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4 TRAINING Mr. Steve Anderson Office (910) 396-0136 Mobile (910) 587-7387

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1 4 TRAINING Mr. Steve Anderson Office (910) 396-0136 Mobile (910) 587-7387

2 4 AGENDA Competitions Rappel/Ropes JSOCC Marksmanship Essay JLAB Questions


4 4 Competitions draw cadets Encourage JROTC programs to be competitive Advance to National levels Standardize our competitions Best of the Best - 5 th Year

5 4 DRILL Bde conducts Best of the Best Drill Competition 21 Feb 15 for selected schools Current concept: Brigade approved competitions in each State Top teams invited to Bde Best of the Best/Funded? Current Brigade MOI/SOP dtd Aug 13 (One Standard) –Only Drill Committee can change MOI/SOP (one rep per state) –SOP is designed for any drill competition

6 4 DRILL BEST OF THE BEST STATE/REGIONAL DRILL MEETS DC Meet: Dunbar HS (William H. Rumsey Drill Meet) - 13 Dec 14 NC State/Regional East Meet: Overhills HS - 15 Nov 14 NC State/Regional West Meet: Freedom HS - 25 Oct 14 MD/DE State/Regional Drill Meet: Fairmont HS – 31 Jan 15 SC State Meet: Airport HS - 6 Dec 14 SC Regional West Meet: J.L Mann – 15 Nov 14 VA State/Regional North Meet: TC Williams HS - 15 Nov 14 WV State Meet: Lincoln HS - 17 Jan 15

7 4 DRILL Upcoming events: 4 th Bde Best of the Best Drill Competition, Hickory Convention Center, Hickory, NC: 21 Feb 15 US Army National HS Drill Team Championships, Louisville, KY: 11 Apr 15 US National HS Drill Team Championship, Daytona Beach, FL - Challenge Level: Sat, 2 May 15 - Masters Level: Sun-Mon, 3- 4 May 15

8 4 RAIDER Bde Best of the Best Raider Championship 25 Apr 15 Concept: - State/Regional competitions hosted by selected schools - Top teams invited to Bde Best of the Best (Funded?) Current Brigade MOI/SOP dtd Aug 13 (One Standard) - Only Raider Committee can change MOI (one rep per state)

9 4 RAIDER BEST OF THE BEST STATE/REGIONAL RAIDER MEETS SC State Meet: Blythewood HS - 31 Jan 15 NC State/Regional West Meet: Fred T. Foard HS - 8 Nov 14 NC State/Regional East Meet: Lee County HS - 7 Mar 15 VA State Meet: Richmond DAI (Pocahontas State Park) - 1 Nov 14 VA State/Regional West Meet: Magna Vista HS - 21 Mar 15 WV State Meet: Spring Valley HS - 21 Mar 15 DC/MD/DE Regional Meet: Fredrick Douglass HS - 1 Nov 14

10 4 RAIDER Upcoming events: National Competition Gerald I. Lawhorn Scouting Base, Molena, GA: 8-9 Nov 14 –For information Visit Ultimate Raider Competition hosted by Walhalla HS SC: 18 Apr 15 4 th Bde Best of the Best Raider Championship: 25 Apr 15 – UNC-Charlotte

11 4 MARKSMANSHIP Bde Best of the Best Marksmanship Championship 13 Dec 14 (Lexington High School, NC) Process Must register and compete in the CMP postal competition Compete in any CMP sanctioned match prior to 25 Nov 14 Top teams invited to BOB Fund those selected to attend (Best of the Best)? National Allocations to CMP service competition from BOB &Top teams from BOB and CMP postal

12 4 MARKSMANSHIP Upcoming events: Register for the CMP Postal Competition by Oct 14 Bde Best of the Best Marksmanship Championship Lexington HS, NC: 13 Dec 14 Service Competition Camp Perry, OH & Anniston, AL: 13-15 Feb 15 (Tentative) National Competition Anniston, AL: 19 - 21 Mar 15 For more info go to CMP web page at


14 4 RAPPEL QUALIFICATION Brigade Certified Rappel Safety Officer: - Must have Completed Bde Course Rappel Master Instructor: US Army Cert & Bde Approved Instructors: SGM Boardman, 1SG Brownsfield, 1SG Clendenen, LTC Collins, MAJ England, MAJ Roland, MAJ Matney, Annual Rappel Certification Course: Look for email in the Spring if interested

