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How to Hold the Discus Edge of fingertips over rim of discus Discus should sit in the hand, don’t grab on to discus.

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1 How to Hold the Discus Edge of fingertips over rim of discus Discus should sit in the hand, don’t grab on to discus

2 Drop Discus Out of Hand Teaches thrower the correct direction for the discus to come out of the hand

3 Bowling the Discus Another drill to work on releasing the discus in the proper direction Works on a little stronger release

4 Swing Discus Back & Forth in Hand Try not to cup discus in hand Try to keep throwing hand on top off discus, use centrifugal for to keep discus in hand

5 Throw Discus Vertically Make sure discus comes out of hand in the right direction Try not to make the discus wobble too much in flight Throw 2-5 feet above head

6 Throw Discus for Height Use leg extension to give discus more height Good drill for timing leg extension and arm strike

7 “Stand-throw” from Knee Good drill to work on throwing discus parallel to the ground Throwing from knees allows focus to be on upper body mechanics

8 Stand-throw from a Squared-up Position Similar to throwing from knee but allows for a bigger range of motion Also works on timing leg extension with arm strike

9 Stand-throw with Discus Wind back with weight over the outside of the ball of the right foot Start off with a non reverse stand throw

10 Stand-throw with Throwing Ball Throwing into wall allows for lots of repetition in a short amount of time Wall can help with alignment

11 Reverse with Hands on Hips Hands on hips allow focus to be on lower body This is a good drill to start the introduction of the reverse

12 Stand-throw with Reverse Keep head neutral during delivery Don’t watch discus during the reverse

13 Half-turn with Hands on Hips Hands on hips allows lower body to being the driving force of rotational movement Land in heel-toe alignment

14 Half-turn with Stick Stick helps let thrower know where their shoulders are during the drill Helps keep shoulders back during the drill

15 Half-turn with Discus (cupped)

16 Half-turn and Release w/Ball Ball helps slow down the movement so the thrower doesn’t rush through positions

17 Half-turn and Release w/Discus Keep weight back on right foot during this drill Make sure feet land in heel-toe alignment with shoulders back

18 Step-in with Discus (cupped) Keep weight over pivot foot in the middle of the ring Great drill to work on the right foot pivot Right foot should touch down facing the toward sector

19 Step-in with Discus to Stand-throw Two part drill to work on right foot pivot, followed by a stand throw Two parts allows throwers to focus more easily on two aspects of the throw

20 Step-in

21 South-African with Discus (cupped) Drill works on movement through the ring without having to worry about executing a full turn out of the back.

22 ¼ Turn to South-African to Stand-throw Drill allows thrower to break the turn out of the back into two parts

23 South-African over a Towel Towel drill allows thrower to focus on driving across the ring Good drill for throwers who aren’t covering enough ring

24 South-African

25 Float-Float-Sting Teaches turning rhythm Can be done from yards Should be done at a relaxed pace

26 Run Into South-African Use this drill to teach aggressive drive across ring Can be used for people who have a hard time driving straight across ring after turn out of back

27 360-Degree Turn Drill Good drill to introduce the turn out of the back of the ring Keep sweep leg wide and no more than 6 inches off the ground during the drill

28 360-Degree Turn Drill with Stick Stick helps you feel if shoulders are level during the turn

29 360-Degree Turn Drill w/Discus

30 360-Degree Turn Drill Reaching for Cone Allows thrower to work on getting sweep leg wider Set the cone just out of reach of the sweep leg Keep shoulders level while sweeping leg

31 360-Degree Turn Drill Around Cone Helps thrower work on extending sweep leg early at the start of the throw Make sure not to raise sweep leg too high in the drill

32 450-Degree Turn Drill to South African Makes thrower to relax more as they turn out of the back because they have to turn past 360.

33 Full Technique to Power Position Cup discus in hand while turning to power position Settle on right leg in middle to hold body in power position Perform stand throw after landing in power position

34 Full Throw with Throwing Ball Good exercise for developing special strength Allows thrower to feel the “implement” through the whole orbit

35 Full Throw with Discus (Non-reverse) Keep right foot turning in the middle of the ring Focus on long pull at delivery

36 Full Throw with Reverse Make sure not to watch discus when reversing

37 Full Throw with Traffic Cone Allows thrower to feel the “implement” Slows throw down so throwers don’t rush through positions Good drill to cure “scooping”

38 360-Degree Turn to Full Throw 360 before the full throw allows thrower to maintain a good turning rhythm as they go into the full throw Drill is designed to prevent rushing out the back of the ring

39 Full Throw (Top View)

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