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Introduction to Chapter 9 The Book Survey Method of Bible Study.

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1 Introduction to Chapter 9 The Book Survey Method of Bible Study

2 The Book Survey Method- Looking at one book as a whole-tonight’s study The Chapter Analysis Method- Looking at an analysis of a book chapter by chapter- next week’s study. The Book Synthesis Method- To summarize and condense what you have learned from the previous studies to derive the full benefit of an in depth Bible Study-two weeks from tonight.

3 A survey of a book of the Bible designed to give you a “bird’s eye view” of a book as a whole This study involves gaining a sweeping overview of an entire book to gain an understanding of the writer’s purpose, theme, structure, and content.

4 Critical first part of a three step in depth Bible study- Survey, Analysis, Synthesis. It provides direction for your next two methods. It keeps your interpretation balanced. It helps to prevent error in interpretation based on context.

5 Several Contemporary versions of the Bible A Bible Handbook A Study Bible is helpful A Bible Dictionary or Encyclopedia See list on page 172 of your text for more information and suggestions.

6 3. Do a Background Study 1. Read the Book in One Sitting 2. Make Notes on what you read. 4. Make a horizontal Chart of the Book’s Contents 5. Make a Tentative Outline of the Book 6. Write a brief Personal Application

7 Since this method calls for a background study, why not continue the study you have begun with the background study you performed for tonight? That will save you some time and effort. For the next three weeks, if you can work together on any part of this, it will make it easier of each of you who choose to work together.

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