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SESSION 4 THOUGHT PATTERNS Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson.

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1 SESSION 4 THOUGHT PATTERNS Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

2 CHRONOLOGICAL NARRATION Follows process of time An example: Genesis 1 Another example: Biographies, Histories Speech on history of TIU in South Florida Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

3 SPATIAL DESCRIPTION Describes places or locations Example: Building the ark; building the temple Another example: writing geographically Tour guide for TIU Open House Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

4 CLASSIFICATION Dividing into categories, or parts of the whole Example: Animal, Mineral, or Vegetable Other examples: Study of the Gospels, or the Prophets, or the Disciples Example: US government as executive, legislative, judicial Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

5 COMPARISON-CONTRAST Things or people are alike or different Aids in understanding, helps reader make choices Understand something unfamiliar by comparing it to something familiar Example: Parables Speech comparing TIU to other universities Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

6 DEFINITION Used when terms are unfamiliar When want to explain in detail what something is Example: God’s definition as “Creator,” “I AM,” “Judge,” “Redeemer.” Speech explaining roles of staff, faculty, students at TIU Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

7 CAUSE AND EFFECT Explain causes of an effect Or, explain effects of a cause Example: Adam or man’s behavior as sin has effect of being fallen; Jesus’ death on the cross has effect of redeeming us Another example: Sermon on the Mount. Blessed are poor in spirit, for they shall see God, etc. Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

8 PROBLEM-SOLUTION Related to cause and effect Solution to some current problem could result in an improved future. Common in persuasion Examples: Man’s wickedness was great - God sent the flood; Man needed redeeming – God sent Christ Speech explaining problem of not having college education; benefits of a college degree Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

9 ASSERTION W/EXAMPLES Principle form of Inductive Reasoning First, assert something to be true; Second, give examples that support it Example: Bible asserts God loves us; then gives examples through the generations of man Another example: New Testament asserts Christ is the answer; then gives examples from his life. Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

10 BUILDING TO A CLIMAX When facts, examples are used, they are usually put in ascending order, with the most important being last. Examples: plays, novels, persuasive speeches, papers The Bible, especially the New Testament is a prime example. Copyright © 2010 Terry Hudson

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