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Biomechanics and Technology Kim Nunley, Wendy Burson, Alena Floyd, and Louisa Pangilinan.

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1 Biomechanics and Technology Kim Nunley, Wendy Burson, Alena Floyd, and Louisa Pangilinan

2 Biomechanics & Technology  A few new technology items out now in regards to biomechanics  Not necessarily in sports  Picked items that sparked our own interest

3 Intro  Adidas 1 Running Shoes  Quill Mouse  Medilogic Foot Pressuring Measuring System  Oxysox  E3 Fitness Grips

4 Adidas 1 Running Shoes  15 billion dollar market

5 Running shoes compression – Why?  Cushioning: shoe’s means of decelerating the runner’s foot when heel strikes ground  Impulse-Momentum Relationship [Ft = m (v f – v i )]  Too hard – foot slows too quickly = shock felt in knees  Too soft – foot “bottoms out” and strikes ground too hard = another shock in the knees

6 Compression…cont…  Gel pads, air chambers, variable-density-foam mid-sole platforms, metal springs in hell  But Clarissa Flockhart doesn’t weigh the same as Warren Sapp! versus

7 Development of Adidas 1  Adidas innovation team in Portland & Herzogenaurach – started in 2001  3 years highly confidential in house development (50 people – names not available to public)  Goal: to make shoe adjust to changing conditions and runner’s particular style while in use

8 Development of Adidas 1…cont…  1 st – ideal cushioning range for runners?  sensor in top of heel of standard running shoes & smaller magnet in bottom of heel creating a magnetic field that the sensor could measure (Hall sensor)  Then invited testers to select shoes that felt were most comfortable – people were picking the same range of compression

9 Development of Adidas 1…cont…  Shoe has a battery-powered sensor, microprocessor, and electric motor

10 The sensor -  Battery-powered sensor – accurate to.1mm, 20,000 readings/second  Must change every 100 hours of use

11 The microprocessor -  Microprocessor is the embedded electronic brain which can make 10,000 calculations per second which directs the electric motor to change the cushioning of the shoe

12 The motor…  Electric Motor corrects cushioning throughout the run  Turns a screw that adjusts degree of cushioning


14 Other features -  Also, will have push-button controls, light- emitting displays with the settings  Instruction manual on CD-Rom

15 Save your money  Will be in stores December 2004  $250-300

16 Career & Internship Opportunities at Adidas…  For students with degree, can enter their internship program  Work 12-18 months, guaranteed a position in Portland OR Germany  Please send your application to via mail or email  adidas-Salomon AG Human Resources Emerging Employees Adi-Dassler-Platz 1-2 91074 Herzogenaurach Germany  Contact Persons: Trainee program Stefanie Albert Work placement (internship) Dagmar Jakob Stefanie Albert  http://www.adidas- me.asp

17 Quill Mouse

18 Repetitive Stress Injury  Disorder that occurs from prolonged, repetitious use of the hands  Results in pain, burning, swelling, weakness, tingling, numbness, and a loss of dexterity  Example: Carpal Tunnel Syndrome  Inflammation of the tendons and synovial sheaths within the carpal tunnel, ultimately leading to the compression of the median nerve

19 Who are most at risk?  People who use computers  Why?  Gripping of computer mice interrupts muscle function  Most mice do not support the wrist and hand  Wrists are constantly flexed, causing strain (“static posture”)  Using an ordinary mouse for more than 20 hours per week will likely lead to injury within 2- 5 years  “Postural Compensation”

20 The Solution… The Quill Mouse!

21 Benefits of the Quill Mouse  Allows you to work in a “Functional Neutral” position  Curved “wrist guard” stops the strain of wrists flexing  Sidewall and button mound allow for grip-less movement  Supports the wrist and hand  Maintains a low biomechanical load position  Is optical  Two models – one for left and right-handed people  Relaxed finger position  Windows and Mac compatible

22 Addition Information  Total cost (including shipping and handling)  $108.90 (U.S. and Canadian orders)  $99.95 + Air Mail (International Orders)

23 And, since most people travel 63 miles over their mouse mat…  The Quill Mouse Mat is now available  Surface works together with the materials of the Quill’s High Glide Feet  Reduces even more the effort required to mouse  Provides a visual reminder of good posture  Ensures you allocate the right amount of workspace  Dimensions: 8.5” X 10.75”  Cost $12.99

24 T & T Medilogic  Pressure Measuring Systems

25 Development & Research of Pressure Measuring Systems  Medilogic basic  Pressure measuring platform  Gait analysis  Belamed  Equilibrium testing

26 Medilogic Basic  Offers recording of the pressure load under foot while inside shoe  Wireless transmission – instant display of pressure values  High resolution of pressure load distribution – shoemakers, orthopedics, physical therapists

27 Description of System  Two thin flexible insoles – 64 sensors each, recording plantar pressure distribution  Wireless data modem – patient’s back (sends to computer)  Software – online display, graphically, isobaric color, 3D

28 For application in the field…  Orthopedic shoe manufacturing  Orthopedic  Neurology  Occupational medicine  Traumateology  Sport medicine

29 Pressure Measuring Platform  Anatomical aspects of foot derived by static pressure  Records pressure distribution under foot

30 Records…  Static/dynamic pressure under foot  Captures outline of foot  Evaluating progress in treatments

31 Description of the system…  measuring platform – 4096 sensors  software – windows  easy to use & evaluate

32 Others products – just to mention  Gait analysis – human locomotion, recording pressure under foot, angle progression  Belamed – insole for controlling load to leg during walking (after accident or surgery)  Equilibrium training – to train controlled movement of the center of gravity for balance (integrated in therapeutic & training sessions)

33 In the news…  Medilogic Foot Pressure system – used by German Olympic team to optimize fit of orthopedic appliances (insoles, bandages, etc…)

34 People behind these inventions…  Engineers of biomechanical training, physicians (own ideas that were demonstrated in their theses and dissertations)

35 Created by Dr. Graham Kelly, a vascular specialist with over 15 years of experience.

36 What Oxysox TM does  Reduces leg fatigue/pain post exercise  Gives better stability for injury prone areas  Increases calf muscle pump efficiency  Reduces Blistering  Is more durable – outlasts standard socks 3-4 time longer  Wicks sweat away  More….

