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Whatever-happened-to? story. Examples  State marks 25 th anniversary of King holiday

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1 Whatever-happened-to? story

2 Examples  State marks 25 th anniversary of King holiday king-holiday/article_cb3dbe5e-a0b2-11e4-8b58-87895eec6348.html  Newcastle remembers its earthquake 25 years ago years-ago-20141228-12epjo.html  On 25 th Exxon Valdez anniversary, oil still clings to beaches spill-25th-anniversary-alaska-ocean-science/

3 The assignment A piece that updates the reader on a memorable person or event from 1990. If you choose to write about a person, select someone who hasn't attracted much, or any, public attention in the last 25 years. 600 words, due 9 a.m. Feb. 26. Checklist: a. Story must include comments from your interview with the person in question or participant(s) in the original event. b. Copies of two pieces of documentation gathered during research for your story. c. For EACH of the two pieces of documentation, full-sentence answers to these questions: (*) What is the documentation? (*) How did you find/obtain it? (*) Why was the documentation helpful?

4 Some pointers Think of your person or event as a rock dropped into a pond 25 years ago. You are charting the ripples. The horse goes before the cart. Do not choose a topic and make it fit the assignment. Instead, first look at what happened in 1990 and then pursue an idea that interests you. Do not write a rehash. Ask yourself: Could my story have been written in 1990? If so, something’s wrong. Tell a story.

5 Newswriting tips 1. Strive for clarity 2. Be confident in the material 3. Tell a story 4. Pay attention to your lead 5. Avoid unfamiliar acronyms 6. Avoid choppy writing 7. Use only interesting quotes 8. Ensure story flow 9. Check spelling of names 10. Double-check spelling of names

6 Style and spelling

7 Common problems  Numbers: In general, one to nine in letters, 10 and above in numerals.  Don’t capitalize titles such as Assistant Manager in Charge of Widget Organization Peggy Hillclimber. Save the capitals for big titles President, Prime Minister and Queen.  Watch punctuation, especially commas and quotation marks.  Again, avoid unfamiliar acronyms.  We reserve the right to dock you marks for these and other obvious style infractions.  As mentioned in the first class: If you don’t have one, get a copy of The Canadian Press Caps and Spelling.

8 Avoid choppy writing Jane Keener is a nurse. She works the night shift. She thinks she deserves a raise. Better to write: Nurse Jane Keener, who works the night shift, thinks she deserves a raise.

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