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Stokesley School Engineering Careers Evening. Stewart Brennan BEng(hons) CEng FIMechE Jay Brooks BEng(hons) CEng MIMechE.

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1 Stokesley School Engineering Careers Evening

2 Stewart Brennan BEng(hons) CEng FIMechE Jay Brooks BEng(hons) CEng MIMechE

3 What is engineering?

4 What is Engineering? “Scientists investigate that which already is; Engineers create that which has never been” Albert Einstein

5 Hans Christian Ørsted - Physicist

6 Design, develop, produce… Engineering is about… Engineers make things, they make things work and they make things work better Engineers use their creativity to design and make solutions to the World’s problems Engineers work in teams with other Engineers and non-Engineers

7 Which involve engineering? Providing water Health & medicine Gadgets galore Fashion & beauty Creating cars Climate Change Food Built environment Sport





12 AUTOMOTIVE 1.6 million vehicles 80% exported 1972’s peak production will be exceeded in 2017 AEROSPACE 2 nd largest aerospace industry in the World Rolls Royce 50% market share of widebody aircraft engines

13 CONSTRUCTION 3 million jobs in the UK 10% total UK employment £50 billion new infrastructure investment SPACE UK major producer of satellites High growth rate industry 15% employment growth/year

14 OIL & GAS UK’s largest industrial sector Unconventional gas new growth area LIFE SCIENCES 380 Pharmaceutical companies in UK 59% of UK’s manufacturing R&D spend Active Biotechnology and Biomedical sectors

15 RENEWABLES Offshore wind Biomass power stations Commercial and Domestic Solar PV, Biomass, Wind ….. NUCLEAR New nuclear build at Hinkley Point Huge projects of national importance


17 “UK 4th most competitive global manufacturing nation” Boston Consulting Group - 2014

18 Petrochemicals, Chemicals & Pharmaceuticals Manufacture on Teesside

19 School subjects lead to real world engineering Maths Physics Design and Technology ICT Biology Chemistry English

20 What’s in it for you? Loads of different types of roles – such as: Design Research & Development Operations & Maintenance Production Buying Management of Engineering Project Management Opportunities to travel and meet interesting people Plus the money isn’t bad either…

21 How much do you get paid?

22 Typical median, basic salaries… Chartered Engineer £63,000/year* Incorporated Engineer £45,000/year Engineering Technician £40,000/year Based on Engineering Council Survey 2013 * Increased +14% since 2010

23 Are there enough jobs available? Engineering Graduates 20,855/year*  Needed 42,000 Level 4+ Engineering 51,000/year  Needed 87,000 Level 3 Apprentices23,000/year  Needed 69,000 Based on Engineering UK 2014 Report * 16% women

24 Professional Qualifications… CEng, IEng, EngTech Once in work, consider becoming professionally registered and earn the right to use letters after your name Registration requires a combination of qualifications and work experience Some degree courses are accredited and will give you a head start Learn more from the Engineering Council – And the Engineering Institutions here tonight!!!

25 Why I recommend engineering… Being part of a creative process Designing solutions to meet customers’ needs Testing and improving technology Range of roles and responsibilities Working in a multidisciplinary team Doing something different every day Good salaries are achievable

26 Now it’s up to you!

27 Stokesley Engineering Careers evening Here tonight: Engineering Institutions Teesside University Apprentice Training schools Employers & Businesses Plus Videos in the Cyber Cafe


29 TimeRoom 1Room 2Room 4 7.00 – 7.20 Johnson Matthey Jacobs Analox 7.20 – 7.40 AMEC Foster Wheeler Jacobs Labman 7.40 - 8.00 Johnson Matthey Express Engineering KHome 8.00 – 8.20 BOC AnaloxLabman Short presentations schedule Please return to Main Hall at 8.30pm

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