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Odysseus: A Hero in Trouble By: Mackenzie Abbitt and Katie Malek.

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1 Odysseus: A Hero in Trouble By: Mackenzie Abbitt and Katie Malek

2 What Makes a Hero? In epics, there are many common traits shared by all heroes. For one, they are normally very courageous, helpful, kind, and always try to do the right thing. On the other hand, they normally have a fatal flaw that makes it harder for them to accomplish their task. Just as Achilles had his heel, Odysseus has many flaws that make his journey in the Odyssey much harder.

3 Odysseus’s Strengths Bravery Odysseus showed a lot of bravery by going on the Odyssey, and facing all of the dangers. Sharp Intellect Perhaps Odysseus’s greatest strength, he uses his knowledge countless times in his journey. One of the most memorable times was when he engineered the Wooden Horse to end the Trojan War. Strength A signature quality of every hero, Odysseus had to be strong to make it through all of the dangers he faced in the Odyssey. While Odysseus has his fair share of negative traits, his good ones always outweigh them.

4 Strengths (cont.) Articulate Speaking Skills Along with his knowledge, Odysseus also had a way with words which he used to get his crew out of trouble. Once, he gained the trust of a witch named Nausicaa making the time spent on her island relaxing and enjoyable instead of the terrible fate they likely would have faced otherwise. Confidence Odysseus showed great confidence when he led his crew through the dangerous and unknown waters and islands in the Odyssey.

5 Odysseus’s Weaknesses Compassion Many may think that this is a positive trait, but in one case it was not for Odysseus. When the draft was going out for the Trojan War, he tried to avoid being sent by pretending to be mad. The general from the army sent to collect him took Odysseus’s son and put him in front of the plow he was on. Odysseus proved his mental state when he veered the plow to avoid hitting his son. So, his compassion ruined his plan, and he was sent to the military. Infidelity On many occasions Odysseus’s love for women got the best of him and he cheated on his wife. Each time he did this, another challenge was created and his journey was lengthened. Like all other heroes, Odysseus had a few negative traits that made his journey much harder and longer.

6 Weaknesses (cont.) Pride Odysseus’s pride is an obstacle because he never wants to admit he is wrong. Once he has decided something, he doesn’t want to admit he is wrong. Arrogance This goes along with pride, because mot only will he not admit he is wrong, sometimes he convinces himself that he is not wrong even when he is. He is full of himself and his knowledge and assumes that he cant be wrong. This created problems in his journey. Curiosity Odysseus was very curious which made more problems in his journey. For instance, he wanted to hear the siren’s song because he heard it was beautiful even thought he knew that it could cause his entire crew to die.

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