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What Is Compounding? And how can it benefit me?. Rx Care Pharmacy Locations 12071 Indian Rocks Road Largo, FL (727) 724-4171 1270 Malabar Road Palm Bay,

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1 What Is Compounding? And how can it benefit me?

2 Rx Care Pharmacy Locations 12071 Indian Rocks Road Largo, FL (727) 724-4171 1270 Malabar Road Palm Bay, FL 32907 (321) 952-0656 13733 N US Highway 441 Lady Lake, FL 32159 (352) 391-5533 301 Havendale Boulevard Auburndale, FL 33823 (863) 875-5700 725 US Highway 466 Lady Lake, FL 32159 (352) 633-2105 6018 The Plaza Charlotte, NC 28215 (704) 531-5232 11304 Hawthorne Drive, Suite 120 Mint Hill, NC 28227 (704) 573-6899 16311 Grand River Avenue Detroit, MI 48227 (313) 838-1100 1426 S Pine Avenue Ocala, FL 34471 4160 Airline Drive Bossier City, LA 71111 (318) 212-9990 5482 Rattlesnake Hammock Road Naples, FL 34113 (239) 775-6800 421 9 th Street N Naples, FL 34102 (239) 262-2929 6350 Davis Boulevard Naples, FL 34104 (239) 775-7207

3 What is Compounding? Compounding is the art and science of creating or preparing personalized medications for patients. Individual ingredients are combined in the exact strength and dosage form required by the patient. The pharmacist preparing the compound can work with the patient and prescriber to meet the patient’s specific needs.

4 Is Compounding For Me? Benefits Include: Ability to alter dosage form Ability to alter strength Avoid dyes, additives, fillers, preservatives or sugars Ability to alter taste Avoid side effects Ability to create medicine that is no longer commercially available


6 We make compounds for… Hospice Dental Pain Management Dermatology Podiatry Sports Medicine Oncology Women’s Health B.H.R.T. Men’s Health Veterinary Pediatrics Neuropathy Autism

7 Examples of COMPOUNDING for… HospicePodiatry B.H.R.TSports Medicine VeterinaryAnd much more… Dental

8 We can compound medication into various routes of administration Pain management is personalized for the patient We offer treatments for: Nausea/Vomiting Pain Management Mouth Ulcers Saliva Stimulants Radiation Burns Adjunctive Therapy Compounding/Hospice

9 Therapy varies by patient, formulas are customized based on needs Proven benefits Experience relief from: Menopause Hormonal Imbalance Low Libido Erectile Dysfunction And Many More Symptoms… Compounding/B.H.R.T.

10 Ability to meet specific needs based on varying weights and species Increased “patient” compliance due to ability to alter form, taste and smell Ability to compound products no longer commercially available Compounding/Veterinary

11 We can compound… Hemostatics Bleaching Gels Dry Socket Compounds Root Canal Compounds Solutions for Mouth Ulcers Topical Anesthetics Pre-procedure Sedatives Antibiotics Adhesives Dry Mouth Solutions Compounding/Dental

12 We offer compounded solutions for… Muscle SpasmsJock Itch Leg CrampsNausea PainSunburn BleedingBruises Athlete’s FootWarts Compounding/Sports Medicine

13 We offer compounded solutions for… Diabetic NeuropathyWarts CallusesFungal Infections Heel SpursPerspiration Muscle/Joint PainNail Removal Plantar FasciitisRough/Dry Feet Compounding/Podiatry

14 Oral Capsule Oral Liquid Transdermal Gel Troches Popsicles Lollipops Sublingual Drops Oral Adhesive Suppository Enema Nasal Preparations Topical Cream Topical Ointment Topical Gel Topical Spray Topical Powder

15 Muscle Relaxants NSAIDs Anti-viral Anti-inflammatory Anesthetics Antidepressants Thyroid Medication Antihistamines Erectile Dysfunction Medication Veterinary Medication Anxiety Medication Anti-psychotics Anti-hypertensive Autism Medication Psoriasis Medication Anti-nausea Anti-diabetics Arthritis Medication Cancer Medication Migraine Medication And many, many more!

16 Benefits Include: Allow for Exact Dosing Avoid Unwanted Dyes and Fillers Convenient Oral Administration

17 Benefits Include: Convert Other Dosage Forms to Liquid for Patients Who Cannot Swallow Pills, such as: Pediatrics Geriatrics Avoid Unwanted Ingredients, such as: Dyes Preservatives Alcohols Sugars Increase Patient Compliance with: Flavor Options

18 Benefits Include: o Can be used for systemic OR local issues o Beneficial for patients who cannot swallow o Effective absorption allows medicine to start working quickly o Avoid negative gastrointestinal effects

19 Benefits Include: Increased Patient Compliance Flavor Options Excellent Results as a Smoking Cessation Popular for Pediatric Patients

20 Benefits Include: Easy Administration Pleasant Taste Fast Acting (Soft, gelatin-like, flavored “gummies”)

21 Rectal or Vaginal Use Excellent Solutions for Patients Experiencing Nausea/Vomiting Rapid Effect on Conditions Such as IBS, Hemorrhoids and Chrohn’s Disease Good Choice for Patients with Difficulty Swallowing

22 Available Forms: Cream ∙ Gel ∙ Ointment ∙ Spray ∙ Deodorant ∙ Lip Balm Benefits Include: Increased Compliance in Patients Avoiding Oral Administration Avoid Gastrointestinal Effects Increased Effectiveness Due to Direct Application Easy Self-Administration in ‘As Needed’ Doses

23 Specialized Compounding Equipment is used to ensure accuracy and precision in making compounds.

24 This machine is used for compounding capsules. It allows capsules to be made free of dyes and fillers!

25 The Troche Mold holds troches while they cool and take on their final form. Troches provide rapid sublingual administration of medicine. Many flavors are available at the patient’s request.

26 The Sterile Glovebox provides the pharmacist with an isolated environment in which he can compound sterile products.

27 This mold ensures the proper amount of liquid is used in each lollipop. It holds the stick in place while the liquid hardens.

28 An Ointment Mill is used to reduce particle size in compounded products. Creams and ointments are ground through porcelain rollers to ensure fine particle size. Smallest possible particle size is desired so that maximum absorption can be attained.

29 This balance/scale is used to ensure accurate weighing of ingredients.

30 This mold ensures the proper amount of ingredients is used for each suppository. We can compound rectal and vaginal suppositories.

31 A hood is used to control airborne powder particles. It provides a safe environment for pharmacists and technicians to handle the ingredients of a compounded product.

32 Questions? For more information or to speak to a pharmacist, please call Rx Care Pharmacy to be directed to the location nearest you! Call us at (813) 304-2221

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