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Using E-Class Searching for positions according to job classification.

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1 Using E-Class Searching for positions according to job classification

2 This is a PowerPoint presentation of about five minutes duration. It will explain how to search the E-Class for position descriptions belonging to positions in a particular classification or range of classifications. You may exit the presentation at any time simply by closing the Window. Where this arrow appears, click on it to advance the slides.

3 Classification A classification is the result of a job evaluation review. It consists of two parts: a classification title and a level (number) that represents a salary range. To save screen space, E-Class uses abbreviated classification titles. These are usually intuitive. For example… CLK ST 09 = Clerk Stenographer 09 The title is Clerk Stenographer, and the level on the BCGEU pay grid is 9.

4 Classification Abbreviations If the classification titles are unfamiliar to you, there is a Class Title Encoder / Decoder on the E-Class home page. Use that to translate or convert long and short classification titles.

5 Use this tool to translate classification title abbreviations Classification Decoder

6 Start a clean search by clicking “view/search”… This resets all the search default values.

7 This search uses the approved classification field… There are two classification fields, one recording the current classification (before the review)… …and the other recording the result of the job evaluation review. Most users should search using the second field… the approved classification.

8 Select your target classification in the scrolling list box. To select a range of classifications, hold down the key while making your multiple selections. The example above will find Clerk Stenographer positions from (Salary) Range 9 to 14. Select search criteria…

9 Searches are executed by clicking the Submit button. Execute the search…

10 Search results are displayed in table format… These hyperlinks open the individual position case files containing the job descriptions…

11 End To return to the menu of presentations, simply close this window…

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