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Sunday, October 27, 2013 As-Salaam Alaikum! Welcome!

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1 Sunday, October 27, 2013 As-Salaam Alaikum! Welcome!


3  Welcome  Opening Prayer-Sister Georgina  Scriptural Reading-Sister Erika  Educational Reference from the Teachings of The Most Honorable Elijah Muhammad-Sister Lakisa  Tonight’s Discussion will include two short video presentations related to the topic-Sister Rita  Q&A  How can we serve you?-Sister Niambi  Websites of the Month-Sister Kadara  Announcements-Sister Isabel  Closing Prayer-Sister Dawn  Chat/Additional Questions

4  In the Name of Allah, the Beneficent, the Merciful, I bear witness that there is no God but Allah and I bear witness that Muhammad is his Messenger.  As-Salaam Alaikum Family!


6 We Must Teach Our Own.

7 The Question of Socialization  Have you ever been asked this question?  What was your response?  Let’s talk about it!!!!

8  The objective of tonight’s call is to discuss Socialization from the perspective of N.O.I. Homeschoolers.  How do we raise Our Muslim Children?  What activities do and can we involve our children in?  The many advantages of Homeschooling in this time.

9 The Definition of So – cial – ize (the root word)is: To make social or to fit or to train for a social environment. DO WE WANT OUR CHILDREN TO FIT INTO THIS WORLD?….. OF COURSE NOT!

10 To be respectful and kind to others, to act appropriately in any given situation, And to be successful in life. ******** Most people would say that they want their children to learn to function in a group setting, to learn to respect others, and to have the ability to get along with people of all ages…all races, and every socioeconomic group.”

11 Why do people choose to homeschool: Well,  31%are concerned with safety, alcohol, tobacco, drugs and bullying.  30% want to introduce morals and values at a higher level.  and  16% were dissatisfied with academics in other schools

12  We are locked in the house all day(LOL:)  We are fanatics(LOL:)  NOT TRUE in the least!!!!!! We are just trying to provide a quality education for our children

13 Let’s take a look at a Homeschool Mom who shares tips about Homeschool Socialization.

14  Don’t they want to go to school?  Do they have any friends?  Are they isolated?  Do they know how to socialize?  Are they bored?  NOOOOOO!!!!!!

15  “I’ve seen the village and I don’t want it socializing my children.”  “Socialization? That is why I homeschool.”  “The last thing I need is what you call socialization.”  “We want our kids civilized, not socialized.”  “I’m not relying on the state to socialize my kids.”  “What swear word do you think my children don’t already know.”

16  Muslims  Little Gods  Prayerful  Charitable  Intelligent  Enterprising  Well Adjusted  Confident  A Light for the Youth  And Involved in their Communities and Mosques  To name a few…

17  To Raise God Fearing Children  Praying Children  Moral Children  Children with Integrity  Intelligent Children  Compassionate Children  Enterprising Children  Serving Children(in our communities)  And Children who want to build A Nation( Our Nation of Islam)

18  Our Children have time for prayer throughout the day  They can study Islamic Studies daily  They can work in a quiet and peaceful environment without having to worry about bullying  They can engage in Inspiring Conversations with their parents and siblings at anytime ( those are spectacular!  There is increased Sibling Unity and Family Bonding  They can go on Educational Field Trips and Travel

19  Accelerated Learning can occur  There is Creativity with Curriculum And Flexibility of Schedule  You can do Science Experiments in the Back Yard whenever you want (Pretty Cool!)  You can design Creative Writing Assignments for your children  The children can participate in Community Service as often as they like  It’s Comfortable!!( there’s no better place than home )  And you can participate in Extracurricullars Galore!

20 Take a look at this beautiful representation of Muslim FamiliesHomeschooling in Virginia

21 There’s  All MOSQUE Events and Programs  M.U.I. Saturday Schools  Art Classes  4-H Clubs  Science Clubs( like STEM, NSBE or NAMES)  Lego Clubs  Debate Clubs  Music Lessons  Dance Classes  Martial Arts  Theatre Classes

22  Summer School Programs  Community College Courses  Scouts  Email Pen Pals(Please monitor)  Parks and Rec and/or the Local YMCA in your city for Community Programs and Activities which are sometimes Free!

23  Discover what your childrens’ passions are, and choose activities to involve them in based on that!

24  You can Join a Homeschool Support Group in your city for field trips, meetings, co-ops, homeschool chat groups and more.  Check out: Check out: to find a good one in your area!

25 Call on Allah Daily through Prayer for Guidance, he will always inspire us with innovative ideas for Our Schooling and Our Families!


27  Because he does not want us to know how filthy he is and all his affairs. He is afraid because when we learn about him, we will run him from among us.  Socialist means to advocate a society of men or groups of men for one common cause.  Equality means to be equal in everything.

28  Thank you for joining us this evening. We pray that you enjoyed this Webinar!  If you have any further questions, please feel free to stay on the line after prayer and I will answer any questions you may have.  As-Salaam Alaikum!

29  Websites& Articles     Books(  But what about Socialization? Answering the Perpetual Homeschooling Question- Susan McDowell  Homeschool Advantqages: Spiritual, Social and Academic- Renee Ellison

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