15 4 RAPPEL QUALIFICATION Length of Certifications:  Bde Rappel Trainers: 5 yrs - For recertification attend 1 day course  Maintain Currency: Every 6 Months execute 4 critical task if outside your currency: - Knots - Rig tower - RMPI - Hook Up (All 4 tasks must be certified by another Current Rappel Trainer in the form of a signed Memo)  Tower Inspection by certified safety officer: Annually

16 4 RAPPEL QUALIFICATION CONDUCT OF RAPPEL TRAINING The following items must be received by Bde 30 days prior to the conduct of Rappelling: 1) Bde Certified Rappel Trainer Certificate 2) Tower Inspection & Structural inspection 3) Risk Assessment (DRAW) signed by Principal and Bde Cdr 4) Proof of currency memo if not current

17 4 NEW BDE HIGH ROPES COURSE What is ROPES? COPE (Challenge Outdoor Personal Experience) BSA term, High Ropes – Challenge Crs (Zip Lines) Primarily used for JCLC: Ft Jackson, Boy Scout Camps Bde POI: 24 hrs of Instructions Level I / Level II requires 24 hrs of additional instructions Taught by JROTC Instructors that are Nationally Course Certified by the BSA Course: Next Spring – Look for email

18 4 RISK MANAGEMENT Risk Management: Army Tech Publication (ATP 5-19) - New Deliberate Risk Assessment Worksheet (DRAW) DD Form 2977 - Go to the 4 th Bde Web Site (Regs/Pubs/SOP’s) to download form (Fillable PDF – Word) - Medium risk and above requires Bde Cdrs approval or higher - School Principal signs block 13 if school event involves JROTC Cadets

19 4 DRAW

20 4 JSOCC

21 4 OBJECTIVE Ensure all cadre in 4 th BDE JROTC thoroughly understand the standards and requirements regarding JSOCC as outlined in Cadet Command Regulation 145-2 dated 1 Feb 12.

22 4 JSOCC DISTANCE LEARNING Requirements (Basic Course) - 6 Months from hire - Access thru ALMS - Must complete prior to Resident Course Advance Courses - 2 years from hire Annual courses: Marksmanship & Ethics - Send in your certificates to Mr. Shay 910-643-4346

23 4 Basic Distance Learning Courses 6 months from date of hire Prior to resident course Advanced Distance Learning Courses 2 years from date of hire for all others Annual Required Courses Marksmanship & Ethics

24 4 DISTANCE LEARNING IN THE ALMS SYSTEM You must have an AKO Account with a login and password in order to access this site. Please ensure you are using IE 7, IE8, or IE9 for your browser other browser do not seem to work as well. Also make sure your pop up blocker is turned off. -Log onto your AKO account -Click on the Self Service tab located at the top of the page -Click the My Education Link -Click on the Access the ALMS Link located under the ALMS LOGO -If it the first time logging onto ALMS you will have to view a 5 minute video before you can register for a course -Click on the Go TO ALMS Homepage Box -Click the Advanced Tab at the top right of the page -Type JROTC in the Search Box and click the search button -Click the Register Link for the course you want to take (Basic, Advanced, Ethics refresher, or Marksmanship refresher) -Scroll down the page and click the Continue to Register Link -Click on the Go to Enrollments Button -Make sure the box next to Group courses by course has a check mark in it -Click the + sign to the left of the course name -Click the Launch Button that is in the gray shaded box -Click on each link in the pop up box, once you complete hit the exit at the bottom left of the screen; continue to do this step until all boxes are filled in with green -Follow the instructions -Click on the Go to Enrollments located at the top right of screen to go to the next sub course

25 4 JSOCC RESIDENT Requirements: - 12 Months from hire - 5 Years from last attendance - Must complete Basic DL prior to attendance Process: Call Mr. Shay to schedule (910-643-4346) Schedule: Go to 4 th Bde Web Site - (WWW.AJROTC.US)


27 4 If you have marksmanship rifles use them or lose them! Certification is not difficult: 1) Find a Range get it inspected by CMP Inspector 2) MOU with school 3) JMIC CMP or NRA Certified (can be done by online CMP) 4) Marksmanship (JSOCC DL) annually Annual Range Inspection

28 CLICK HERECLICK HERE – To Register for the JMIC ONLINE TRAINING COURSE ( If you have questions about the JMIC Training Course, please contact Brad Donoho at (419) 635-2141 ext. 1130 or

