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1. Do you have any traditional sports which are not Olympic disciplines? Introduce them! Sports.

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1 1. Do you have any traditional sports which are not Olympic disciplines? Introduce them! Sports

2 pentathlon was a contest featuring five different events : long jump, javelin throw, discus throw, stadion and wrestling. Pankration was a martial art and founded as a blend of boxing and wrestling race track Chariot running and equestrian events

3 Baranta is a traditional Hungarian sport.

4 There are some traditional sports in Spain that aren’t Olympic, such as frontón or Basque ball, a sport played with a ball using one’s hand to throw it against a wall.

5 Cycleball – is similar to football, played on bikes. Two player in each team, bal lis cintrolled by bikes.

6 The football Balilla is a game which simulates football.

7 There is - playing at skittels (Kegeln) - ballroom-dancing (Tanzsport: Standard und Lateinamerikanische Tänze) - glider flight (Segelfliegen) - paragliding - activity with the “Rhönrad” - playing cards on tournaments(Skat) - motor race; formula-1-racing - walking across the country

8 No


10 2. Which are the three most successful Olympic disciplines of your nation? Sports

11 Water polo Basketball Weightlifting


13 The most successful Olympic disciplines of Spain so far are: -Sailing (17 medals) -Cycling (14 medals) -Tennis and Athletics (11 medals)

14 Speed skating – Martina Sáblíková (2 gold and one bronze medal) Javelin – 5 gold and 2 silver medals Long distance running – Emil Zátopek (4 gold medals, one silver)

15 The three most successful olympic disciplines are swimming, volleyball and gymnastics

16 Fencing, horse-riding, rowing, skiing, toboggan

17 Ski Alpin, Ski Jumping and Figure Skating (in that order) are the most successful Olympic disciplines in Austria. (105 medals in Ski Alpin [40 for Ski Nordic], 23 medals in Ski Jumping and 20 medals in Figure skating [22 medals for icecanalsports])

18 Swimming In our country are many the best swimmers. The most polish records belongs to Otylia Jędrzejczak (born in 1983). In the olimpyc games she won 1 golden medal and 2 silver medals. In her whole swimming career she won 14 golden medals, 9 silver medals and 6 bronze medals.

19 3. Who was “your” athlete of the year 2011? Sports

20 The swimmer Spyros Gianniotis. Spyros has won the gold metal at 10km and the silver at 5Km in the world championship of Shanghai.


22 Our 2011 athlete was Xavi Hernandez because we like how he plays football. Xavi has been named the third best player in the globe two consecutive years. He is 32 years old, a midfielder. He plays for Football Club Barcelona.

23 Petra Kvitová (Tennis player) – winner of Wimbledon, FED Cup, WTA Tour Championships, second in WTA

24 The best atlhete of 2011 is: Federica Pellegrini (Mirano, August 5, 1988) she is an Italian swimming. The first Italian swimming champion who won a gold medal in swimming.

25 It was Dirk Nowitzki. He plays basketball in Dallas, USA.

26 Our sportsman of the year was Thomas Morgenstern in his discipline Ski Jumping and our sportswoman was Elisabeth Görgel in the Winter-sport discipline Ski Alpin

27 Our athlete of the year 2011 was Justyna Kowlczyk. She is ski runner. Three times she won World Cup in ski races, twice world champion, four time Olympic medalist three times World Cup winner winner of the prestigious Tour de Ski She won three medals atone Olympic Games She is also the first and so far the only woman who won the Olympic championship in the winter Olympics In March 21, 2010 she became the first ski- runner who crossed the threshold of 2000 points in the World Cup.

28 4. Do you know any famous athletes from your country? Which sports does/do/did he/she/they practice? Sports

29 1.Track Spiros Louis Katerina Thanou Fani Halkia 2.Weight lifting Dimitrios Tofalos Pirros Dimas


31 There are many famous athletes in Spain: Rafa Nadal (Tennis player) Pau Gasol (Basketball player) Jorge Lorenzo (Moto GP rider)

32 Emil Zátopek (long distance runner)

33 The most famous athlete in our country is: Yuri Chechi, the greatest gymnast in the history of italian sport.

34 Max Schmeling, Henry Maske, Regina Halmich – boxing Franz Beckenbauer, Jürgen Klinsmann, Fritz Walter, Oliver Kahn, Uwe Seeler, Günther Netzer, Birgit Prinz – football Michael Schumacher, Sebastian Vettel, Bernd Rosemeyer – formula-1-racing Franziska van Almsick, Michael Groß – swimming Steffi Graf, Boris Becker, Michael Stich – tennis Dirk Nowitzki – basketball Joachim Deckarm – handball Timo Boll – table tennis Fabian Hambüchen – athletics Isabell Werth – horse riding

