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ILEAD USA UTAH Matt McLain ILEAD Utah Project Coordinator Utah State Library UTAH STATE LIBRARY.

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1 ILEAD USA UTAH Matt McLain ILEAD Utah Project Coordinator Utah State Library UTAH STATE LIBRARY

2 ILEAD UTAH addresses the need to expand the leadership abilities of librarians and increase ability to use participatory technology to effectively engage their community.

3 Supporting Organizations Project Partners Illinois State Library Colorado State Library Iowa State Library Ohio State Library Project Supporters Utah Library Association Utah Academic Library Consortium Utah Educational Library Media Association

4 Project Teams Regional or statewide in nature. Teams should be informed of needs of their user community. Willingness to try essential; technological competence helpful. MLS not required.

5 Mentors One mentor per project team. Keep participants motivated and teams harmonious. Provide guidance and advice. NEW—Will participate in team selection with steering committee

6 Instructor Corps Instructors responsible for developing cohesive, complete curriculum, focusing on: Strategic leadership Community needs assessment skills Meaningful applications of technological solutions Opportunity to experience new and unfamiliar technologies R. David Lankes, Syracuse University, Project Instructor Corps Chair Donna Ziegenfuss, Marriott Library, Utah Instructor Corps Lead

7 Project Timeline December 14 Applications due January 25, 2013 Teams notified Session 1—March 26-28 Keynote; Introduce program; highlight future of libraries and strengthening community involvement. Intersession Finalize project goals; connect with community representatives; investigate technological tools to accomplish project. Session 2—June 18-20 Presentation of product proposals through table talks; connect with unfamiliar technologies; teamwork on projects Intersession: Completing design and implementing a mock-up Session 3—October 22-24 Product presentation and sustainability

8 Confirmed Keynote Speakers David Lankes Library Futurist Syracuse University Emily Dowdall Senior Associate Pew Research Center John Emerson Sari Feldman Director Cuyahoga County Public Libraries, Ohio Susan Hildreth Director Institute of Museum and Library Services Jamie LaRue Director Douglas County Libraries, Colorado George Needham Vice President OCLC Eli Neiburger Associate Director Ann Arbor District Library, Michigan

9 Applications Application forms for teams and mentors available online via Webjunction Illinois at Each team must submit a team application. The team “leader” submits individual application with team application. Four additional team members apply using an individual application. Applicants should include a letter of support from the library where they work indicating support for the time and work necessary for ILEAD USA

10 Application Checklist Sign up for WebJunction Illinois at Sign up for the Illinois State Library Weekly E-News at brary/about/enews_archive.html

11 Prior to the First Session Teams will meet together as a group Select a project focus. Identify at least one need in community of users and develop a resource to meet that need. (For example: meet community needs during economic crisis by providing streamlined job resources) Brainstorm individuals within that community of users who could provide feedback about the resource that will be developed

12 Online Workshops Provided across the states Gives each team the opportunity to learn about specific resources Offers an overview of new trends

13 Equipment/Resource Stipends $1,000 per Project Team. After first session, teams will apply to use budget towards equipment that will help fulfill the need— must be project-related. Project team members will decide which library owns the equipment.

14 QUESTIONS? Matt McLain ILEAD Utah Project Coordinator Utah State Library (801) 715-6742

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