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In The Heights Costume Plot. Synopsis O The story explores three days in the characters' lives in the New York City Latino neighbourhood of Washington.

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1 In The Heights Costume Plot

2 Synopsis O The story explores three days in the characters' lives in the New York City Latino neighbourhood of Washington Heights. The score features hip-hop, salsa, merengue and soul music. O In the hispanic community of Manhattan's Washington Heights, bodega owner Usnavi is dating Vanessa, who works in a beauty salon. He dreams of opening a bar in his home country, the Dominican Republic. Nina loves Benny, a shy young man who has worked for Nina's parents for years, but her father opposes their union because he wants Nina to finish her education at Stanford University. She doesn't want her father to bankrupt himself paying for the expensive school, but her father is prepared to sell his car-service business. "Abuela" Claudia, who raised Usnavi after the death of his parents, wins $96,000 in a numbers game.

3 Musical Numbers O In the Heights - Usnavi, Company O Breathe - Nina, Company O Benny's Dispatch - Benny, Nina O It Won't Be Long Now - Vanessa, Usnavi, Sonny O Inutil - Kevin O No Me Diga - Daniela, Carla, Vanessa, Nina O 96,000 - Usnavi, Benny, Sonny, Vanessa, Daniela, Carla, Company O Paciencia y Fe (Patience and Faith) - Abuela Claudia, Company O When You're Home - Nina, Benny, Company O Piragua - Piragua Guy O Siempre (Always) - Camila O The Club/Fireworks - Company O Sunrise - Nina, Benny, Company O Hundreds of Stories - Abuela Claudia, Usnavi O Enough - Camila O Carnaval del Barrio - Daniela, Company O Atencion - Kevin O Alabanza - Usnavi, Nina, Company O Everything I Know - Nina O No Me Diga (Reprise) - Daniela, Carla, Vanessa O Champagne - Vanessa, Usnavi O When the Sun Goes Down - Nina, Benny O Finale - Usnavi, Company

4 Characters (in order of appearance) O Graffiti Pete — Caleb Eduards O Usnavi — Jon Batista O Piragua Guy — Nick Lopez (U) Diego Ramirez O Abuela Claudia — Paloma Leon (U) Samantha Burns O Carla — Gillian Rabin (U) Alexia Young O Daniela — Erica Steinkohl (U) Veronica Vera O Kevin — Ivan Azcarate (U) Marcky Girldo O Camila — Magali Trench (U) Maria Elisa Vallejo O Sonny — Michael Valladases O Benny — Benny Elfont (U) Sebastian Diaz O Vanessa — Laura Munevar (U) Alejandra Duque O Nina — Susie Fyodosov (U) Jordanne Cantrill O Ensemble O Dancers

5 Graffiti Pete 18 years old, hangs out on the street O Boom Box O Old sneakers O Camo pants O Old sneakers O Muscle tee O Sleeveless hoodie O Leather bracelet and or big chain necklace

6 Usnavi De La Vega 24 years old. Owns De La Vega’s Bodega, lives with Abuela Claudia, is in love with Vanessa. O White Tshirt O Disterssed jeans O 2 short-sleeve shirts (preferable cuban style) O Sneakers O Beret hat

7 Piragua Guy Mid-30s, walks the hot and humid streets of Washington Heights selling piraguas. O Old pants (Black, kaki, or blue) O Hawaiian shirt O Apron O Sun hat (no cap) O Sneakers

8 Abuela Claudia Late 60s, raised Usnavi since his parents died. She emigrated from Cuba when she was very young, struggled to learn English and find work. She has been there the longuest and is the clear matriarch of the neighborhood. O 2 coat dresses (1 for each act) O Orthopedic shoes ($9.97 at Walmart) O Cross necklace

9 Carla Mid-20s, hairdresser at Daniela’s Salon. Born and raised in Queens, pure, sweet, innocent and loving, devoted to her family and friends, taken advantage of, Daniela’s best friend. O 2 flashy outfits, with high heels, big jewelery O 1 of the 2 outfits with short skirt and tight top in red hues (club scene)

10 Daniela In her 30s, owns Daniela’s Salon, gossip queen of the neighborhood, is being forced of the neighborhood because of rent hikes. O 2 dresses and high heel shoes (1 of which should be red) O Long earrings to match

11 Kevin Rosario Nina's overprotective father, owns his own taxi cab service: Rosario's. O Professional looking suit O Dress shoes O White shirt O Tie

12 Camila Rosario Nina's strong- willed mother, wants what is best for Nina. O Pants or dark “mommy jeans”, top and jacket O Demi-heal shoes O Earings

13 Sonny is Usnavi's sassy, superficially lazy, yet ambitious younger cousin who works with Usnavi in the bodega. O Baggy shorts O Tank or muscle T O Cap O Skateboarding shoes O Big backpack

14 Benny works at the dispatch of Nina's father, the only character in the play who does not speak Spanish and is not Hispanic, falls in love with Nina. He dreams of opening his own business. O Black pants O White shirt O Sneakers O Black tie

15 Vanessa Usnavi's love interest, works at Daniela's salon. She is stunningly beautiful and catches the eye of every guy in the Heights, however she takes interest in Usnavi. She lives with an alcoholic mother and dreams of getting out of the Barrio and getting an apartment downtown, but cannot yet afford it O Little skirt O Flirty top O High heel shoes O Long necklace O For the party, O red dress and high heels

16 Nina Rosario First in her family (and from the Barrio) to go to college (Stanford University), and everyone in the barrio admires her as the "one who made it out." but she dropped out, typical "good girl" and always got along with her parents. Now, loses patience constantly over her father's overprotectiveness and his refusal to accept Benny O Jeans O T-shirt O Comfy shoes O Backpack O For the party, little white dress O Dark sweater O Ballet flats O Small jewelry

17 Ensemble Street clothes: Ladies: Heels, tight t-shirts, shorts or skirts Men: Sneakers, Jeans, T-shirts, hoodies or denim jackets (optional), hats (optional

18 Dancers For the Tango scene: Ladies: Flowy red skirts, black tops, red flower in hair, stage shoes (preferaly black) Men: Black pants, red shirts or tshirts

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