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COOPERATION & COMPETITION Babe Didrikson Read Aloud, Unit 1.

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1 COOPERATION & COMPETITION Babe Didrikson Read Aloud, Unit 1

2 FOCUS QUESTIONS What personality traits did Babe Didrikson possess that helped her to become a successful competitor? In what ways were Babe Didrikson’s successes dependent on her ability to cooperate?

3 Babe Didrikson Born June 26, 1914 as Mildred Ella Didrikson. Named “Babe” after famous slugger Babe Ruth

4 Excelled at every sport she tried including golf, track, baseball, archery, skeet shooting, swimming, diving, horseback riding and billliards (to name a few)

5 1930 was voted all-American forward for a women’s basketball team, Golden Cyclones. Helped them win a national championship

6 After basketball Babe decided to try track & field. In 1932, she competed in the Amateur Athletic Union women’s national champtionship. She earned enough points to win the team title all by herself.

7 Olympics Her outstanding track victories at the national championship led Babe to the 1932 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles. Won gold medal and set a world record in the javelin throw. Gold in the hurdles Silver in the high jump

8 GOLF After the Olympics she tried golf for the first time. Her natural ability impressive. After a few years, she made a career out of golf. Practiced 15-16 hours per day. 1935 won the Texas Women’s Amateur Golf Tournament.

9 In 1937, she met & married wrestler George Zaharias. Babe continued her golf career, winning 17 tournaments in a row. 1949 – helped form the Ladies’ Professional Golf Association. LPGA attracted more women to the sport. Today, LPGA offers MILLIONS of dollars in prize money for the pro women golfers.

10 A True Champion 1953, diagnosed with cancer. Recovered and won the U.S. Open golf Tournament in 1954. 1956 cancer returned World’s greatest athlete died at the age of 42.

11 Awards & Honors She earned prestigious awards & honors. Only woman to be named Associated Press’s “Woman Athlete of the Year” six times. Ranked her as the SECOND most oustanding and influential athlete in American history, after Babe Ruth. Opened the door for women to compete and succeed in the world of sports.

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