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Toastmasters – A Look At What Is Happening In Our Organization Richard E. Peck, DTM International Director 2013 - 2015.

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1 Toastmasters – A Look At What Is Happening In Our Organization Richard E. Peck, DTM International Director 2013 - 2015

2 In this session you will: Learn about how our organization is doing overall Learn about opportunities that exist for you to help direct and grow our organization, and Hear about some exciting “Coming Attractions” Objectives

3 A Brief History

4 1924 – First Toastmasters meeting held 1933 – 20 Toastmasters clubs 1935 – First district formed 1935 – First Toastmasters club chartered outside the United States 1938 – Charter #100 presented Clubs

5 1928 – First Toastmasters manual was published 1942 – Basic Training introduced 1980s – Advanced Communication and Leadership Program completely integrated 1984 – Basic Communication and Leadership Program revised 2006 – Competent Leader manual introduced Education Programs

6 Where Are We Now

7 292,000+ members 14,300+ clubs 122 countries, with the most recent being: Afghanistan Antiqua/Barbuda Cambodia Colombia Dominica Israel Laos Rwanda Toastmasters 2013 - 2014

8 Member Retention

9 International President George Yen refers to retention as our Achilles Heel Achilles Heel – a seemingly small weakness that can potentially lead to an organization’s downfall Attrition each year is to be expected Healthy, thriving member-based organizations have much higher retention rates Why? Retention

10 Opportunities to speak An inspiring, motivating club environment Positive challenge Club and district leaders they respect Professionalism Listening to other speakers and learning from them Retention (Member Satisfaction)

11 Club and district politics Overbearing leaders A lack of structure Hearing the same speakers again and again Pressure to become more involved Retention (Member Dissatisfaction)

12 We each have the ability to make the member experience a positive one by: Sharing opportunities Encourage each other Provide honest, supportive evaluation and feedback Make everyone feel welcome Ensure that your club is focused on communication and leadership skill-building Retention (How To Increase)

13 Opportunities For You To Help

14 Research tells us that most successful clubs – those with the greatest member satisfaction – have a solid mentor program Mentoring will be a critical aspect of the revitalized education program and will include a formal process for: Selecting mentors Pairing mentor and mentees, and Rules of engagement Mentoring

15 The role of mentor is key to ensure endurance and provide guidance Many members rely on their mentors for encouragement, feedback, and for grasping a better understanding of the club Working with a mentor increases confidence and assures a more polished speech Mentoring (Benefits)

16 Effective leaders are needed at all levels within the organization and valuable in helping to direct and grow our organization. Club Officers District Officers What opportunities exist beyond the club and district? Leadership Opportunities

17 Region Advisors are tasked with helping districts achieve their goals by: Assessing each district’s marketing system Providing mentoring and training in marketing Leading conference calls Facilitating district leader training Visiting districts Region Advisor

18 International Directors serve the entire organization in a strategic role in the boardroom by: Participating on committees Participating in strategic-plan development Financial oversight and budget approval Determining high-level policy direction and reviewing and approving policies Demonstrating global perspective International Director ( In Boardroom)

19 International Directors also serve the organization out of the boardroom by: Visiting districts as an organizational ambassador Collaborate with the region advisor Interact with members to maintain awareness of the organization Act as an ambassador for the organization at all times Out of the Boardroom

20 Coming Attractions

21 Customized learning, based on the core competencies, that fits your personal needs Earlier recognition to reward success and encourage continuing achievement Projects that challenge you, require increased effort as you progress and result in demonstrable proficiency gains A formalized mentoring program Online access and achievement tracking Revitalized Education Program (REP)

22 Meet other Toastmasters around the world Access a knowledgebase of tips, tools, and frequently asked questions Access different communities based on your role, interests, and geographies Get real-time updates from your club, district, or Toastmasters International Post videos And Much, Much, more The Meeting Room

23 2014 Toastmasters International Convention will be held at the Kuala Lumpur Convention Center 5,000 attendees expected It will truly highlight the global nature of our organization Toastmasters International Convention

24 The first official Toastmasters meeting was held in the basement of a YMCA in Santa Ana, CA, on October 22, 1924 In October of 2014, Toastmasters International will celebrate its 90 th anniversary Plan something fun to celebrate in your district World Headquarters will provide resources The 90 th Anniversary

25 District Leader Title Changes Current TitleNew Title District GovernorDistrict Director District # Lieutenant Governor Education and Training Program Quality Director District # Lieutenant Governor MarketingClub Growth Director District # SecretaryAdministration Manager TreasurerFinance Manager Public Relations OfficerPublic Relations Manager Sergeant at ArmsLogistics Manager Division GovernorDivision Director Area GovernorArea Director

26 Q&A

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