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This is the place!!. 1. Newcomers? 2. Membership cards / T-shirts – see Bob - $30 13 month membership and T-Shirt - $15 Re-up membership - $15 T-shirt.

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1 This is the place!!

2 1. Newcomers? 2. Membership cards / T-shirts – see Bob - $30 13 month membership and T-Shirt - $15 Re-up membership - $15 T-shirt - $40 X-TERRA TRI Bags Membership gets you a bunch of discounts from a variety of local sports stores (too many to list). Check the club website for details! -$25 Hydration/Nutrient Products—see George 3. Race Reports HyVee 5150 Katzenberger TRI Olathe Women’s Sprint IRONMAN Wisconsin Silverback TRI 4. Tonight’s Topics: Running Form 101

3 Podium Finishers HY VEE—Jolene Hodge and Mike Garven Katzenberger—Mike Hannon Silverback—Tiffasny Burris, Matt Ernst and Mike Garven Newest Full IRONMAN Finishers – Mike Garven- Boulder – Matt Ernst and Chris Summers--Wisconsin

4 Upcoming Local Events SUN Sep 20 7:00am REDMAN Oklahoma City Half/Full and Aquabike SAT Sep 20 8:00am BUFFALO BIILL DAYS BIKE RIDE Leavenworth 25/62/100 miles SUN Sep 21 9:00am Buffalo Bills Cyclocross Leavenworth Havens Park SAT Sep 26 Wave Start KC Tour de Barbeque Overland Park, KS SAT Oct 4 8:00am CAC HALF MARATHON Ft. Leavenworth, KS SUN Oct 5 7:00am BORDER WARS TRI Alton, IL Half SUN Oct 12 8:30am OCTOGINTA Bike Ride Lawrence, KS 45/80 miles SAT Oct 18 7:05am KC MARATHON Kansas City MO Full/Half/ 5K SAT Oct 18 8:00am Break Violence 5K Ft. Leavenworth, KS SAT Nov 11 8:00am CERNER 15K, Legends, Kansas City, KS SAT Nov 22 9:00am MCTP TURKEY TROT 5K Ft. Leavenworth, KS THU Nov 27 8:00am TURKEY TROT 5K Parkville, MO SAT Dec 7 10:00am RUDOLF RED NOSE RUN Leavenworth, KS 7.2M SAT Dec 14 8:00 am JINGLE BELL UNDERGROUND 5K Lenexa, KS

5 Running Form 101

6 Why this running style? 1. Minimize the chances of injuries. 2. Optimize muscle use. 3. Use a cadence congruent with cycling. 4.Invented 60+ years ago and perfected by the Kenyan’s in the 1960s.

7 Key Components 1.Posture 2.Stride Length 3.Cadence 4.Arm Swing

8 Posture Most important aspect of running. Open/ Relaxed shoulders. Erect spine. Eyes looking 30-40 ft forward. Slight forward lean of about 5%. Center of balance is over feet.

9 Stride Length Shorter than you think. Raise the knees slightly. Land on balls of feet or mid-foot. Too long leads to heel strike. Heal strike does three bad things. – Brakes the forward momentum of the stride causing you to slow down. – Leaves the foot on the ground longer which also causes you to slow down. – Causes extreme shock to all bones and joints in the legs, hips, back, and shoulders.

10 Cadence Goal for optimum performance is 180 steps/minute. George likes 90 steps on either foot for one minute (90 Left or 90 Right). Bob likes 30 steps (on both feet) steps for 10 seconds (180 steps/60 seconds=30steps/min). If under that pace—lift heels and pick up pace. If over that pace—drop knee lift and lengthen stride slightly.

11 Arm Swing Neutral arm bend—90% or less. Relaxed hands. Swing matches legs and acts as a counterbalance. No crossing or excessive rotating. Shoulders open and relaxed.

12 Review Key Points 1. Run upright with slight lean. 2. Higher turnover rate (180spm). 3. Foot strike underneath hips. 4. Shorter stride to avoid heel strikes. 5. Relaxed arm swing.

13 Practice Techniques 1. Running in place. (Warm up. Feet land under hips) 2. Barefoot on grass. (Avoid heel strikes.) 3. Timer or metronome for cadence. 4. Run tall with a slight forward lean. (“Controlled fall.”) 5. Have someone watch or video you run.

14 Final Thoughts Running is only unsupported event. Running uses eccentric (lengthen) vs. concentric (shorten) muscles. Good form=Good performance. Good form helps you off the bike or in open running events. Good form runner’s make running look relaxed, smooth, fluid, and effortless.

15 And that’s why they’re so darn fast! Kenyan Men own 18 of the 28 recognize Track and Road Racing World Records.

16 TopicNameemail Swim Lessons / Swim Practice Open Water Swimming Joanie Hurst George Hodge Bikes Brendan Sheehan (Owner - Santa Fe Trails Bike Shop. 419 Delaware St) (913) 682-2444 Individual TRI and Running Coaching Bob Massage Therapy (Deep Tissue) Deenise “Girl stuff” questions Van (“Vahn”) Bert Jolene Hodge CGSC Triathlon (2 May 2015)George Hodge IRONMAN KANSAS 70.3 (7 June 2015) George Hodge Who do I ask about…?

17 Next September Meetings THU /FRI 18/19 SEP All Day 8AM-8PM – Digital Stride Analysis Evaluation. 6106 NW Barry Road, KCMO (across from Zona Rosa). Get on the DSA treadmill for a “run stride analysis.” 10+ %Discount night for Club Members! Bring your current running shoes with socks. George and I will be there from 6:30-8 PM THU THU/FRI 18/19 SEP 4:00-6:00—Running Practice Gruber Gym Track—Ft. Leavenworth Bring running shoes with socks and a towel

18 Running Well Store 6106 NW Barry Rd (Next to Hobby Lobby) www.therunningwellstoreom 816.741.8800 Daily 8AM-8PM Zona Rosa

19 Membership/T-Shirts/TRI Bags—See Bob Individual Coaching—See Bob Decals / Hydration Products—See George Door Prizes Running Well Store—Bob and George will be there in the evening THU 18 SEP from 6:30-8 PM—Bring running shoes and socks but you can come any time and any date they are open. THU 18 and FRI 19 SEP 4:00-6:00 PM at Running Track at Gruber Gym Ft. Leavenworth—Bring running shoes and socks October meeting -- Bike Fit by Santa Fe Bike Shop at Baan Thai—WED 22 OCT at 6:00PM What are your questions? See you Thursday at The Running Well Store and/or Thursday/Friday at Gruber Gym!


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