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Other Cost-Effective Services. Cost-Effective Services The WestFind&Print ™ service is accessed from or the sign on.

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1 Other Cost-Effective Services

2 Cost-Effective Services The WestFind&Print ™ service is accessed from or the sign on page. You can enter citations and automatically print up to 99 documents at one time. You can also check a list of cases in KeyCite. The charge is $12 per document. Find&Print

3 The Key Number System ® West’s Key Number System allow you to quickly find other cases that discuss the same legal issue as the case at hand. A unique key number is assigned to every point of law. Topic 17 is Adoption. Key number 4 under Adoption addresses persons who may adopt others. We will look for cases that have points of law assigned to 17k4. 17k4 Key Numbers & Digest

4 The Key Number System The key numbers are linked to every headnote in West’s National Reporter System ® that discusses that point of law. We have chosen Minnesota Cases (MN-CS) as our database. We have created a Custom Digest of the eight headnotes from Minnesota cases that address the issue of who may adopt. Custom Digest MN

5 Key Search in West attorney-editors have created logical topics and subtopics that are arranged alphabetically Links to popular subtopics are listed below each main topic for quick retrieval. Access KeySearch from the link on the toolbar.

6 After subfolders have been opened to the topic desired, a click on the folder icon accesses the search page. Notice that your KeySearch path is displayed at the top of the page so it is easy to keep track of how you got to this subtopic. KeySearch has generated a query based on the Key Number System but the query also contains other terms so that unreported cases and secondary sources can be retrieved.. Path You can choose to run your search in reported or unreported cases or in secondary sources.

7 Use KeySearch when you: –are unfamiliar with an area of the law –are unfamiliar with the Key Number System –need to retrieve unreported cases or secondary-source documents as well as reported cases

8 ResultsPlus Run a search in any case law database. Not only will you retrieve relevant cases, you will also retrieve links to relevant ALR, Am. Jur. Proof of Facts, Am. Jur. Trials, and Am. Jur. 2d articles and West key numbers. Several searches for the price of one! Search Case Results ResultsPlus

9 StatutesPlus The Links for tab, which is in the left frame when a statute is displayed in the right frame, contains the resources for expediting, expanding, and verifying your statutory research. StatutesPlus saves money because it saves time. Links for tab

10 Save time with’s convenient Links for tab that organizes the information and documents essential for thorough statutory research. KeyCite flags with brief explanation Citing References Monitor with KeyCite Alert Table of Contents Section Outline Notes of Decisions Analysis (Secondary Sources) Legislative History Cross Referenced Statutes Administrative Materials West Key Numbers

11 Other Cost-Effective Services Locate in Results is a search within the results of a prior search. Under transactional billing there is no extra transactional fee for a locate search. Documents in Sequence allows you to browse surrounding statutes, rules, or regulations without incurring an additional transactional fee. Table of Contents service browsing in statutes or regulations incurs no transactional or hourly database charges. However, there is a $5.50 charge if you jump to a particular statute or regulation. TOC Locate Documents in Sequence

12 KeyCite lets you quickly trace the history of a case(s) through the appellate process and/or retrieve a list of cases and secondary sources that cite the case. KeyCite Alert monitors and automatically delivers to you any change in the status of a case or statute. Cost depends on pricing plan. WestClip ® allows you to stay up-to-date on legal issues without spending unnecessary time online as results can be automatically be delivered to the destination of your choice. ® automatically extracts citations from a word-processing document and runs them in KeyCite to determine whether they are good law and/or to retrieve a list of cases and secondary sources citing the document. WestCiteLink ™ software automatically creates links to the documents on Westlaw for every citation in a word- processing document.

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