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Craig Christie – Your steps to becoming a property developer.

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1 Craig Christie – Your steps to becoming a property developer

2 DISCLAIMER The information and strategies contained in this presentation/publication are provided by the author and/or publishing company as generalizations which they have formulated. They are not offering the information and strategies as financial, accounting, legal, investment, and/ or tax advice, and are not offering the advice as advice to be relied upon. Readers, viewers and purchasers must obtain specific financial, accounting, legal, investment, and/or tax advice from their professional advisor. Any testimonials included may not represent typical results. The results obtained by following the strategies will vary, according to the skill and experience of the user, and therefore are not guaranteed. Specific experiences and past performances do not guarantee future results. This presentation/publication and its presenters do not offer any financial advice. Nor do they recommend that the information contained in this presentation/publication be construed in any such way. The producers and presenters/publishers insist that any financial action taken by, (or on behalf of) the purchaser or viewer of this material, is at the INDIVIDUALS OWN RISK and PROFESSIONAL, FINANCIAL AND LEGAL ADVICE should always be sought, when relating to matters of this nature.

3 What are we going to cover tonight? Who is Craig Christie and ASI Planning? What is Town Planning? The three different types of Town Planners When buy and hold is not working – add value!

4 The two parts to land use control RiskSMART – Strange word, what does it mean? When and How to use a Town Planner Subdivision of corner block example Question Time

5 Who is Craig Christie and ASI Planning

6 What is Town Planning?

7 The Three different types of Town Planners City Planners – Strategic Planners Assessment Planners Consulting Planners

8 The Two Parts to Land Use Control Zoning Maps Planning Schemes


10 Zoning Maps

11 Specific Development controls – ie height, density, setbacks, open space, carparking req’s etc Planning Schemes Different Assessment Levels for different land uses – Self Assessable, Code Assessable, Impact Assessable

12 Brisbane RiskSMART

13 When and How to Use a Town Planner?

14 Myth Busting

15 Subdivision of the back yard/ corner block


17 Questions

18 Thankyou Thank You

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