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FLO Enhancement Program (FEP)

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1 FLO Enhancement Program (FEP)

2 FEP Program Goal: Minimizing the mission readiness gap between the DLI graduate and the linguist in the field

3 Future Challenges Understanding the Job
Instantly recognize and accurately translate imperfect written and oral passages Often little or no reference material, native help, or the speaker/writer present for clarification Utilize analytical and deductive reasoning skills to predict/explain happenings or fill-in missing information Deal quickly and effectively with random, disjointed, widely varied topics, accents, culture specific references, and slang Often including profanity and “improper” speech Perform at this level with no margin for error

4 Future Challenges (cont.)
Perform in hostile environments (uncooperative natives), interpret intent Perform in different contexts (refugee camp vs. embassy) Perform different tasks (unfamiliar, not canned situations) Solve problems, find motives, persuade Take notes, summarize, make recommendation based on an overheard conversation

5 Addressing Future Challenges
FEP/Enhanced FLO Activities (EFAs) meet the challenge: Methodologically sound language learning strategies (teaching vs. testing) Power packed high-level audio selections: Tangentially job related Imperfect quality Multiple speakers Colloquial speech Student-centered activities utilizing multiple active skills Grammar and structure Geography/map usage Target language research/Social Media Reporting

6 Performance and Proficiency FLOs and DLPT
Symbiotic relationship through text analysis: - Authentic materials - Problem solving - Critical thinking - Developing strategies - Processing extended discourse - Cultural knowledge - Contextualization - Exposure to pragmatics…

7 Program Accomplishments: Gen 1 EFAs
Generation 1 EFAs Training: hands on training in schools weekly Development: up to 800 EFAs in 18 languages and dialects by DLI faculty Implementation: ongoing Challenges: transfer from ScribeZone to WorkFLO

8 Program Accomplishments: Gen 2 EFAs
Generation 2 EFAs Training: 3 orientation sessions by FEP for NFLC; training DLI faculty Development: 1,495 EFAs (voice and graphic), in 23 languages and dialects developed through December 2013 by NFLC (minimum 65 per language) Implementation: pending TL review and modification Challenges: shortage of faculty members in certain languages to review and modify EFAs

9 Program Accomplishments: Gen 3 EFAs
Generation 3 EFAs Training: 2 orientation sessions by FEP for NFLC; training DLI faculty Development: 1,300 EFAs (voice and graphic), in 22 languages and dialects will be developed through June 2014 by NFLC; up to 450 already delivered and undergoing review Implementation: pending upon the receipt and review of all Gen 3 EFAs Challenges: processing materials with limited resources

10 Demo Voice EFA Graphic EFA

11 FEP Questions/Comments

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