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Center for Academic Advancement Presented by the Academic Advising Center 607-274-1001 130A Rothschild Place Welcome Class of 2018!

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1 Center for Academic Advancement Presented by the Academic Advising Center A Rothschild Place Welcome Class of 2018! Follow us on

2 Center for Academic Advancement Academic Advising Center (AAC) Tutoring Services Student Accessibility Services (SAS) Office of State Grants (OSG) Higher Education Opportunity Program (HEOP) Organizational Structure

3 Tutoring Services 110 Towers Concourse Free Peer Tutoring is offered for Ithaca students in over 50 courses! Depending on the course, students may be assigned to small or large Peer Learning Groups. Individual tutoring is also provided. Students can request a tutor after the end of the first week of classes

4 Student Accessibility Services (SAS) 110 Towers Concourse SAS partners with students, faculty and staff to develop and implement accommodation plans that provide equal access to academic programs. The SAS web site has complete information about procedures for registering with the office, how to submit documentation of a disability and services provided by SAS

5 Academic Advising Center Room 130A Rothschild Place Office Hours 8:30 am – 5:00 pm Monday – Friday Drop In Hours 9:00 am – 4:00 pm Monday -- Friday Phone: www.

6 I Ryan Delany Randy DeVett-McKeon Megan Gallagher Mel Jensen Kerry Spitze Meet the Professional Academic Advisors at the AAC!

7 Academic Advising Center (AAC) Assist students with creating informed academic plans Connect students to campus resources Help students explore academic options and identify strengths Support & advocate for students Teach students to take ownership of their academic path and plans Mentor students

8 Faculty Advisors Students assigned a faculty advisor – major and minor Meet faculty advisor prior to registration to plan major coursework Ask specific questions about major and/or classes in major Receive guidance regarding major profession (internships, career options, networking, graduate school, etc.) Academic Advisors Academic advisors can meet with any student – not assigned Meet with academic advisor when uncertain about where to go or what to do Help with getting prepared for meetings with faculty advisor Help with exploring other majors/options, minors, etc. Understanding the ICC General questions Advising at IC

9 What do you need to graduate? 120 credits MINIMUM Courses required for your MAJOR Courses required for the ICC Courses required for MINOR or CONCENTRATION (if you have one)

10 Integrative Core Curriculum What is the ICC? Set of liberal arts courses -- provide common academic experience for all Ithaca College students What skills do you gain from the ICC? Integrative thinking Critical and analytical problem solving Reflective learning What classes do I take? Begin with the Ithaca College Seminar (ICSM 105) You will choose other courses from designated lists throughout your time at IC Where do I go with questions? and/or the Academic Advising Center

11 ICC Quick Summary Grid Electronic Learning Portfolio

12 Themes & Seminars For more information on each theme as well as seminars in each theme, check out: To check for class availability, go through HomerConnect

13 AP & Transfer Credit AP or transfer credit? Make sure your faculty advisor is aware

14 College Speak College is about new experiences – and a whole new vocabulary. Terms and acronyms and phrases can be confusing. Review the College Speak handout so that you can more effectively plan for registration and engage in conversations with faculty.College Speak handout

15 What to do Today This Afternoon Passport to Success Attend School Academic Overview Attend the Themes Exploration Find out what themes interest you Advisors are available during the themes exploration to answer questions! Tonight Attend Schedule Preparation Choose 10 possible IC Seminars Take Quantitative Literacy Readiness/Math Placement Exam by 11:59pm tonight Have fun!

16 Want Free Stuff?? Complete the “Assessing Our Session” handout Want to be entered in IC Bookstore gift card drawing? – Complete the entry form (Name/IC ) – Winner will be announced at Theme Exploration!

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