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Peace Patrol.

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1 Peace Patrol

2 What is Peace Patrol?


4 Peace Patrol ----Peace Patrol is a group of student leaders who will work together with the supervisors to provide conflict resolution and a safe, cooperative environment here at SEES.

5 What is the purpose of Peace Patrol?

6 Statement of purpose Peace Patrol We believe that:
*Through Peace Patrol, we help ourselves, our peers, our family and our community become effective problem solvers. *We learn positive life-long skills . *We do make a difference!

7 What is conflict resolution?

8 Conflict Resolution Learning to settle disagreements (conflicts) peacefully. Conflict resolution means working things out: Without fighting, name-calling, or hurting others Without running away from difficult situations Without going against your feelings or beliefs

9 What will Peace Patrol look like?

10 Role Play Scenario- Two students have an argument at school. First, we will see how the students act during the argument, then we will see how it is different when Peace Patrol is involved. As you watch, look for inappropriate behaviors such as name calling, fighting, or hurting others feelings.

11 How do I join Peace Patrol?

12 What commitments are necessary?

13 Peace Patrol Commitments:
Peace Patrol members will be involved throughout the rest of the school year. They will maintain passing grades. They must have good communication skills. They will complete all class work and homework when absent for Peace Patrol duties.

14 Joining Peace Patrol Step 1- Talk with your parents tonight Step 2- Fill out an application (must be completed at school tomorrow) and turn in to your teacher Step 3- Wait to hear if you are selected

15 Questions?

16 Thank You! We hope to see many of you wearing the blue jackets very soon!

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