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STEP 1 THE NEEDS ANALYSIS Setting Up a CPDU Where to Begin?

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1 STEP 1 THE NEEDS ANALYSIS Setting Up a CPDU Where to Begin?

2 Background Information 170 Language Instructors  96 Basic English  53 Modern Languages  12 Basic German  6 Basic French CPD Unit since 2004 CPD for beginning instructors, action research model (European Language Label Award) 149 English instructors

3 The European Language Label Award Given by the European Commission, All applications are evaluated by the National Jury of the European Language Award, given to new, creative and successful language teaching and learning implementations, Purpose; to encourage the newest and the most effective approaches, methods and techniques in the practice of language teaching spread them throughout Europe.

4 Background Information CPD for experienced instructors N/A Shut down in 2012 (May) Re-opened in 2012 (November) Current:  workshops 3-4 times a year, symposium, professional experiences meetings (3 times a year)  No observation

5 Important to know… Major changes in the system (administrative and academic in 2012)

6 The Study 114 English instructors Four sections;  Descriptive data  Institutional Awareness  CPD  Priorities (topics) 35 items + 14 topics; 5 item Likert Scale  1- Totally disagree  2- Disagree  3- Neither Agree nor disagree  4- Agree  5- Totally Agree

7 Analysis and Findings Frequency analysis Means Correlations

8 Half of our staff is senior.

9 We have low turn out rate.

10 We pursue academic goals.

11 Most instructors are from Education Faculty.

12 Institutional Awareness & CPD two significant attitudes Institutional Awareness is low, negative tendency. Opinions about CPD are between negative and undecided.

13 Significant details about Institutional Awareness Finding: The changes in the system resulted in confusion about people’s roles, duties and responsibilities. CPD Task: Help make job descriptions clear, better communication. ItemMean I am aware of my duties and responsibilities. 1.20

14 Finding: People do not have time/ space / opportunity to build professional relationships with their colleagues. CPD Task: More team building activities, more CPD activities in general. ItemMean I have opportunities to build a close professional relationship with my colleagues. 1.96

15 Finding: People do not know each other. CPD Task: More team building activities, social gatherings, creating opportunities for people to get to know each other. ItemMean I know a great majority of my colleagues. 2. 14

16 Finding: People do not know how to use the equipment installed in the classrooms. CPD Task: Provide training about how to use the data projector, computers, sound system etc. ItemMean I know how to use the technological devices and tools for teaching in class. 1. 73

17 Finding: People have learnt the new regulations and the sytem well. CPD Task: Not a priority. ItemMean I can give clear answers to my students’ questions regarding the regulations and system of the school. 3. 06

18 Finding: People are indecisive. CPD Task: Create a better announcement system for national/international conferences, make CPD activities more visible throughout the school. Include more into the CPD program. Show easily accessible (online) resources, useful links, blogs etc. ItemMean My school provides opportunities for me to improve myself professionally. 2. 46

19 Finding: People are indecisive with a tendency to the negative. CPD Task: Discuss with administration whether this is a priority and the right time to introduce it. Make the rationale for this system clear. Explain colleagues what this is about. ItemMean There should be a performance appraisal system at our school. 2. 27

20 Significant details about the CPDU Finding: People are indecisive with a negative tendency. CPD Task: Keep the activities in English. ItemMean The language of the CPD activities should be Turkish. 2. 34

21 Finding: People want to be forced to attend. CPD Task: No idea about what to think about this ItemMean Participation to CPD activities should be compulsory. 3. 1

22 Finding: Negative. People do not need any practical information about teaching. CPD Task: No practical information in the CPD program ItemMean CPD activities should include practical things that I can use/ implement in my classroom. 1. 61

23 Finding: Indecisive. People are not sure whether they want any theoretical discussions in CPD activities. CPD Task: What are we supposed to include in the CPD program??? ItemMean CPD activities should include conceptual issues regarding teaching that we can discuss about. 2. 20

24 Finding: Negative. People are not interested. CPD Task: This is a need of the CPDU. We have decided that we will find a way of assessing impact. ItemMean The impact of the CPD activities should be evaluated. 1. 93

25 Finding: Indecisive with positive tendency. People are a bit reluctant. They are indecisive even when the observer is somebody they most probably trust and value. CPD Task: Be careful when you introduce observation. ItemMean I think it would be beneficial if a friend whose opinion I value observed my lessons and gave feedback. 2. 65

26 Finding: Positive. People think it is better to observe partners. Reciprocity? Class dynamics? CPD Task: Easier for the CPDU. When you introduce observation start by matching people who share the same class. ItemMean I think it would be beneficial if my class partner and I would observe each other in the classroom and give feedback. 3. 01

27 Finding: Negative. Novelties are not welcome. CPD Task: Do not overwhelm people with unfamiliar concepts. Introduce them slowly. ItemMean I would like to be informed about what’s new in the field and unfamiliar terms (EAP, ESP, CEFR, Erasmus etc.) 1. 86

28 Finding: Negative. People do not believe that CPD is effective and beneficial. CPD Task: Expect resistance. Make things meaningful for people so that everyone finds something in it. Keep a low profile. Be patient, be patient, be patient! ItemMean I believe that the CPDU will be beneficial for me. 2. 24


30 Significant details about the proposed topics ItemMean Updated techniques and methods2. 17 Individual differences2.12 Class management2.14 Effective communication2.25 Effective presentation techniques2.33 Testing2.17 Reflection2.18 ELT software2.42 Hardware2.31

31 Significant details about the proposed topics (cont.) ItemMean Conflict management2. 56 Management and organization2.61 Leadership2.84 Career development2.83

32 Finding: People did not show a preference for most of the proposed topics. CPD Task: Shut down the unit! Break the emergency glass. Possible reasons: More than 65% of staff have or working towards masters and PhD degrees, Negative sentiment towards change, Find something different, interesting and meaningful. Do not base your CPD program on these topics.

33 Correlations The needs analysis helped to clear our own preconceived ideas.

34 What did we learn about what to do next? Provide clear job descriptions, Do team building activities, Have parties! Create space for people to get to know eachother (New year, Easter, Mother’s Day, Maritime and Cabotage Day etc.), Arrange training about technical equipment, Let people know about professional development opportunities, Make CPD compulsory (?),

35 CPD program topics: No practical information; some conceptual discussion; don’t include the proposed topics, Give people the opportunity to choose their own topics to discuss, Make CPD activities less formal to deal with resistance (focus groups etc), Collect data for impact (not wanted by people but will still do),

36 If you introduce observation do it with partners. Do not overwhelm people with unfamiliar concepts build on the familiar. Pace and lead. Make CPD attractive.

37 A suggestion Because CPD is not people, not people; its people.

38 Dr. Yasemin Yelbay Yılmaz

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