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Issues with Counterfeit Cables Dr Jeremy Hodge, Chief Executive, BASEC.

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1 Issues with Counterfeit Cables Dr Jeremy Hodge, Chief Executive, BASEC

2 1 Overview BASEC’s role Problems with counterfeit and non-conforming cable Technical issues Documentation issues Examples Warning signs Preventive measures Education and action – Approved Cables Initiative

3 2 BASEC Independent non-profit certification body for cables Accredited cable test laboratory and certification body Formed in 1971 – over 40 years in operation Objectives: “To sustain and improve standards of safety and quality of wires & cables” Specified in many territories worldwide UKAS Accredited and member of HAR scheme Notified Body for Low Voltage Directive (EU) Sample checking of approved cable for the UK market

4 3 Risks Arising From Poor Cable Fire arising from overload Electric shock Lack of / false alarms Loss of critical functions Premature degradation and loss of function Lack of expandability Industrial accidents

5 Counterfeit Cable Issues False claims of conformity to specifications and standards Incorrect polymers – e.g., low smoke halogen free Incorrect conductors – e.g., copper-coated aluminium False mark of origin – e.g., made in a different factory False claims of test conformity – e.g., didn`t pass tests False approvals paperwork – e.g., not approved False regulatory credentials – e.g., falsely CE marked

6 5 Cable Quality Issues Failing fire testing High conductor resistance (insufficient copper) Aluminium coated with copper – power and data Incorrect materials (e.g. non-LSHF) Incorrect marking – false claims of test / approval Anonymous cable (no manufacturer marked) Untraceable cable Importers setting specifications – e.g. copper weight

7 Non-compliant PVC arctic grade flex Non –compliant PVC arctic grade flex Non-compliant armoured cables Non-compliant PVC flexible cables Fake fire resistant cables Chinese flexible cable showing cracking of sheath and insulation Non-approved BS6004 cable showing the effects of over heating Top cable – CCA Cable advertised and sold as CAT 5e Non-standard, non- approved lighting cable Faulty cable


9 Fake Fire Resistant Cables Key points 1.Not fire resistant – PVC insulation & polyethylene sheath. 2.Not compliant with any standards marked on sheath. 3.Copper coated aluminium conductors – low conductivity – not to spec. 4.Undersize circuit protective conductor – also Cu coated Al. 5.Fraudulent - not LPCB approved – uses another manufacturer’s approval number. 6. No identification of manufacturer - probably not British made. Cable markings: 2 x1.5mm² SQ FIRE FLEX FIRE RESISTANT CABLE LPCB 682a/01 BS5839-1:2002 26.2d BS 6360/BS6387 CWZ BS EN 50200 PH30 300/500V BRITISH MADE CABLE

10 9 Faulty and Substandard Cable Increased quantity in UK and other markets Approximately 20% of cable supplied in UK suspect Major wholesalers less affected Only buy from known sources BASEC is supporting the Approved Cables Initiative

11 Warning Signs for Counterfeit Cables Very low price – below market limits Unfamiliar brands from offshore manufacturers No information on factory location or country of origin No approval marks or fake approval marks Reference to non-standard construction, e.g., ‘CCA’ Supplied only through website or local distributors Completely unmarked cable and packaging

12 Preventive Measures Specification and procurement –Include standards and specifications in orders –If price is cheap, be very suspicious Visual checks on delivery –Is it what you ordered? Check marking and traceability. –Does it have the required approvals / regulatory paperwork? Visual checks before first fix installation –Trial strip the cable, does it appear as expected?

13 12 Conclusions Counterfeit cable is now an industry of its own Non-conforming / non-compliant Significant problems for end users Most counterfeit cable sold is used without interception Significant financial returns for counterfeiters Education and promotion of the issue is important

14 Further Information  1062576 - Australian recall 1062576  - data cable campaign - USA   intensifies-efforts-against-electrical- counterfeiting/191221/ intensifies-efforts-against-electrical- counterfeiting/191221/

15 14 Contact details BASEC Presley House, Presley Way Milton Keynes MK8 0ES, UK Tel: +44-(0)1908-267300 Fax: +44-(0)1908-267255 Email: / Web:

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