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Zeno Hardware Technical Specifications 16 levels of dynamic pressure

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1 PKMAS and Zeno Walkway System ProtoKinetics LLC Michael Rowling Kristen Larsen

2 Zeno Hardware Technical Specifications 16 levels of dynamic pressure
0.4’’ square sensors on 0.5’’ centers over sensing array Dual control sensing elements avert false firing Three Layer Walkway (0.5’’ height) Base Layer: -Flexible linoleum with sloped rubber edging facilitates smooth transitions onto walkway Middle Layer: -Protects sensing technology and circuitry -Reduces curling of the edges Top Cover: -Carpet or flexible linoleum with a variety of patterns -Velcro edge lining secures layers Customization: match your lab and research needs Top cover Pattern Size 8’ 12’ 14’ 16’ 20’ 26’ 2’ x 4’

3 Zeno Walkway Setup The 2x16 Zeno mat ships in two boxes.
To setup, first roll out the base layer. Then, roll the sensing carpet out with its circuitry fitting into the base. Complete the walkway by securing the top cover in place with its Velcro edges. To record a walk, use the Zeno box to connect the walkway to the USB port of the computer with PKMAS software installed.

4 Powered by PKMAS Software
Data collection, processing, and analysis software for: Zeno Walkway GAITRite platinum series Encryption key for data security Multiple pass trials Minimum volume ellipse bounded footprints 114 primary and computed gait parameters COP, COMe, step/stride length, foot area, Coefficient of Variation, Left/Right Ratio, cadence, Toe In/Out angle, Path Efficiency Export gait measurements Develop Custom Protocols Walking (with or without dual tasking), TUG, Figure 8’s, FSST, 360° turns, Fukuda Step Test, side stepping, unilateral and bilateral stability

5 Syncing Push-button switch
User marks change of event during recording for quick referencing during analysis Binary square pulse Zeno Interactive Module Use with PKMAS for lights and tones Built-in random delay features Ideal for gait initiation Wireless XBEE input Inclinometer Devices Cup & Tray Dual Tasking Track upper body movement( X, Y) Internal Metronome 40 BPM-208 BPM Sync Output (3.5mm Stereo Jack) TTL Pulse Logitech Video Camera 1-2 cameras Synchronized video and footfalls

6 PKMAS Angles Projection Angle of Stride
Vector from heel of one foot to consecutive heel of the same foot (degrees) Useful in non-linear walking to describe movement direction at any point in time PKMAS step length considers direction of progression for optimal measurement accuracy Minimum Volume Bounding Ellipse Computes ellipse with the smallest area that wholly encloses all sensors of a footfall Ellipse’s major axis used to determine foot placement angle Reliable over gait patterns with anomalies Ellipse theory considers the shape of entire footfall incomplete and asymmetric footfalls will display less error than competitive techniques

7 Center of Mass Estimated
Exclusive COMe algorithm based on velocity and direction of pressure sensor activation Algorithm tested in varying conditions against state of the art motion capture systems at two major US research institutions COM data (red) plotted against PKMAS COMe calculation (green).

8 Gait Measurements Display Gait Measurements table in PKMAS for statistical and step by step quantitative values Easily navigate from any footfall measure to the first or last contact time on walkway Measures include: Toe/Heel Location Foot length, width, area Step/stride time, length, width Stance, swing, gait cycle Stance, swing, single/double support percent Velocity, cadence Foot angle, direction of progression Left to Right Ratios

9 Exporting to Excel Export directly from Gait Measurement table to effortlessly create plots Graphing the Left/Right Ratio provides a meaningful depiction of asymmetrical variables

10 The ProtoKinetics Advantage
PKMAS Platform Advanced and Accurate Measurements Verified, Validated and Certified Capable of processing many walk files that competitors cannot User-friendly, Precise Documentation Continuous software growth Excellent Technical support Testing Protocols Incorporate new measurements Multiple passes and turning trials Zeno Interactive Module Zeno Walkway 16 levels of pressure Protected sensing technology Available in 2’ and 4’ widths Certifications ISO 13485:2003 CE Marked

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