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TU4Dublin and HEInnovate University Business Forum 5 March 2015 Pat O’Donnell.

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1 TU4Dublin and HEInnovate University Business Forum 5 March 2015 Pat O’Donnell

2 Higher Education System in Ireland Binary system: 7 Universities 14 Institutes of Technology (IoTs) June 2011: New National Strategy: Maintain binary system, but consolidation of IoTs needed Merged IoTs may apply for designation as Technological Universities Defined process, stringent criteria to be met TU mission: practice-led, research-informed; – emphasis on: levels 6 to 8 in science, engineering and technology workplace learning industry-focused R&I – all provision at levels 9 and 10 by all HEIs to be delivered on a structured collaborative basis

3 Dublin’s IoTs Dublin Institute of Technology (DIT) Merger of technical colleges in 1992, 17,000 students 37 locations around Dublin to one campus under way 94th in Times HE “100 under 50”; (DCU 92 nd ) Institute of Technology Tallaght Dublin (ITTD) Founded 1992, SW Dublin, 5,500 students, >30% p/t, industry Institute of Technology Blanchardstown (ITB) Founded 1999, NW Dublin, 3,000 students – All three: Strong industry links, applied research

4 TU4Dublin Project Dublin’s IoTs merging and bidding for TU status Ireland’s largest HEI, >25% Dublin student pop Opted to create radical new unitary university on 3 campuses – transformation agenda Transformation plan based on 9 Foundation Themes, approved by International Panel Summer 14 Bottom-up, workgroup-based approach Mission not yet nailed down!

5 TU Criteria and Foundation Themes Criteria Headings 1.Mission 2.Institutional Profile 3.Student Profile 4.Staff Profile 5.Teaching, Learning and Curriculum Development 6.Research 7.International Profile 8.Leadership, Management and Governance.

6 HEA - Process for Designation Stage 1 Expression of Interest Stage 2 Submit Implementation Plan to HEA Stage 3 Evaluation of Plan Stage 4 Application for Designation as a TU Stages

7 Timeline D i Integration Day - D m Merger Day - D u University Day

8 Dublin’s Globally Engaged University The Enterprising University Two closely related Foundation Themes Established workgroups to address both FTs on: Industry Engagement Workgroup Civic and Community Engagement Workgroup International Engagement Workgroup To be established: New Revenues Workgroup Discovered emerging thinking matched HEInnovate concept of Entrepreneurial University closely Adopted HEInnovate as guiding framework, correlated work to HEInnovate dimensions Started to use HEInnovate to disseminate concept

9 Experience with HEInnovate Workgroups find HEInnovate dimensions, sub- headings and supporting material faithful to literature on Entrepreneurial University Have produced a set of principles to underpin the new TU, drawing heavily from HEInnovate Highly accessible and engaging (interactive) for the unfamiliar user, so very useful for dissemination of the concept Has helped influence leadership on mission and vision

10 Principles for an Engaged and Enterprising University 1-7 1.Collegiate and co-operative participation of all staff towards an agreed vision. 2.To be entrepreneurial in our: – mind set – (Responsive, Agile, flexible, enabling, innovative, empowered, Can- do/will-do) – skill-set (Support Systems, QA, Finance, HR, Co-ordination & Reporting); & our – delivery - responsive, flexible, innovative, proactive, impactful, and relevant to our stakeholders needs 3.The TU4D will be entrepreneurial in building its own autonomy through additional revenue streams 4.Develop deep and sustainable Inter-Relationships with Stakeholdersand to implement the highest standards of Ethical practice and Corporate Social Responsibility. 5.Create and deliver a highly engaged student experience 6.Organisation based on Subsidiarity with Responsibility, Authority, Accountability, & Transparency 7.Built upon a strong discipline base with cross discipline systems /networks

11 Principles for an Engaged and Enterprising University 8-13 8.Promotion and fostering of Organic Networks (Staff & Co-Ordination Unit) both internally and externally 9.The creation of an Enabling Professional Services & Infrastructure 10.To develop staff and students for a national and international context. 11.The deployment of Specialist Entrepreneurial Engagement expertise: – to promote co-ordinated engagement activity – to improve the visibility of engagement activities. – To develop appropriate data recording, management & reporting mechanisms, providing accurate & timely business intelligence. 12.Engagement with our region for direct economic development and innovation An ENGINE for enterprise creation and development A HUB of the Innovation Eco-system An INTEGRATOR of development services 13.Create a Risk Tolerant learning organisation

12 Plans to use HEInnovate more Need compelling evidence “engaged and enterprising” for TU application Convince an international panel meet criteria Not quantifiable / measurable Plan: use self-assessment tool to provide evidence of perceptions of stakeholders of how entrepreneurial institutions are, and trajectory – International credibility of HEInnovate will add much weight Risks and sensitivities – need to design experiment carefully

13 Thank You

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