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Popular Sports in Gdańsk Ambrożewicz Mateusz Bach Mateusz Bratke Piotr.

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1 Popular Sports in Gdańsk Ambrożewicz Mateusz Bach Mateusz Bratke Piotr

2 Menu Basketball Football Yachting The End

3 Basketball The Prokom Trefl Sopot is the only basketball team which plays in the FIBA Champions Cup Final Four. Trefl Sports Join Stock Company history began in 1995 when Trefl Basketball Association set up. After just a year, the team named Trefl Sopot joined the Polish second division. At the end of the 1996-97 campaign, they reached the first big achievement of their history, advancement to the first league. In six seasons after that, the team twice won the Polish Cup, in 2000 and 2001, and reached the PLK finals two times. << BackwardsBackwards Next >>

4 Basketball The team represents a small town(Sopot) with 20,500 inhabitants. Prokom has a lot of loyal fans not only in Sopot, but in all 3miasto (Tri City - Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia). The team also reached the FIBA Champions Cup Final Four and lost just the final game against Aris Thessaloniki. The superstar of the team coached by Eugenijus Kijewski was the Slovenian forward Goran Jagodnik, who was the best scorer of the Polish League playoffs averaging 17.4 points for games, but the team was full of players well-known all over Europe. <<Back << BackwardsBackwards

5 Football Our city(Gdańsk) has great traditions. One of those is great passion for sports. We are quite big city so the interest is also big. On the first place is without doubts football. Almost every man is into football. Our city has one 60-years old team called Lechia Gdansk. It was established in 1945 after the Second World War, free of the influence from communism. << BackwardsBackwards Next >>

6 Football It is in the second Polish league but everyone that was interested in Polish football longer than since yesterday, knowS that club that was the Polish Cup winners in 1983 and played with Juventus Turyn in UEFA Cup. Those are old times. << BackwardsBackwards Next >><<Back

7 Football Now the case is a bit different. About six years ago due the frauds in administration,Lechia was forced to start the new beginning.Whats so great about our team ? you can ask."Fans!" I say. << BackwardsBackwards Next >><<Back

8 Football Even in the lowest stage of leagues performence there were about one thousand loyal supporters that were on each game.The atomsphere on the stadium is like on English games when thousands of football fans(supporters) are singing to hail their club.We can be proud of our supporters legacy. << BackwardsBackwards <<Back

9 Yachting Gdansk is an old city situated on the Baltic Sea. Sailing has been popular in Gdansk for a long time. This is because of wonderful windy weather and proper location near the coast line. << BackwardsBackwards Next >>

10 Yachting More and more young people are interested in that sport because it gives a lot of fun and developes such abilities like cooporation and working in group.This skill is very usefull in each part of our lives. << BackwardsBackwards Next >><<Back

11 Yachting The most popular boat-race classes are: Laser radial, Laser, 470, 420, 49er, Finn, Europe, L`equipe and Optymist. The leading clubsin in 3city are: Hestia Sopot, YKP Gdynia, AZS AWFiS Gdańsk and Arka Gdynia. << BackwardsBackwards <<Back

12 The End

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