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ASSESSING INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIES The International Management Assessment ( I M A ) Selecting and preparing the right international managers.

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2 ASSESSING INTERNATIONAL MANAGEMENT COMPETENCIES The International Management Assessment ( I M A ) Selecting and preparing the right international managers can be crucial for the success of international assignments © Transcultural Synergy T ranscultural S ynergy (intercultural management specialists) present 1 of 10 Next  Click mouse on slide here to move to next slide

3 How do you decide on appropriate training and development to prepare candidates for future international management positions? On what basis are people selected and prepared for international assignments? How do you identify people who are more likely to succeed in a particular overseas posting? How can you assess the strengths and weaknesses of different candidates for international assignments? Are some people more suitable for certain parts of the world than others? How do you choose international managers? © Transcultural Synergy 2 of 10 Next  Click here

4 The answer to many of these questions can be provided by the International Management Assessment (IMA) What is the IMA? The IMA is a process tool designed to assist organisations IMA™ was developed by Théry International Management (TIM) in France, and adapted for global use by LTS Consulting & Training in the UK. assessment centre principle based on the assessment centre principle in the selection and preparation of their managers for international careers or assignments overseas. © Transcultural Synergy 3 of 10 Next  Click here

5 Why use the IMA? Research into the risks and costs of expatriation show:  average expatriate failure rates of 20 – 30%  the cost of a failed assignment can be more than €1 million  over 60% of companies surveyed had experienced expatriate failure Managers are often selected for international assignments based on:  their success in their home country  on their personal wish to go abroad  purely on the basis of availability To increase the chances of the expatriation being successful, companies need an assessment tool that will enable them to select & prepare the right person for the right place & task at the right time……… ….the IMA Success by a manager at home is no guarantee for success abroad © Transcultural Synergy 4 of 10 Next  Click here

6 Objectives of the IMA to elicit participant ’ s general attitude to different cultures around the world to identify styles of working, approaches to team work and problem-solving to evaluate aptitudes, strengths & weaknesses for international assignments to assess suitability for assignments to specific countries to highlight areas for future training and development Who is the IMA for? IMA can be used: as diagnostic tool to assist in preparation of people for specific assignments at early stage in person’s career to identify potential for international role, thus helping to create a talent pool of future international managers. © Transcultural Synergy 5 of 10 Next  Click here

7 How does the IMA work? Works on basis of assessment centre principle and can be adapted to clients ’ particular needs & situation Designed to be used with four people at one time Participants are observed & assessed by two consultants Phase 1 – Observation and diagnosis The IMA can be divided into three main stages: Phase 2 - Analysis Phase 3 – Feedback Follow up development, training, coaching, relocation, reassignment, ….. © Transcultural Synergy 6 of 10 Next  Click here

8 Simulations, role-plays, discussions, case studies & personal interview: based on situations managers may face in typical international situations, e.g. negotiations with unfamiliar ‘rules of the game’, ‘strange’ orientations, and stressful interactions - all in different organisational and cultural contexts One day Assessment Centre Activities The IMA Process Phase 1 – Observation and diagnosis Phase 2 - Analysis Phase 3 – Feedback & Report Analysis of observations and behaviour - Profile of each participant Oral feedback individually by consultant (3-4 hours): © Transcultural Synergy 7 of 10 aptitudes for international assignments difficulties may face in specific cultures Advice & suggestions about adapting Finally, feedback & recommendations to company by pre-agreed method Next  Click here

9 The main advantage of IMA are: based on observing behaviour in simulations, not on personality preferences, how complex situations actually handled in unfamiliar contexts can be cross-referenced against cultural dimensions, and thus gives indication as to parts of world candidate better suited for candidates can relate directly to the assessment, and learn about their aptitude for learning, negotiation, conflict management & diplomacy The Reliability of IMA - Results IMA is consistent with that of assessment centres in general:  Reliability rate 70% better than random selection approach (Personality or psychometric questionnaires obtain rate of 15%)  Feedback interviews shows that participants agree with IMA results: - because based on facts they can remember - because find in this process explanation of own behaviour © Transcultural Synergy 8 of 10 Next  Click here

10 The benefits of the IMA For companies the main benefits of the IMA are: assists in identification of potential / future international managers helps in managing career development of future international managers aids in selection / confirmation of candidates for specific assignments acts as diagnostic tool to define areas for training and development helps the company protect its investment in key personnel © Transcultural Synergy 9 of 10 Apart from oral feedback, each participant receives an in-depth written report detailing the results, with specific follow up recommendations. Next  Click here

11 free Contact us for a free meeting to discuss your needs T RANSCULTURAL S YNERGY Call: (UK: +44) (0) 20 8755 5824 Fax: (UK: +44) (0)70 9237 0950 Email: The next step is Intercultural Management specialists for your global needs Helping you Bridge the Cultural Gap the right teamthe right placethe right time Creating the right team at the right place at the right time © Transcultural Synergy © Transcultural Synergy For more information about IMA visit our website at: (Click on link to go directly to web-page now) To download a pdf copy of the IMA Brochure click herehere For a detailed explanation of the rationale behind IMA click herehere 10 of 10 END  Click here

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