35 Stephanie Graf: She was a famous athlete and won the silver medal at Olympics 2000 Markus Rogan: “The best swimmer nowadays”; he won many different pirzes at Olympics 2008, 2004, 2000, … Marcel Hirscher: Famous Skier. Won 3 times gold, 2 times silver and 1 time bronce medal at Alpine Ski – Junoir World cup

36 One of the most famous Polish athlete is tennis player- Agnieszka Radwańska. She was born in 1989. currently she has got fourth place in WTA ranking.

37 5. Are there any buildings, streets, parks, monuments etc. named after famous athletes? Sports

38 Spiros Louis: In Athens we can cross a street named after this famous athlete. Also, there is a statue of Spiros Louis in Melbourne. Spiros Louis was one of the most famous athletes at Marathon discipline


40 Some stadiums are named after famous footballers such as Estadio Alfredo Di Stefano (Madrid) -Rafa Nadal Street (Madrid) -Carlos Sainz Avenue, street and school (Madrid Leganés and Oviedo) -Dani Pedrosa Street (Madrid Leganés) -Fernando Alonso Street (Madrid Leganés and Oviedo) -Josep Guardiola (Barcelona)

41 Modrý's Street, Ice Hockey Goalkeeper), Hana Mašková's Street (Figure Skater) and Nepel's Street (Figure Skater). These Streets are in Prague. Luděk Čajka’s winter stadium in Zlín (hockey player)

42 Galliano Rossini was born in 1927 in Ancona. He participated in five consecutive Olympics always with the discipline of skeet shooting in the category of piattello. In Melbourne in 1956 with 195 points won the gold medal. In Rome 1960, with 191 points, took the silver medal. His hometown of Ancona, named a sport arena, the Palarossini

43 There is the football stadium in Kaiserslautern named after Fritz Walter.

44 No

45 A very deserved athlete in my country is Janusz Kusociński Polish athlete, Olympic gold medalist from Los Angeles on the run for 10 000 m, silver medalist of the first European Championships for a distance of 5000 m. In Warsaw is obelisk in memorial of him. Also In Dolsk is a statue of an athlete. Stadium in Gosyń is named his name.

46 6. Has any world championship ever taken place in your country? If that’s the case, in which discipline? Sports

47 Volleyball World Championship in 1994 World Championship of track in 1997 World Championship of Basketball in 1998 World Championship of waterpolo in 2011 The Swimming World Championship took place in Athens in 2000


49 The football World Cup was celebrated in Spain in 1982. The mascot was a smiley orange called “Naranjito”.

50 World Championships Skiing 2012 World Championships Biathlon 2012 World Championships Snowboarding 2012 Grand Prix Hradec Králové Karate 2010, 2011 World Championships Cyklocross Grand Prix of the Czech Republic – motorbikes World Championships in ice hockey 2004 etc...

51 Yes, there have been : FOOTBALL VOLLEYBALL SWIMMING

52 World championship of - men ‘s football in 2006 - women’s football in 2011 - men’s athletics in 2009

53 Yes, there have been some world championships in Austria for example some soccer championships in 1990, 1954 and 1934. There is also going to be a world championship in “Schladming” which is in the Alps in 2013

54 No

55 7. Have the Summer/Winter Olympics ever take place in your country? Where? Sports

56 Athens in April, 1896. The number of athletes who participated was 241. Summer Olympics: Athens,2004 Paralympics of 2004 took place in Greece with 10.500 athletes and 202 countries participating in them.


58 The summer Olympics were held in 1992, in Barcelona. The mascot was a type of dog called “Cobi”.

59 No.

60 Yes, the Winter Olympics took place in 2010 in Turin.

61 The Summer Olympic Games took place in 1936 in Berlin and in 1972 in Munich. The Winter Games took place in 1936 in Garmisch-Partenkirchen.

62 There have never taken place any Summer Olympics but there have been two Winter Olympics in Austria, both in Innsbruck. In Innsbruck, we also had the first Youth-Winter Olympics in 2011.

63 No

64 8. How many sports clubs are there in your country and which is the most ? Sports

65 In Greece there are over 30 sports clubs most of which only have football teams. In the first division, Superleague, there are 16 football clubs and in the second, football league, 17. As there Of the four clubs the most known and successful football club is P.A.O.K. F.C.