29 Does school/JROTC unit Desire a JROTC Air Rifle program? BEFORE air rifle firing can begin the following actions must be completed IAW CC MOI for Air Rifle Safety & Marksmanship, dtd 11 Jan 05 (all documents available on web portal & 4 TH Bde website) Signed MOU between school & JROTC unit (sample available on web portal & 4 th Bde website) JROTC instructor(s) must complete Distance Learning (DL) Marksmanship course and pass online test with 100% score (DL course available on web portal and 4 th BDE WEBSITE) All JROTC cadets participating in Marksmanship must complete LET Unit 7, Lesson 1 & 2 & score 100% on written examination (available on web portal & 4 th Bde) JROTC instructor(s) have proof of completion (or must complete) one of the following: - One-day CMP rifle safety training course - Two-day NRA/CMP/USA shooting coach certification rifle course -Three-day ITC CMP Course - New online JMIC Training Course JROTC unit must adopt & be knowledgeable of prescribed Range Officer Operating Procedures (ROOP) (available on web portal) JROTC unit must adopt & be knowledgeable of prescribed SOP for Air Rifle Safety & Air Rifle Range Management (available on web portal) All cadets participating in Marksmanship must sign a “safety pledge” (available on web portal & 4 th BDE website) How to (re)start your Air Rifle marksmanship program Stop! No further Action required. Notify 4 th Bde that all actions are completed & JROTC unit is prepared for on-site inspection JROTC unit on-site inspection conducted by external inspector (CMP or NRA representative) 4 th Bde confirms school is ready for on-site inspection & coordinates with external agency for on-site inspection of school program #1 #2 -Copy maintained on file with JROTC unit -Copy furnished to 4 Tth Bde -Copy of completion certificate maintained on file with JROTC unit -Copy furnished to 4 th Bde -Cadet test results maintained on file with JROTC unit -Range procedures conducted IAW prescribed SOP -No substitute SOP or local procedures are acceptable in lieu of this requirement -Range officer procedures conducted IAW prescribed ROOP -No substitute ROOP or local procedures are acceptable in lieu of this requirement -NO exceptions or WAIVERS -MUST have certificate or proof of training -Copy of certificate or proof maintained on file with JROTC unit -Copy of certificate or proof provided to 4 th BDE -Cadet safety pledge maintained on file with JROTC unit -On site inspection MANDATORY with no exceptions -On site inspection will be conducted by external inspectors assigned by 4 th Bde -Notification of school prepared for inspection only accepted from 4 TH Bde (no direct calls from school) -Inspection will be IAW JROTC rifle marksmanship prerequisite checklist (available on web portal) “All required documents, samples and tests are posted to the JROTC Web Portal & 4 th Bde website. FAIL INSPECTIONPASS INSPECTION -correct deficiencies and prepare for re- inspection - SCHOOL CAN BEGIN SHOOTING IAW all established procedures ONCE ALL SCHOOL ACTIONS COMPLETED #3#4 #5 NO YES


31 4 Theme: Community Service All programs should participate Competition begins at School level Submit one winning Essay to Bde in word format through email only (instructor not student submits!) Details on 4 th Brigade Website (ASAP) Due 20 Feb 15

32 4 JLAB

33 4 JLAB has many benefits All schools must participate in Level I* Practice Round Level I: 1-22 Oct 14 Registration: 22 Oct – 15 Nov 14 Compete Level I: 1-15 Nov 14* Practice Round Level II: 15-31 Jan 15 Level II: 1-15 Feb 15 Championship (George Mason UV): 26-30 Jun 15 For more info go to COF:

34 4 CADET EVENTS Marksmanship –CMP Postal Competition Oct-Nov 14 –4 th Bde Best of the Best Championship 13 Dec 14 –CMP Army National Marksmanship Competition13-15 Feb 15 –CMP National Competition 19-21Mar 15 JLABLevel I 1–15 Nov 14 Essay Contest 20 Feb 15 Drill –4 th Bde Best of the Best Drill Championship 21 Feb 14 –Army National Drill Competition 11 Apr 15 –National Drill Championship 2-4 May 15 Raider –National Raider Competition (Molena, Ga) 8-9 Nov 14 –4 th Bde BOB Raider (UNC CHAR) 25 Apr 15 JCLC Jun – Aug 15


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