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Cole software ® Presents A powerful diagnostic tool for Assembler language programmers.

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1 cole software ® Presents A powerful diagnostic tool for Assembler language programmers

2 What is z/XDC? z/XDC is the premier Assembler language debugging tool for applications- and systems-level programmers. z/XDC is used by most of the world’s mainframe Assembler language developers and many Fortune 500 companies to help them deliver quality applications that work in extremely complex environments. This 12-minute presentation will give you a brief overview of what z/XDC is, and what it can do. If you have questions about z/XDC, or wish to obtain a trial copy of z/XDC, please contact us at, or call Bob Shimizu at (800) XDC-5150 www.colesoft.comBob Shimizu

3 How did z/XDC come to be? Dave wrote z/XDC out of frustration with TSO TEST. z/XDC, and the XDC family of debugging tools that preceded it are the work of one man: Dave Cole. Dave wrote something BETTER!

4 How does z/XDC work? z/XDC is an ESTAI or ESTAE, a powerful abend-handler. All breakpoints and traces are done by inserting a X’00’ into the execution stream. The resulting 0C1 abend is trapped by z/XDC. z/XDC then shows you the code. z/XDC is simple, and transportable throughout the OS! This is just like forcing a dump, BUT z/XDC allows you to work interactively without wasting time or paper!

5 Programmers: Have you ever… Programmers: Have you ever… Done hexadecimal arithmetic in your head? Kept track of several addresses at a time? Pored over a dump, trying to find a problem? Tried to follow the logic in an unfamiliar program? Re-coded an exit for a new version of the OS? Supported entire systems that someone else wrote? Developed a new, never-before-tried technology? This is hard work! It takes time - often many weeks of effort.

6 And meanwhile… You maintain your existing applications You answer questions and build fixes You try to re-create problems reported by customers You handle “ad hoc” requests You investigate bugs in programs your system relies upon You interface with your team-mates You report regularly to your management You try to keep up with new technology New projects just keep coming, don’t they? But wait! Things get worse!

7 If you’re in Management… Head-counts are lower. Budgets are shrinking. Resources are more expensive. Good programmers are harder to find. New programmers take more time to become effective. You MUST generate ROI in shorter time-spans. You MUST keep ahead of your competition. The technologies keep on evolving. Congratulations. You live in “interesting times”. You are NOT bored, but you could use a bit of help, right?

8 You want help? That’s what z/XDC does! You can SEE what’s going on. You save time. You get more done. You save resources. You solve problems conclusively. You go on to the next job. You’re back in control of your to-do list. Debugging might even become fun! z/XDC brings CLARITY to the debugging process.

9 z/XDC allows you to debug: Your TSO programs Your ISPF programs Your multitasking programs Your batch jobs Your started tasks Your SVC routines Your PC routines Your IRB routines Your SRB routines Your CICS, DB2 and IMS routines Your System exit routines (SMF, DADSM, VTAM, RACF, JES2) Your Vendor product exit routines z/XDC can go to places that no other tool can take you.

10 z/XDC as a power tool In your TSO address space In someone else’s TSO address space In a background address space (batch or started task) In common storage In MLPA, FLPA, DLPA and the PLPA z/XDC is a POWERFUL TOOL! But… We fully support 64-bit architectures. z/XDC can be used:

11 z/XDC as a “learning tool” Applications that have poor documentation Applications that have NO documentation Exit interfaces that aren’t behaving “as advertised” Bugs in programs that your system depends upon You can start a z/XDC session and investigate: z/XDC makes it easy to find out what is REALLY happening in “black box” programs!

12 z/XDC’s philosophy Programmers incur a lot of mental “overhead” figuring out pointer chains, memorizing hex addresses, visualizing esoteric structures, decoding object code, and doing hex math – all in their heads. We make you more effective. Let z/XDC do this grunt work. It will free your mind of mental overhead, allowing you to think strategically about the problem. This is a waste of resources!

13 z/XDC is an object code debugger It doesn’t matter to z/XDC whether the original program was written in Assembler or not. It could have been written in COBOL, or PL/I or Fortran or C or C++. If you have the right sort of compiler listing, and you have an understanding of Assembler language, you can work on nearly any code at all. And THAT means….

14 You don’t NEED source code! z/XDC can work on code in the operating system and nearly any OCO program. You can find out what is REALLY going on in unfamiliar programs. Now, writing a user exit or a system exit is going to be much easier, isn’t it? Of course, if you have access to source statements, we can show them to you in your z/XDC displays. z/XDC is like an off-road vehicle for programmers. Other debuggers can’t leave the pavement. With z/XDC, you lock your hubs and keep on going!

15 How does z/XDC help? Point-and-shoot disassembly Point-and-shoot memory display Formatted displays of key system structures The ability to FIND hex or character data Full source-statement support Four kinds of breakpoints Five kinds of traces The ability to investigate other address spaces z/XDC gives you: z/XDC saves effort. You save time!

