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English 10 2012-2013. Agenda - Sept. 1, 2011 Name Tents Introductions Manila Folders Writing Notebooks Writing Activity.

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1 English 10 2012-2013

2 Agenda - Sept. 1, 2011 Name Tents Introductions Manila Folders Writing Notebooks Writing Activity

3 Name Tents Trifold your paper so that it stands by itself Write your first and last name in large lower case letters Place it on your desk with your name facing out

4 Jeri Giachetti Divorced Two daughters ·Cat - Emma Lindsay Denver, CO Justyn Shenghai, China

5 Ms. Giachetti continued B.A. Whitworth University  English and Secondary Education M.Ed Lesley University  Technology in Education  Instruction and Curriculum

6 Ms. Giachetti continued Experience  English 9-12, Rogers H.S. 1987 - 2001  AP English 11 and 12, North Central H.S. 2001-2009  English 10 and 11, Rogers H.S. 2010 - now  WASL writing assessment - assistant scoring director  Washington Assessment Leadership Team  WASL and HSPE prompt writing

7 9/4/12 - Writing Notebooks Name on outside and inside front cover Number pages on bottom outside corners Use post its for dividers  Reading – pages 1-20  Vocabulary - pages 21- 30  Grammar - pages 31 - 40  Class Notes – pages 41-70  Writing - pages 71- 141

8 September 4 continued Reader Response format –start on page 1 Checkout Library books Complete one reader response

9 September 5 Entry Task: - 5 minute timed write  In the writing section of your writing notebook: Are you more like a question mark or an exclamation point? Explain. 1. Brainstorm 2. What characteristics does the punctuation have that a person could also have? Consider such things as shape and purpose. 3. Write in complete sentences!

10 What is Culture? What does the word culture bring to mind?  In the class notes section of your notebook, list as many ideas as you can think of in two minutes!

11 In Your SpringBoard Text Springboard – Unit 1 “Voices of Modern Culture”  Page 1 – Read the Essential Questions and Unit Overview  Highlight or underline familiar ideas or concepts.  Write a ? Beside unfamiliar ideas or vocabulary

12 Voices of Modern Culture Goals – page 2  Questions??? Learning Focus – page 4  Highlight or underline familiar ideas  Write a ? beside unfamiliar ideas or vocabulary

13 Unit Preview Previewing Unit 1 – page 5 Answer the two Essential Qs. Predict what the unit is about, using words or phrases that stood out in Unit Overview and Learning Focus.

14 Sept. 6, 2012 Read your A.R. for 15 minutes. Write at least one reader response.

15 9/6/12 - New Vocabulary Artifact - something created by humans, usually for a practical purpose

16 More Vocabulary Image – a mental picture or sensation created by an author’s diction and appealing to one or more of the five senses.

17 Quilting Think/pair/share On a piece of loose paper, create a word web with quilting in the center. Grandma Fabric pieces

18 Quilting Image, artifact, object, memory, and/or experience Explanation of Significance to You TeddyMy bear that I slept with. It comforted me when I was frightened Big Rock Candy Mountain 45 record My favorite song when I was 3 or 4. I knew all the words and would sing and dance. Brainstorm a list of items from your childhood that reveal who you are as a person

19 09/06/12 - New Vocabulary Diction – an author’s choice of words Denotation – the dictionary definition of a word. Connotation – the emotional feeling attached to a word. A connotation may be positive, negative, or neutral.

20 Denotation / Connotation Rank the following words from the most positive to the most negative.  Skinny  Thin  Skeletal  Willowy  Gaunt The most positive would be ranked #1. Which might be neutral? Be prepared to share with the class.

21 September 7 Library – STAR test “My Mother Pieced Quilts – page 7 of Springboard text. If time, read your AR novel

22 September 7, 2012 My Mother Pieced Quilts – page 7  Read and take notes – paraphrase  Note images and be able to explain  Note connotations and be able to explain What does the poem really say about the quilt and what it symbolizes?

23 September 10, 2012 Read your A.R. novel for 15 minutes. Write one reader response

24 My Mother Pieced Quilts After each stanza is read, please mark your text for connotation and imagery. Be prepared to answer when called upon.  What is the message of the section?  How do connotation and imagery support the message?

25 September 11, 2012 Read your A.R. novel for 15 minutes. Write one reader response. Notebook check on Friday!!! Grammar Review.

26 My Mother Pieced Quilts Finish class discussion of the poem Annotate extensively Short literary analysis essay

27 September 11, 2012 In the writing section of your notebook: 1.What is the message of the poem? 2.Explain how connotation and imagery help convey the message. Use examples from the poem, indicating line numbers as well as the corresponding words and phrases.  Minimum of three paragraphs

28 Writing a Literary Analysis Introduce author, title, genre, situation. Thesis statement should answer the prompt or instructions and introduce the point you want to prove. Analyze how the author uses literary devices (diction, syntax, imagery, connotation, description, figurative language, etc.) to convey meaning. 20 Points – due beginning of period tomorrow

29 September 11, 2012 Example: In the poem, “My Mother Pieced Quilts,” by Teresa Acosta, the speaker shows her appreciation of both her mother and the quilts her mother made. Acosta uses strong connotation to create images of strength and tenderness while describing her mother as a gentle but precise commander and the quilts as both weapons and works of art.

30 September 12, 2012 Picture Day! Finish your essay OR Hand in your essay and…  Read A.R. and write two reader responses.

