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The Brio Unique to ENDOLITE

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1 The Brio Unique to ENDOLITE
Adjustable Heel Device Design Overview

2 Prosthetist’s choice! How many times have you heard an amputee wish they could choose shoes to suit their activity and not their alignment?

3 Personal choice! The Brio allows a quick and accurate adjustment of the plantar flexion alignment at the touch of a button Approximate range of heel height adjustment = 32mm for a 26cm foot

4 Barefoot and no knee pressure!
The beauty of the Brio is that it allows instant realignment of the foot for safe walking and also reduced stress from unsuitable moments acting on the proximal joints

5 Alignment Alignment as demonstrated in the trials is quite intuitive with the Brio and all amputees quickly learned to return the prosthesis to an appropriate plantar/dorsiflexion position for comfort and safety

6 Activity Settings Activities including Cycling and Golf will benefit from a suitably repositioned foot e.g. a dorsi-flexed foot makes pedalling a bike easier One trials amputee adjusts his foot for each golf shot to ensure a stable foot position on inclined fairways

7 Dimensions The Brio has a 30mm proximal clamp and a distal male pyramid The total length of the device is 107mm

8 Assembly Please ensure that the flat face of the Brio is facing forward with the adjustment on the anatomical right

9 High Heel Alignments Amputees who wish to wear high shoes will require a foot with a high pitch to match the shape of the shoe sole.

10 Low Heel Alignments Any standard foot will work well for amputees who prefer lower shoes and who wish to walk barefoot

11 Thank you

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