May 15 th Publication

65 OADA List Serve o Free noncommercial email subscription service for posting Open Dates, Coaching Openings and Coaches Education Classes o Subscribe at the OADA website Listserve link ( ) o Posted daily, highly effective, 600+ subscribers o Send to: Terry Hanson

66 Thank you! Have a great year!

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