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Foundations Portfolio Valerie Kittell IRLS 672 August 2010.

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2 Foundations Portfolio Valerie Kittell IRLS 672 August 2010

3 My goals for the course An understanding of the underlying structure of digital collections More effective at: – planning digital collections – managing digital collections – deploying digital collections – troubleshooting – discovering improvements

4 LAMP Server L = Linux operating system A = Apache server M = MySQL P = PHP: Hypertext preprocessor

5 Linux Sample work with Linux: adding and editing users, groups, permissions, and passwords.

6 Linux challenges “Though Linux works for me and many other users, its sheer power and generality is its Achilles' heel.” “Linux [is a] system of mind-boggling complexity and power.” – In the Beginning was the Command Line, Neal Stephenson

7 Apache and connectivity “Ping”ing my server… with success.

8 Apache challenges “There are 10 kinds of people in the world, those that understand binary and those that don't.” (Unknown source)

9 Sample webpage

10 Apache and XML A sample of my XML. winscp407 was used to upload it to my “diginubuntu1004” server.

11 MySQL -- ERD Digging into the Entity-Relationship diagrams to understand the construct.

12 Sample MySQL query - basic

13 Sample MySQL query- more complex

14 Sample php script

15 Sample user interface The php script is displayed for the user in this simple interface. The php script runs the query to MySQL and returns to the webpage with the results.

16 Goals completed A strong foundation to continue to the Advanced Applied Technology and later to plan, deploy, and manage digital collections.

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