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Chapter 10 America Claims an Empire

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1 Chapter 10 America Claims an Empire
Question and Answer Samples and Techniques

2 Name three things that stimulated U.S. imperialism.
Thirst for new economic markets Desire for military strength A belief in the cultural superiority of the Anglo-Saxon culture

3 Which country’s residents became citizes of the United States in 1917?
Puerto Rico

4 William Randolph Hearst
Who told the artist Frederic Remington, “You furnish the pictures and I’ll furnish the war”? William Randolph Hearst

5 Negotiating an end to war between Russia and Japan
For which action did Theodore Roosevelt win the 1906 Nobel Peace Prize? Negotiating an end to war between Russia and Japan

6 Name three conflicts in which the U.S. military troops were involved.
The Boxer Rebellion The Hawaiian Revolution Cuba’s second war for independence

7 What did the United States insist that Cuba include in its constitution?
The Platt Amendment

8 On what did the Roosevelt Corollary build?
Monroe Doctrine

9 What was included in the de Lome letter?
Criticisms of President McKinley

10 What war ended with the Treaty of Paris of 1898?
Spanish-American War

11 What was the purpose of the Foraker Act?
To end military rule and set up civil government in Puerto Rico

12 The mysterious sinking of which ship fueled the movement for war with Spain?
U.S.S. Maine

13 What was the name for the sensational and often irresponsible news headlines and stories?
Yellow journalism

14 Into Mexico in an attempt to capture Pancho Villa
Where did General John J. Pershing lead a force of fifteen thousand soldiers and what was he trying to capture? Into Mexico in an attempt to capture Pancho Villa

15 What did Luis Munoz Rivera, a newspaper editor, support?
Independence for Puerto Rico

16 What was “Remember the Maine!”?
A rallying cry for U.S. intervention in Cuba

17 Who previously controlled the land in which the Panama Canal was built?

18 The United States would not withdraw its army from Cuba until that country adopted this.
The Platt Amendment

19 Philippine-American War
In this war, the United States treated Filipinos in much the same way the Spanish had treated the Cubans. Philippine-American War

20 Who surrendered Hawaii to the United States in 1893?
Queen Liliuokalani aka Queen “Lil”

21 Who was known as the hero of San Juan Hill?
Theodore Roosevelt

22 Map directions, distances before and after, map legend.

23 Conditions in each man’s country The beliefs and actions of each man
What did Jose Marti, Luis Munoz Rivera, and Emilio Aquinaldo have in common? What country was each man from? Think About Conditions in each man’s country The beliefs and actions of each man The events in the men’s lives

24 What effect did the yellow journalism used by Hearst and Pulitzer before and during the Spanish-American War have on American reactions to the situation in Cuba? How do you feel about the use of such journalism? Write About: The definition of yellow journalism The reasons for using such journalism A specific example of yellow journalism The indirect results of yellow journalism

25 What is tonight’s homework?
Study for tomorrow’s test on Chapter 10!!

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