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Dielectric Elastomers

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1 Dielectric Elastomers
AE 510: Research Project Presentation By: Carl Johnson October 22, 2002

2 How Dielectric Elastomers Work
Dielectric Elastomers have a polymer (aka plastic) film between two electrodes When an electric field is induced between the electrodes the electrostatic forces cause a change in shape (see figure) Ref. 1

3 Governing Equation of Dielectric Elastomers
p=e*e0*E2 Where: p is effective compressive stress e is relative dielectric constant e0 is permittivity of free space (a constant) E is strength of electric field between diodes

4 Advantages of Dielectric Elastomers
Similar materials include: Shape memory alloys (SMA) Piezoelectrics Compared to these dielectric elastomers have: Higher energy density Lower weight Higher efficiencies Higher maximum strains

5 Dielectric Elastomer Comparison Chart
Shape Memory Alloys Piezoelectrics Dielectric Elastomers Note Similarity of Dielectric Elastomers and Natural Muscle

6 Applications: Actuators
Dielectric elastomers are well suited to actuators Their similarity to natural muscle makes them ideal for use on robots (see right) They could also be used to motivate insect-like micro UAVs Dielectric elastomers could be used for human prostheses and make the six million dollar man a reality (see title slide)

7 Applications: Heel-Strike Generator
DoD is using dielectric elastomers to develop a heel-strike generator to go in soldiers boots that would generate electricity just from walking A dielectric elastomer generator works like an actuator in reverse (mechanical-to-electrical instead of electrical-to-mechanical energy)

8 References: Pelrine, Ron et al. “High Strain Actuator Materials Based on Dielectric Elastomers.” SRI International Wingert, Andrew et al. “Hyper-Redundant Robot Manipulators Actuated by Optimized Binary Dielectric Elastomers.” Smart Structures and Materials Symposium 2002. SRI International Comparison Tables/Charts Bar-Cohen, Yoseph. “Electroactive Polymers as Artificial Muscles – Capabilities, Potentials and Challenges.” Robotics 2000 and Space Albuquerque, NM Pelrine, Ron. And Kornbluh, Roy. “Recent Progress in Heel-strike Generators using Electroactive Polymers.” Zorpette, Glenn. “Fly on the Wall.” Red Herring Magazine. October 2000.

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