16 z/XDC goes way beyond TSO! That’s right. If you wish, you may run z/XDC in a batch address space. z/XDC will execute your batch program so you can debug it. You can also grab control of ANY OTHER ADDRESS SPACE at will, and debug it too (security permitting, of course). Using z/XDC, you can easily find and fix bugs in any csect within any module, running under any Request Block under any Task Control Block, within any address space on the system, including the system itself. Whoa… That’s COOL!

17 Let’s Review: z/XDC can be used on very simple, or extremely complex applications. z/XDC does the “grunt” work so that you can think about the problem strategically. z/XDC can help you understand undocumented programs. z/XDC handles APF-authorized code, SVCs and PC routines. z/XDC works on multi-tasking programs. z/XDC works on started tasks, batch programs – nearly anything in Assembler! z/XDC supports 64-bit architectures. z/XDC offers full source statement support, but doesn’t REQUIRE source code in order to operate. z/XDC makes new AND experienced programmers MUCH MORE EFFECTIVE. With z/XDC, your organization will deliver quality code more quickly.

18 What are the benefits? For management:  Faster time-to-market  Lower error-rates  Resource savings, both tangible and intangible  Faster Return on Investment  Senior programmers increase their output  New people come up to speed more quickly  Fewer people get more projects done – on time!  You keep up with evolving technologies  You react to change before your competition does

19 What are the benefits? For programmers:  z/XDC helps to amplify your capabilities.  z/XDC helps save you time and frustration.  z/XDC helps you learn about unfamiliar systems.  z/XDC helps you solve problems conclusively.  z/XDC helps you SEE what’s going on in complex code.  z/XDC helps you to fix in hours what used to take days.  z/XDC helps makes you more effective.  z/XDC helps you keep up with your task-list.  z/XDC helps you get to the next project.

20 How is z/XDC priced? z/XDC is offered on a usage basis. We offer annual leases based on the number of concurrent user sessions desired (subject to some minimums). Maintenance and support is included in the lease cost. A 60-day trial of z/XDC is FREE. Your first on-site training class is FREE. But wait, it gets better.

21 Additional business benefits You may upgrade the processor – NO UPGRADE FEEs. You may transfer the product – NO TRANSFER FEEs. You can split your user sessions site-wide – just like a site license. You may add user sessions whenever you like. Your people will have access to the world’s most powerful debugging tool! This is pure usage-based pricing.

22 What competes with z/XDC? When you get down to features and capabilities, not much. IBM’s IDF is a competitor, as is Compuware’s Xpediter product. But neither of these will give you the power and control that z/XDC does. z/XDC exceeds the requirement by a great deal, and costs a fraction of the competitors’ prices. And, even if IDF is free, we still sell a LOT of z/XDC! There has to be a reason for that… Do you want specifics? Contact us. We’re happy to answer ANY question about z/XDC!

23 Want to see z/XDC working? We’ve left z/XDC’s actual screens out of this discussion on purpose. That’s because we offer a far more comprehensive PowerPoint demonstration for interested programmers. Our “z/XDC Primer” also has plenty of real-life screen-shots and demonstrations of z/XDC’s command structure. You can ask for these things, and you can visit our web site for more information, but remember: A 60-day, no obligation trial of z/XDC is FREE. During the evaluation period, our User’s Class is FREE.

24 What do our customers say? “To me, z/XDC is an absolute must for anyone planning to do 64-bit development.” Chris Blaicher – BMC Software “z/XDC is a very stable, reliable product which is also easy to install. It enables you to get used to working with complex materials quickly and follow and understand the interplay of all components. No question, z/XDC is a very high-quality product, supported by a great team. I can only recommend them.“ Jens-Uwe Pohl - Beta Systems Software “Our contacts with Cole Software have been consistently positive. Response to problems and questions has always been prompt, cheerful and helpful. The product itself provides complex systems level programming, and unique features which gives control over the entire debugging process. When particularly complex questions arise, Dave Cole is available in person to clarify the issue and provide helpful advice.” Tony Thorp - Cybermation

25 About Cole Software Cole Software LLC is a small, solely-owned company dedicated to the continued development of superior debugging products for programs written in Assembler language that run on IBM platforms. We are an IBM Developer Business Partner and are listed in the IBM PartnerWorld® Global Solutions Directory. Cole Software was founded in 1988, but the earlier versions of the product date back to the ’70s. The original architect still builds and produces the product today, which contributes to the internal integrity of the product, and the external integrity of our business relations.

26 Announcing z/XDC z1.8 Cole Software announces the general availability of z/XDC Release z1.8. Major enhancements to this release of the essential Assembler programming tool include: More information on z/XDC Release z1.8 can be found at Support for debugging Service Request Block (SRB) mode programs; The ability to run z/XDC as a Functional Recovery Routine (FRR) for task mode or SRB mode programs; Support for REXX commands in z/XDC’s User Commands Exit interface.

27 Thanks for your time! We’d like you to join our user community. For more information please visit, send e-mail to or call Bob Shimizu at (800) XDC-5150

28 Work smarter, not harder! (800) XDC-5150

29 OK, why are you still here? Call us or get back to work! (800) XDC-5150

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