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Reported Speech.

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1 Reported Speech

2 Mr Rule: Hello, Boys and Girls! Let`s Start.

3 Direct and Reported Speech (Понятие о прямой и косвенной речи )
Прямая речь - это речь, переданная дословно, без изменений. Перед прямой речью или после нее стоит предложение, вводящее в прямую речь: Лена сказала Нине: «Я хочу обедать» Lena told Nina, “ I want to have dinner.” Косвенная речь - это способ передачи чужой речи. Она представляет собой придаточное предложение, которому предшествует главное или следует за ним. Лена сказала Нине, что хочет обедать. Lena told Nina that she wanted to have dinner.

4 Замена обстоятельств времени и места, указат. местоимений (прошед
Замена обстоятельств времени и места, указат.местоимений (прошед. время в главном предл.) today – that day tonight – that night yesterday – the day before tomorrow – the next day a week ago - a week before last year – the year before next year- the following year this evening – that evening now – then this – that these – those here - there Меняются и модальные глаголы Shall – should Will - would Can – could May – might Must – had to Have - had

5 Согласование времен (прошедшее время в главном предл)
Согласование времен (прошедшее время в главном предл) Present Simple Present Progres Present Perfect Past Simple Future Simple Past Progres. Past Perfect works is working has worked worked will work was working had worked would work Fut-in the-Past

6 Reported Statements He said, "I know it.“ He said that he knew it.
He said to me: "I have seen you somewhere.“ He told me that he had seen me somewhere

7 Practice Reported Statements (Прошедшее время в главном предл.)
She said, “I wasn`t happy when I smoked.” “I got my exam results last week,” Dan said. “We won`t be late again,” boys said to him. Dad said, ”There is too much violence on TV.” “I am going to a party tonight,” she told her Mum. “I have never done it,” she said.

8 Глаголы говорения Statements Commands Questions
add-добавить, agree-согласиться, answer-ответить, explain-объяснить, know-знать say-говорить,сказать, tell-сообщить, think-думать, understand-понимать аsk-просить, advise-советовать, offer-предлагать-, order-приказать, suggest-предложить-, tell-велеть. аsk-спросить, want to know-хотеть знать, wonder-интересоваться

9 Reported Statements. Jack told the policeman, “I have lost my passport.” Henry said to me, “I didn1t take your car.” Mary said, “I don`t to wear my old dress.” My friend told me, “We have a lot of time.” I said to my sister, “George has written me a long letter.” Kate said to me, “I feel very bad.’’

10 Reported Commands The leader said to the children,
“Go straight to the north.” The leader said to the children “Go straight to the north.” to The leader told the children go straight to the north. The leader told the children to go straight to the north.

11 Practice Reported commands.
“Come to me at 7p.m.,” she said to Ann. “Read the text once more,” the teacher advised. He offered, “Take my pen. It is OK.” “Help me, please,” the girl asked. Mother asked Kate, “Don`t see this film.” Jane asked brother, “Bring me a book.”

12 Reported Commands. I said to Jack, “Please give me your book.”
Mary said to her secretary, “Take the letter to the Post office, please.” The teacher said to Tom, “Collect the papers and put them on my table”. Grandpa said to the girl, “Don`t run across the street.” Jack said to the policeman, “Tell me the time please.” My friend said,”Wait for me at the cinema, please”.

13 Reported Questions “Can you consult me?” he said.
if He asks I could consult him . He asks if I could consult him.

14 Practice Reported Questions.
Use asks/ asked, wants/wanted to know, wondered The boy – mother: “Can you do sums?” Teacher – pupils: “ Are you ready for the lesson?” Arthur – Kate: “Do you always do your maths yourself?” I – my friend: “Would you like to see this film?” Doctor - the patient: “Have you taken the medicine I gave you?” The boy – a teacher: “May I open the window? Tom – his sister: “Did you come late yesterday?” They – us: “Will you celebrate New Year together?”

15 Practice Special Questions.
He asked, "When did you see him?“ He asked when I had seen him. I asked my friend, ”How do you feel after holidays?” Ann asked Mary, “What do you usually have for breakfast?” The teacher asked Bob, “When did you learn to swim?” I asked her, ‘Who gave you this watch?” I asked Tim, “Why didn`t you answer my letter?’ I asked him, “What are you looking at?” Tom asked the teacher, “Where is this town located?” The police officer said, “When did you see the thief?”

16 Well Done, Boys and Girls! See You later!

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