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Karen Rose A. Serrania Division of El Salvador City Region X.

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1 Karen Rose A. Serrania Division of El Salvador City Region X

2 4 th Year Students of Cogon National High School

3  1.) Do vowel, diphthong and consonant substitution errors occur in the sound production of 4 th Year students?  2.) What factors account for the respondents’ performance in the oral test?  3.) What are the appropriate interventions highly needed for the speech competency of the students?

4 Interlanguage Principle and Risk-Taking Principle IPA Sounds Substitution Other Difficulties the respondents have as revealed throughout the study Vowel Diphthong Consonants Spelling Difficulty Errors acquired through incorrect modeling Unfamiliar Words Pronunciation Difficulties of 4 th Year Students of CoNHS A.Y. 2014-2015 Action Plan for the Speech Improvement of the students

5 Respondents: 30 randomly selected 4 th Year students of CoNHS Elicitation tool: “English is a tough stuff” Diagnostic Test: 3 rd Week of August 2014-1 st Week of October 2014 Intervention: October 2014-February 2015

6 Table1. Percentage Vowel Substitution Occurrences of Respondents ( Top 5 most substituted vowel sounds) VowelFrequencyPercentage (%) Rank [æ] to [a]2066.671 [ә] to [o]1963.332 [נ] to [o]1756.663 [o] / [ow] to [u] 1653.334 [u] to [נ]1446.665

7 Rank 1 [æ] to [a] (SAE) Respondents’ Pronunciation mallet [mælIt][malIt] (e) to (a) plague[pleg][plag] Rank 2 [ ә ] to [o] pronunciation [pr ә -nun’si-a’sh ә n] [pronaUn’si-a’shon] Rank 3 [ נ ] to [o] corpse[korps] [k נ rps] Rank 4 [o] to [u] toe [to] / [tow] [ tu] Rank 5 [u] to [ נ ] lose [luz] [l נ s]

8 Diphthong Frequency Percentage (%) Rank [aU] to [u] 1963.331 [aI] to [i]12402 [aI] to [ε]826.663 [aU] to [o] 723.334 [aI] to [I]516.665

9 Rank 1 [aU] to [u] SAERespondents’ Pronunciation plough [plaU][plu] Rank 2 [aI] to [i] lichen[laIk ә n][lichen] Rank 3 [aI] to [ε] mica[maIka][mεka] Rank 4 [aU] to [o] vowed[vaUd][vod] Rank 5 [aI] to [I] reviles [rivaIls][rivIls]

10 ConsonantFrequency Percentage (%) Rank [f] to [p]2893.331 [k] to [t ]27902 [ð] to [d]2376.673 [Ө] to [t]21704 [ ] to [ ]1963.335

11 SAE Respondents’ Pronunciation Rank 1 [f] to [p] Zephyr [zefer] [siper] Rank 2 [k] to [t ] lichen [laIk ә n] [lit en] Rank 3 [ð] to [d] though [ðo] [do] Rank 4 [ Ө ] to [t] cloth [kl ב Ө ] [kl ב t] Rank5 [ ] to [ ] leisure [l3 ә r] [li ur]

12 Unfamiliar Words FrequencyPercentage (%)Rank Corps301001 Foeffer301001 Terpsichore 301001 Anemone 2893.332 Ague 2893.332

13 Spelling Difficulty FrequencyPercentage (%)Rank Hiccough301001 Indict301001 Psyche301001 Conscience2583.332 Ally21703 Moustache2066.674

14 Pronunciation Lapses FrequencyPercentage (%) Rank Toe 21701 Pronunciation 2066.672 country 1963.333 prayer 1756.674

15  1. Vowel, Diphthong and Consonant Substitution errors occurred in the sound production of 4 th Years Students of CoNHS.  2. The influencing factors affecting the pronunciation competency of the students are: Unfamiliarity of words, Spelling Pronunciation and Incorrect Modeling  3. The appropriate intervention highly needed for the speech competency of the students is the action plan designed by the researcher:

16 Action PlanExpected Outcome Time Frame International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) Lessons Improved Sound ProductionOctober 1-15, 2014 Oral and Vocal ExercisesCorrect Enunciation of wordsOctober 16-November 30,2014 Spelling and Vocabulary of Greek Mythology Familiarity of Pronunciation and its meaning December 1-10, 2014 Read-a-thon ContestPerformance on Expressive Reading, Poetry Reading and Speech Choir November 14, 2014 Public Speaking LessonsActual Speeches: -Impromptu Speech - Memorized -Extemporaneous - Read Speech December 15, 2014-February 15, 2015 Symposium on Asian Parliamentary Debate -fluency of the Language -enhanced Speaking and Critical thinking skills January 20, 2015



19 Read-a-thon



22 Talk on Action Research with CoNHS Faculty

23  The High school English teachers (Division) consider the results of this study so as to provide the students of the Division of El Salvador City with more intensive and purposive pronunciation exercises to enable them to enhance their oral competency and pronounce words correctly;  Vocabulary and Literature discussions must be enhanced and presented in a way that student may not only know the meaning of words but its pronunciation as well.

24  The action plan suggested by the researcher be adopted by other English teachers (in the school) handling communication skills;  Public Speaking lessons and intensive Reading Program must be integrated in lower English classes to deepen the speech foundation of the students.

25 Aquino, Milagros R., The Most Intelligible Variety of English Pronunciation: For use in the Philippines. Manila: Alemar Phoenix Company, 1984. Baird, Craig A. Essentials of General Speech. 3 rd ed. New York: Mc-Graw Hill Book Company, 1994. Brown, Douglas H. Teaching by Principles: An Interactive Approach to Language Pedagogy. 2 nd ed. San Francisco: Addison Wesley Longman, Inc., 2001. Internet Source Available:,

26 Thank You!!!

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