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“MAKING YOUR FITNESS OUR BUSINESS!!” Training Out Enterprises.

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1 “MAKING YOUR FITNESS OUR BUSINESS!!” Training Out Enterprises

2 Our Philosophy Here at Training Out, we believe in the functionality of every day movement. While we specialize in many forms of fitness, we excel at functional fitness in the most fun of ways. Every workout is designed with the specific client's needs in mind.

3 Stretching  Your Key to Flexibility Flexibility has long been underestimated and perhaps overlooked by health-care professionals. Quality of life is enhanced by improving and maintaining a good range of motion in the joints. Overall flexibility should be developed with specific joint range of motion needs in mind as the individual joints vary from one to another.

4 Styles Basic Points YES Static Stretching  Reaching for a position and maintaining the extension  Every pose should be maintained between 10 and 30 seconds Dynamic Stretching  Holding a pose in a position that mimics the motions utilized later in a workout NO Ballistic Stretching  Bouncing while reaching for a pose  Between stretches always relax the pose by pulling the shoulder blades back and pulling the belly button into your spine. Stretching  Styles and Basic Points The following stretches are designed for the average practitioner. Prior to beginning a stretch and/or exercise program please consult with your personal trainer and physician.

5 Hamstring Stretch Close Toe Touch With your feet together, roll your shoulders forward and reach for your toes Wide Toe Touch Bring your feet outside of shoulder level, make sure your feet face forward - Reach for each foot and down the middle for 10 seconds each Cross Toe Touch Cross your right foot over your left Keep your left foot flat on the floor while reaching for your toes Maintain the pose and switch feet

6 Upper Body Stretch Deltoid Stretch Reach one arm for the far wall with the elbow parallel with the far shoulder Place the other hand on the elbow to maximize the stretch Maintain the pose and switch sides Triceps Stretch Put one hand on the top of your spine Force the hand on the spine to crawl down by putting the unused hand on your elbow and assisting the stretch Maintain the pose and switch sides Chest and Back Stretch Lean your elbows against the door frame at a ninety degree angle After 10 seconds, crawl your hands up the wall until they are fully extended over your head Bring your right hand to meet your left, maintain, then switch

7 Seated Hip Stretch Butterfly Stretch While in a seated position, ensure your heels are facing each other Hold your laces and tuck your feet into your crotch Push down on your knees with your elbows to maximize the stretch Hip Adductor Stretch Straighten your legs and bring them as far apart as possible Reach in each direction for a minimum of ten seconds Isolation Gluteus Stretch Rest the right ankle over the left knee and reach for the left foot After a minimum of ten seconds, rest your hands on the floor and bend the left knee up until the left foot is flat on the floor Hold for a minimum of ten seconds then repeat on the other side

8 Lower Body Stretch Calf Stretch Stand against the wall with your palms pressed firmly in front of you Bring one leg back and bend the front knee and elbows as you maintain pressure on the back heel Maintain for ten seconds then switch sides Quad Stretch While holding the wall, attempt to raise you heel to your behind grasp the foot and pull the knee back while pushing the hip forward and ensuring the knee is facing the ground Maintain for ten seconds and switch sides


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