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Free Powerpoint Templates Traditional Xhosa Culture.

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1 Free Powerpoint Templates Traditional Xhosa Culture

2 Free Powerpoint Templates Most Xhosa people situated in Eastern Cape One of South Africa’s 11 official languages 18% of SA population → 7.9 million speakers Background

3 This may be because of the many clicks which others are unfamiliar with. isiXhosa is one of the Nguni languages. “Xhosa” comes from the Khoisan word meaning “angry men”.

4 amaXhosa → the ethnic group isiXhosa → the language spoken kwaXhosa → the land of the Xhosa people

5 C → Dental Click Q → Alveolar Click X → Lateral Click The Clicks

6 Names Express feelings, emotions or a wish. Name given to a child is what he/she is expected to portray. Clan name specifies the village where one comes from.

7 Dress Code Men wear hats and sit outside Women wear dresses and a “doekie” on their heads Can anyone find appropriate pics for this please

8 Umxhentso 7 types of traditional dance Different for men, women, boys & girls

9 Traditional Food

10 Remember… This is a generalisation Not all Xhosa people partake in all these traditions

11 Thank You Enkosi

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