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Presidency - Multi-tasking Job

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1 Presidency - Multi-tasking Job
President fulfills a number of “roles” for the country Review of your Vocab from last week (especially if you didn’t read the textbook and just looked up the terms in the back) 

2 Formal Roles and Powers of the President
Constitutional (or expressed powers) of the presidency Found primarily in Article II of the Constitution (the Executive Article)

3 #1 Head (Chief) of State Constitutional Power
Stands as the symbol of the U.S. Entertains foreign dignitaries Presenting awards Performing rituals Laying wreath on Tomb of Unknown Soldier, lighting National Christmas tree, throwing out first baseball of season Issuing proclamations and Representing the U.S. at international conferences Standing for American ideals

4 Chief of State Examples
President Kennedy speaks at Berlin Wall, 1963 President Obama presenting Military Award Queen Elizabeth and President Reagan, 1983

5 #2 Chief of the Executive Branch
Constitutional Power In charge of seeing that laws and programs are carried out by supervising the government -Appointing Power, Removal Power, Ordinance Power (Executive Order) -Judicial Power – Reprieves, Pardons, and Amnesty President Clinton with Janet Reno, the first female Attorney General, February, 1993 President Bush holds cabinet meeting in October, 2005

6 Director of the Federal Government
#3 Chief Administrator Constitutional Power Director of the Federal Government President directs an administration that employs more than 2.7 million civilians President Bush at Ground Zero after 9-11 Vice-President Johnson sworn in aboard Air Force One after President Kennedy’s assassination, 1963

7 #4 Foreign Policy Head Constitutional Power Don’t forget about:
Sets out the country’s policies and practices in regards to other nations Nation’s Chief Spokesman… He or his representatives make treaties with foreign nations (with approval from Senate) Also proposes foreign aid and appoints ambassadors to foreign nations Don’t forget about: Executive Agreements Def: pact between the Pres. and head of a foreign state. Does not require Senate approval

8 #5 Commander - In - Chief Constitutional Power
Chief military officer of the United States Armed Forces Sets the country’s general military policy CANNOT DECLARE WAR MAY commit U.S. troops to action in emergency situations *Talk more about later President Bush aboard U.S.S. Lincoln, May, 2003 President Johnson decorates a soldier in Vietnam, October, 1966

9 #6 Legislative Leader Constitutional Power CAN’T PASS LAWS
**President suggests, requests, insists, and demands on Congress…CAN influence which bills get passed or rejected by Congress Signs bills into laws or vetoes them Meet with individual Representatives and Senators to urge support for or opposition to a particular bill Make State of Union and other addresses to Congress President Roosevelt signs into law the Social Security Act, 1935 President Clinton delivers State of the Union Address, 1997

10 #7 Political Party Leader
Extra-Constitutional Power Not specified in Constitution Added on either through legislation or through historical analysis Pres. belongs to a political party and speaks for that party Often helping to raise money for congressional candidates Leading fund-raiser for the party Presenting the party’s ideas to the American people President Reagan & Vice-President Bush accepting their party’s nomination in 1980

11 #8 Chief Citizen Extra-Constitutional
Expected to be the “representative of all the people” Expected to work for and represent the public interest against private interests.

12 #9 Chief Guardian of the Economy
Extra-Constitutional The president is concerned with such things as unemployment, high prices, taxes, business profits, and the general prosperity of the country. The president does not control the economy, but is expected to help it run smoothly. Meeting with economic advisers to discuss ways to reduce unemployment Meeting with business and labor leaders to discuss their needs and problems

13 Oath of Office President must swear to support the CONSTITUTION and faithfully carry out the duties of office

14 Roles of the President Practice
Who doesn’t love Political Cartoons?! look at the Roles of President Practice Sheet Not due until Monday* Type on it and then print, click  Roles and Political Cartoons2014.docx *If you want to start working on Campaign Team “stuff”, go ahead

15 Example (already done for you)

16 #1

17 #2

18 #3

19 #4

20 #5

21 #6

22 #7

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