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SURREALISM The impossible becomes real

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1 SURREALISM The impossible becomes real

2 Surrealism as an official style begins in Europe in the 1920’s
But surreal images can be found much earlier. Example, the work of Hieronymus Bosch from the 15th century

3 Surrealism embraces a dream world – anything is possible

4 Surreal Devices Scale change –drastically altering an objects scale.
Is the apple normal size in a very small room ? Or is the apple unbelievably large?

5 Dislocation – placing a familiar object into an unfamiliar setting.
You would not expect to find a lobster sitting on a phone. Dislocation is often used with scale change.

6 Levitation: an object appears to float or fly that could not in real life.
Example: floating men. They appear to be defying gravity Levitation is a special form of dislocation.

7 Juxtaposition- joining two or more realistic images to create a new impossible/surreal image.
The sails of the ship have been combined with a human body.

8 Transformation and Metamorphosis - objects changing into something new related to the surface and shape. This appears to be a person, but on closer inspection it is a bunch of flowers and plants.

9 A face or grouping of fish?

10 Boots made of skin or feet turning into boots?

11 EXAMPLES OF SURREAL ART Often more than one device is used



14 Scale change and Metamorphosis

15 Scale change and transformation

16 Levitation and Transformation

17 Scale change and metamorphosis

18 Transformation and Metamorphosis

19 Dislocation and Metamorphosis

20 Scale change and metamorphosis

21 Scale change and metamorphosis

22 Metamorphosis – the shapes create a new image of a face


24 Juxtaposition

25 Levitation

26 Scale change and Levitation

27 Do you see the face in each painting?

28 Transformation – the faces made of ribbon

29 What surreal devices are being used?

30 Answer -Metamorphosis
The face appears to be made of hands. The shoulders of the man are made of hands. The sky becomes the color of his shirt.

31 What surreal devices are being used?

32 Answer – Scale change and metamorphosis
The butterflies are dramatically larger in scale and their shape is being used as the shape of the windmill blades.

33 What surreal devices are being used?

34 Answer – Dislocation and Scale change
The book placed in the tree is dislocation, it might also be argued as juxtaposition. Scale change can be seen in the landscape in the book.

35 What surreal devices are being used?

36 Answer – Transformation and Metamorphosis
The clouds form the shape of the balloon and the balloon appears to be made of clouds.

37 QUIZ Take out a sheet of paper.
Write your name in the upper right corner. Write down the following list of surreal devices: scale change, dislocation, levitation, juxtaposition, transformation and metamorphosis. Answer the questions based on the information given in class. Use the above list.

38 Question 1. What surreal device is being used in this piece by Rene Magritte?

39 Question 2 What surreal device is being use in this work by Rene Magritte?

40 Question 3 The yolk turning into the sun based on them having a similar shape is an example of which surreal device?

41 Question 4 Look at the larger bird. A musical instrument has been put together with a bird. Putting two unrelated objects together to create a new object is an example of which surreal device?

42 Question 5 The house has been placed in the middle of the ocean.
Which surreal device is being used?

43 Question 6 Which two surreal devices are being used in this artwork?

44 Question 7 Look at the bowl. The bowl appears to be made out of water.
What surreal device deals with something changing into something else based on what it appears to be made of.

45 Question 8 Which surreal device is being used?
Hint: I will accept either of two answers?

46 Question 9 Look closely at the couple. Look closely at what is making up their faces. Their faces being made out of the shape of two other people is an example of what surreal device?

47 Question 10 Placing something where it does not belong, such as lizards in a light bulb is an example of which surreal device?

48 Answers Exchange your paper with the person across from you.
Put a line through the number of any answers that are incorrect.

49 Number 1 Levitation The men appear to float.

50 Number 2 Scale change The apple fills the entire room.

51 Number 3 Metamorphosis The round yolk and the round sun have a similar shape.

52 Number 4 Juxtaposition When you place two or more unrelated items together to create something new you are using juxtaposition

53 Number 5 Dislocation The house does not belong floating on the water.

54 Number 6 Scale Change and Dislocation
The landscape has been miniaturized (very small scale) and placed in an unfamiliar setting – i.e. a light bulb.

55 Number 7 Transformation
The bowl looking as if it is made of water is transformation.

56 Number 8 Metamorphosis is the best answer, but I will also accept Transformation. The alien’s body parts being made out of similarly shaped vegetables is metamorphosis.

57 Number 9 Metamorphosis When one thing changes into or represents another thing based on SHAPE – It is metamorphosis

58 Number 10 Dislocation Placing an object into a new bizarre location is dislocation. Lizards do not belong inside lightbulbs.

59 ADD UP How many were correct and place that number over 10
ADD UP How many were correct and place that number over 10. example 8 correct would be 8/10 WRITE THIS NUMBER NEXT TO THE PERSON’S NAME, at the top right hand corner. Pass back to the person and then everyone place quizes in the center of your tables.


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