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WebTMA for Users Workshop Katrina McKire TMA Systems.

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1 WebTMA for Users Workshop Katrina McKire TMA Systems

2 WebTMA Workshop Target Audience New users to the WebTMA application IT users who wish to familiarize themselves with the WebTMA application

3 ‘I Forgot My Password’ Link


5 Help icon on the toolbar is context sensitive summary for the window. Utilizing Help in WebTMA Search under the Help from the menu

6 Utilizing Tutorials in WebTMA These are short videos that can help you refresh your memory or learn about an unfamiliar window The Tutorial section on the navigator pane is available throughout the application. Click the link of your choice to play the tutorial in a separate window.

7 WebTMA Toolbar Home – takes you to MyPage Logout – logs you out of the WebTMA session Add – used to create new record Edit – used to edit/modify existing record Copy – Copy the current record. Helpful in creating similar records. Users can change minimal number of fields and Save the record Delete – Seldom used. Records related to others in the database can be made Inactive but not Deleted First – Previous – Next – Last – Used to scroll through records Search – Used to open a dialog box to look for a record by specific criteria Print – Used to send the record to the printer Help – Used for page-related help information Save – Required to save a record after Adding or Editing Cancel – Used with Add or Edit mode to avoid saving a record or changes

8 Navigation Bar and WebTMA Menu

9 Action Menu Linked Documents Post Cost Last Modified Authorize Manual Routing Tracking Estimates Add Favorite Add Bookmark Tutorials Action menu is Context Sensitive Action Menu for the Work Order window.

10 Utilizing the Fast Find feature in WebTMA Fast Find saves clicks and keystrokes when you know all or part of the record identifier The field is visible on windows that include a required, unique identifier such as a sequential record number or one-of-a-kind name

11 Single Task Work Order Path: Transactions > Work Order > Single Task Work Order

12 Work Order Path: Transactions > Work Order > Records In WebTMA, work orders are either Space-related or Item-related

13 Work Order Browse Path: Transactions > Work Order > WO Browse You can review Work Orders from the Work Order Browse window Filtering Options: - Item Type - Work Order Type - Open or Closed Work Orders - Scheduled or Not Scheduled - Task - Department - Trade - Technician Save Criteria/Query – Load Query

14 Quick Work Order Path: Transactions > Work Order > Quick Work Order

15 Printing Work Orders  Print from Work Order Window  Print from WO Browse: Individual or List Previously, a PRINT button at the bottom of the page accommodated printing. In version 5.0, the standard Print options are available using Print on the toolbar.

16 Quick Post Functions Path: Transactions > Quick Post Here you can post all costs to a work order from one window.

17 Time & Attendance Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Time & Attendance Time and Attendance allows you to find historical information regarding a Technician’s time worked for a given period of time.

18 Scheduler Use the scheduler to assign work orders to technicians for both current and future work. Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Scheduler

19 Review Assignments Use the Review Assignments function to change assignments when technicians call in sick, take vacation time, are called to different jobs, or when schedules change priority. Path: Transactions > Time Manager > Review Assignments

20 Setting Up PMs in the Task Window Path: Organization > Task > Records

21 Setting Up Meter PMs in Vehicle Window Path: Organization > Vehicle > Records

22 Basic Reports – Report Manager Window Quick View View Reports – Pre-designed Reports Filter Reports by Name Copy Report Add to My Report Path: Reports > Report Manager

23 Bookmark Feature in WebTMA The Add Bookmark link is available for windows that can be bookmarked. Path: File > Bookmarks The Bookmarks popup window gives you quick access to a specific record. When the bookmark is no longer needed, click the trash can icon to delete it. To remove all bookmarks at once, click the check box in the header, and click the Delete Selected button on the Bookmarks window

24 Thank you for attending the session! Questions & Suggestions? Remember to fill out the evaluation form…. Have a great day! Contact us at Go to for Support / Videos / Listserv

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