37 The construction of Oxysox TM

38 How Oxysox TM works  Oxysox TM applies pressure to the lower extremities starting with the foot and narrowing off at the calf. This graduated pressure allows blood to return more rapidly to the heart and lungs; the result is improved circulation and a quicker return of oxygenated blood to the legs ~ enhanced athletic performance.

39 How Oxysox TM works  Oxysox TM also limits unnecessary muscle motion thereby keeping muscles intact, reducing fatigue, and allowing for quicker recovery.  The construction of the Oxysox TM offers support to the Achilles tendon, ankle, calf, and tibia. The support enhances the ability to reduce common foot and ankle injuries and provides support to those already injured.

40 Product styles  Crew  Calf  Over the calf  Same cuts with additional support/compression

41 Where to purchase Oxysox TM  Online  Stores New Balance Running Gear  Cost $16-$22/pair depending on the style on the style

42 Who uses Oxysox TM  Official performance sock of the NHL  Marathon runners  Basketball player Jerome Williams  Football player Scott Kowalski  More…

43 “Changing the Science of Body Movement”  Stephen Tamaribuchi, a consultant for the prevention of repetitive stain injuries developed the e 3 Fitness Grip; he has over twenty-years of experience in the field of human biomechanics and has worked with both sport and corporate athletes. Mr. Tamaribuchi served as a consultant to companies such as Microsoft, Apple, and HP. As a trainer, he worked with the CSU Sacramento Football team, tennis player Rod Laver, and six-time winner of the Hawaii Iron man Triathlon Dave Scott. Mr. Tamaribuchi earned both his Bachelor’s and Mater’s degrees from CSU Sacramento and also studied shiatsu acupressure.

44 What the e 3 Fitness Grips Do  Stabilizes the shoulder, back, and hips  Distributes weight more evenly throughout the foot

45 What the e 3 Fitness Grips Do  Causes weight to shift in a tighter formation closer to the midline of the body as well as in the foot; weight closer to the midline allows muscle recruitment to be more efficient throughout the leg, and body control is increased by using the e 3 Fitness Grips. Efficient muscle recruitment also indicates an increase in stability for the foot, ankle, knee, hip, and back. Standing on Right Foot for 10 seconds without the Fitness Grip Standing on Right Foot for 10 seconds with the Fitness Grip

46 How the e 3 Fitness Grips Work  The e 3 Fitness Grips work on the principle of stabilizing the shoulders, back, and hips. During normal use the average person displaces the shoulders, then the back, which in turn shifts the hip position. The hips and back are not always stable to start with, which makes the shoulder girdles susceptible to the forces that would pull it into an unstable position. Weight is shifted to the right; Right shoulder is dropped and so the back arches to compensate; The Right hip is dropped, primary muscle use in the legs is lateral; Right knee is rotated outward Right foot angles away from the midline of the body

47 How the e 3 Fitness Grips Work  The e 3 grips help modify mechanical behavior throughout the body by placing the shoulder and hip girdles in more natural stable positions and the axial skeleton in a balanced vertical alignment. Weight stays over the midline; shoulders are more stable and in a more level position; hips are level; knee tracks straight ahead (directly over the foot and under the hip), and the right foot aligns with the mid-line of the body and in the direction of travel. Weight stays over the midline; shoulders are more stable and in a more level position; hips are level; knee tracks straight ahead (directly over the foot and under the hip), and the right foot aligns with the mid-line of the body and in the direction of travel.

48 How the e 3 Fitness Grips Work  The natural stable position of the body is possible because the grip retrains the specific contraction pattern of a person’s fingers, thumb, and wrist into a neutral position that results in better body control, improved balance, and better results with less effort.

49 Product design  One type – “one- size-fits-all:  The design of the fitness grip is based on the palm width, which varies much less than the palm and finger length in most people.

50 Where to purchase  On-line at  Over the phone at (888) 590-GRIP  Price $40 + $6 (shipping) $40 + $6 (shipping) $70 + $7 – for 2 pairs $70 + $7 – for 2 pairs $100 – for 3 pairs $100 – for 3 pairs

51 Used to…  Decrease repetitive stress from physical action  Increase physical performance and strength Can be used almost anytime hands are free (walking, running, skating, sit-ups, etc…)

52 References…Adidas 1  Adidas News Page  New York Times 00&en=be49777996967a2c&ei=5070 00&en=be49777996967a2c&ei=5070 00&en=be49777996967a2c&ei=5070  Popular Mechanics Web Page  Gizmodo Web Page  Adidas Products  Adidas Press Releases

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54 References…Medilogic  Medilogic Press Page ontext1.htm ontext1.htm ontext1.htm  Medilogic Home Page

55 References…Oxysox, e 3 Grips 3e 3 Fitness Grips Home Page Oxysox Home Page

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