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Bruce Winner Los Rios CCD What do employers want in an employee? Always in the top 5!

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1 Bruce Winner Los Rios CCD

2 What do employers want in an employee? Always in the top 5!


4 Based on a 15-page White Paper on the same subject available at the close of this session.

5 Most people in the workplace don’t have a consistent method for solving problems.

6  Procrastination  Efficiency / Effectiveness  Biases (Recency, Ego Depletion, and many, many more)  Trail of Evidence

7 Find, learn, and then use a consistent problem solving method. Could it be that easy?

8  Are there courses at CALHR to foster and develop these skills? YES! Introduction to Analytical Skills Essential Analytical Skills Problem Solving Skills and Methodology Critical Thinking Skills Completed Staff Work

9 Many employees lack a set of tools to use as they go through the steps of problem solving and decision making.

10 Find some effective tools, learn how to use them, and go to work.


12 Steps in Problem SolvingCorresponding CALHR tools or courses Define the problem Formulating and asking good questions Brainstorming Get to the root of the problem (root cause analysis) Fishbone diagrams Drill Down Five Whys Generate alternatives and choose the best one Plus Minus Interesting Grid Analysis Implement the solution and show the Results Project Management Writing Classes (many at CALHR) Presentation Skills Evaluate the outcome and plan next steps Critical Thinking Project Management

13 Having access to more information doesn’t necessarily lead to better decisions; in fact it often results in worse decisions.

14 Use critical thinking skills to minimize the information you wish to analyze then critically evaluate what you have.

15 SOME METHODS Discard information from unreliable sources Combine similar information CT Questions to eliminate bias and redundant information

16 Multitasking may save time, but it lowers the quality of our decision making.

17 When engaged with problem solving or decision making, focus on a single task.

18 Be attentive in short spans of time Batch your emails BUT there is MORE!

19 Explore what other firms, agencies, and organizations are using…  Positive Psychology,  Emotional Intelligence, and  Mindfulness **SOME EXAMPLES?**

20 Google – Search Inside Yourself The US Army – Resilience Training for Soldiers and Their Families CALPERS – The C.O.R.E Journey – Diana Wright and Dee Hansford See my blog of this same title at

21 Don’t miss the opportunity with CALHR to EXPERIMENT!

22 Join us as we collaborate in the world’s largest Training Organization - ASTD or now ATD Tonight’s SIG – Wed, June 11 th E-Learning or Instructional Designers and A training and development meeting monthly – Friday, June 27 th is the First Annual Roadshow at CALSTRS!

23 Good luck on your path to creating better problem solvers and superior decision makers in your agencies! Remember to pick up your Complimentary white paper – on Overcoming the FOUR Dilemmas of PS and DM! Bruce Winner Los Rios CCD And go to my blog to download… “What do Google, the US Army, and CALPERS Have in Common?” www.Get

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