67 In our country, there are 60.262 official sport clubs (data from the Sports Council). There are 19.585 football clubs. Real Madrid and FC Barcelona are the most famous in our country.

68 About 167 thousands sport clubs, Most: Football, Floorball, Ice Hockey

69 In Italy there are a lot of sports team but the most famous are: for football; Juventus, Milan, Inter (International Milan), Naples and Rome. For swimming: Italian Federation Swimming For volleyball: Cuneo and Verona For basketball: Siena and Milan

70 There are about 91.000 sport clubs in Germany with about 27 millions members. They are put together in the organization of the German Sports Federation. There are 25.800 football clubs.

71 In Austria we have about 14.200 different sports clubs. Typical for Austria is that most people’s favourite sport is football that’s why we have more football clubs than anything else.

72 In Poland are 6,000 clubs of Football. In first league are 18 clubs.

73 9. Have athletes / teams from your country ever won the World Championship, European Championship or the Olympics? In which disciplines? Sports

74 World Championship: WEIGHTLIFTING: Dimitrios Tofalos - 1906 - world record that lasted until 1914. Pyrros Dimas – 1993, 1995 &1999 1st World champion. BASKETBALL: Greek National Team -current FIBA World Championship silver medalists -since 2006. The Olympics : ATHLETICS: Spyridon Louis won the first modern-day Olympic marathon at the 1896 Summer Olympics. European Championship: ATHLETICS Periklis Iakovakis - European Championin Gothenborg, Sweden - at 48.46 seconds while his personal best is of 47.82 seconds. FOOTBALL Greek National Team – 1980, 2004, 2008. Panathinaikos – European Cup – 1970-1971.


76 In our country, there are many athletes who won the Olympics in the following disciplines: Alpine skiing, athletics, cycling, swimming, canoeing, tennis, judo and artistic gymnastics. In the year 2008, Beijing Olympics our country won: Gold medals: Samuel Sanchez (cycling) Joan Llaneras (cycling) Rafael Nadal (tennis) Fernando Echavarri and Anton Paz (sailing) Saul Craviotto and Carlos Perez Rial (canoeing)

77 Věra Čáslavská (Gymnastics-Olympics) Emil Zátopek (Athletics-Olympics) Jan Železný (Athletics-Olympics) Barbora Špotáková (Javelin-Olympics) Martin Doktor (Canoeing-Olympics) Štěpánka Hilgertová (Canoeing-Olympics) Martina Sáblíková(Speed Skating-World Championships) Roman Šebrle(Decathlon-Olympics) Kateřna Neumannová (Cross country skiing) Ice Hockey Team (World championship in 1996, 1999, 2000, 2001, 2005, 2010, Olympics in 1998)...and many more...

78 The Italian National Football team won the World Cup in 2006 in Germany

79 The National Football Team has won the world championship in 1954, 1974 and 1990. The National Women’s football Team has won three times. Both teams have won the European championship. The German team for winter sport was very successful in the winter session 2011/12.

80 In 2011 Gudrun Grondinger who lives in Vienna won the world championship in pillow fighting. Last year the Austrian cycle ball team won the world championship that took place in the Japanese city Kagoshima. Cycle ball is played football just that you play it on bicycles.

81 Adam Małysz- four times won World Cup in ski jumping Justyna Kowalczyk- three times she won World Cup in cross-country skiing Our volleyball team won European Championship in 2009

82 10. Which are the three most frequently practised sports (summer or winter) in your country? Sports

83 In Greece the three most frequently practiced sports in summer are swimming, water polo and sailing as Greece has wonderful seas. In winter, the sports practiced are ice skating, skiing and snowboarding. Football, basketball and volley are all-time-season sports.


85 The three most frequently practised sports in our country are: Fitness, football and swimming.

86 Football, Ice Hockey, Tennis

87 Football is one of the most popular sports in Italy. This image represents the victory of the italian team in 2006 champions ships. Swimming is a very popular sport in Italy.

88 1. – football (6.273.000 members) 2. – athletics ( 5.085.000 members 3. – tennis (1.767.000 members) 4. - shooting (1.530.000 members)

89 Due to the unique Austrian landscape it’s a fact that most Austrians practice skiing the most during winter and football during summer. Another famous sport is cycling since the Austrian landscape is a sight to see.

90 Tennis Swimming Skiing

91 Comenius Express Train for Europe Thank you for your attention!

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