31 Sample Body Paragraph The speaker repeatedly refers to her mother as someone who takes charge and presents a military-like image. Her quilts are “armed” (line 53) and serve as “weapons” (line 3) against a “pounding” wind (line 4). The strong connotation of the word “pounding” reinforces the image of war created by the use of the word “weapons.” Mom is also a “caravan master at the reins” in line 42. The repetition of combat and leadership images provides a picture of a strong and decisive leader.

32 September 13, 2012 Today Read your A.R. novel and write two reader responses. Notebook check tomorrow! Grammar Review

33 September 14 Hand in your notebooks. Read your A.R. novel

34 September 21, 2012 Entry Task Quick Write: When did you last yell at someone? Why? Did you later regret it? Explain the situation, your feelings, and thoughts.

35 September 24, 2012 Good morning. Please read your novel for 20 minutes and write at least two reader responses WHILE you are reading. These will be stamped!

36 September Write a powerful, interesting sentence, using the other six parts of speech, from the following two word (noun+verb) base. Use descriptive adjectives and adverbs. Tony screamed. 5 MINUTES!

37 Examples The diminutive Tony screamed horrifically as the gigantic spider crawled up his leg and disappeared into the opening of his basketball shorts.

38 Golden Lines With three other people near you, read each of your sentences aloud and choose one to share with the whole class. Rewrite the sentence on a loose piece of paper. Write the author’s name and class period at the top. Hand in.

39 September 25, 2012 Entry Task – Quickwrite “To him, America was a place where anyone, no matter how humble his or her background, could become an important person.” (Dumas) What kind of place is America? Do you agree with the quote? Or, do you have a completely different perspective? Describe your perspective on America in your journal.

40 Funny in Farsi Vocabulary Voice: The way a writer or speaker uses words and tone to express ideas as well as his or her personas. Culture: the shared set of arts, ideas, skills, institutions, customs, attitude, values and achievements that characterize a group of people, and that are passed on or taught to succeeding generations.

41 More Vocabulary 1. Customs 2. Diversity 3. Assimilation 4. Stereotypes 5. Ethnocentrism With your partner, look up the word to which you are assigned. Define your term. Draw and illustration to represent the key ideas in your word.

42 September 26, 2012 Entry Task – Quick Write Your distant cousin and his/her family are legally immigrating to the United States. Give helpful advice to this family in a brief letter. When finished, read your A.R. novel quietly until I call time.

43 Vocab (continued) When called on, share your definition and illustration with the class, projecting on the overhead. As they are presented, write all of the words and definitions in your vocab section.

44 September 27, 2012 Entry Task Read for 15 minutes and write one reader response minimum WHILE you are reading! Make sure your notebook is up to date. Notebook check tomorrow!!!

45 Folders Write your name on the tab – Last name first. Use for handouts and loose papers.

46 Grammar Review Quiz on Friday! Draw a Cornell note organizer On a loose piece of paper (narrow left hand column for main ideas and wide right hand column for details and definitions. See model. List the 8 parts of speech on the left side and define and give examples on the right side. 10 points!

47 Vocabulary Review Now do the same Cornell note format on the other side of the paper. List the vocabulary words and their definitions. Diction, image, artifact, denotation, connotation, voice, culture, customs, diversity, assimilation, stereotype, ethnocentrism.

48 Exit Task Show your one page Cornell notes with completed front and back on your way out the door. Hand in before your quiz tomorrow.

49 September 28, 2012 Have out writing notebook, and A.R. novel. Also have out a loose piece of paper and something to write with. Hand in your Cornell notes to the in box and stack your writing notebook on the table. When finished with your quiz, turn the test over and quietly read your novel.

50 Vocabulary and Grammar Quiz 1. Diction 2. Image 3. Artifact 4. Denotation 5. Connotation 6. Voice 7.Culture 8.Customs 9.Diversity 10.Assimilation 11.Stereotype 12.Ethnocentrism Write the words in a list, numbered from 1 through 12 Vocabulary and Grammar Quiz

51 A. Something created by humans B. Mental picture that appeals to the five senses C. Variety, differences among people D. Belief that one group is superior to all others E. Customs/practices/ideas of a group F.One culture merging into another G.Dictionary definition H.Habitual way of behaving I.Judgmental assumption about people or things J.Emotional meaning of a word K.Word choice L.Speaker’s words and ideas show a character’s persona Next write the letter of the definition that best matches each

52 Vocabulary and Grammar Quiz 1. Noun 2. Pronoun 3. Adjective 4. Verb 5. Adverb 6. Interjection 7. Preposition 8. Conjunction Write the words in a list, numbered from 1 through 8

53 Vocabulary and Grammar Quiz continued A. Describes nouns or pronouns B. Shows emotion C. Shows action, links subject with subject complement, or states being D. Person, place, thing E.Indicates time, location, or space F.Describes verbs, adjectives, or adverbs G.Joins two words or two groups of words H.Takes the place of a noun Next write the letter of the definition that best matches each

54 October 1, 2012 Read your A.R. novel for 15 minutes. Write two reader responses WHILE you read.

55 Funny in Farsi page 11 Read and mark the text for  Cultural references American Iranian  Voice How do diction, syntax, imagery help create the author’s voice?  First person narrator

56 Exit Task On a piece of scratch paper: 1.Describe the narrator of “Funny in Farsi” in a sentence or two. 2.Identify the tone of the story. Hand in as you exit the room at the bell.

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